a/n; Okay I know I promised smut – and I assure you its on its way – But this was a suggestion by one of my readers and I thought it would be good to go back and see Edward a little bit younger and how his bond with Rosalie began. I hope You enjoy it.


EPOV (Age 15)

"For ten points. What is the largest populated city in the mid-west?" The lame ass game show host asks. I change the channel.

Its a nice day, today. Too nice. I'm once again forced inside with my ever adapting skin. The doctor, aka my dad, promises that my UV sensitivity is fading, that I'm growing out of it. But with the sun being as strong as it is today, there is no chance of being out in it.

Though I could always go walking through the shadows of the trees.

Pass. I've had enough of hiding out in the meadow for the past week. Another round of short temper and abusive words and I was cast into the bad books once again. The meadow is just my place for hiding out when I've done wrong. Surprisingly, today, I haven't thrown a tantrum. I just wanted to die this morning instead.

The house is quiet and I've been left to my own devices, so I suppose in a way I really can't be in trouble for shouting at someone. I could Always go up and annoy Emmett, but truthfully, I just can't be bothered to even climb the stairs. Besides, he would be too giddy from feeling up Rosalie all afternoon that it would be a near impossibility.

Rosalie left the house about an hour and thirty minutes ago and when she did, he had that stupid ass grin on his face as he passed me, heading to his room once again.

The boredom is horrendous, and not even an Alice to save me from it.

Walking to the kitchen, I prepare my lunch. I'm quick to make a cocktail of a sandwich as I try to remember everything that I'm to put on it.

Three weeks ago I had my first attack. I fitted, pissed myself, and lost what tiny amount of dignity any fifteen year old boy has, all at the same time. Good times. So the diet is the new plan. Various vegetables that should supposedly stop me from having it again. I do use the word "supposedly" very loosely. But I do what I'm told, eat when I'm supposed too, and try to behave.

I came firing out of room 101 when my parents adopted me, but they give me what I need. Despite being one hell of a little fucker to put up with. I suppose I haven't always been bad. There was a time, years even, that I was good. Then the Second part of my condition kicked in. I went from hiding from the sun to calling my dad a son of a bitch, all in a matter of days. How he must love to come back to this place to face me.

Taking my sandwich I headed back to the sitting room and relax out on the couch putting my feet up on the couch. Picking up my sandwich, I go to take a bite – and then I hear it.


I hear her calling for Emmett as she bangs on the front door. Something is off. I can tell. The tone of her voice, the beating of her hand against the door. Somethings wrong.

Throwing down my sandwich, I race to the front door and quickly open it to find her on her knees, in tears and... and dirt... all over her.

Dirt on her face.

Dirt on her neck.

Dirt all over her little sun dress.

Her little sun dress, pulled at and torn.

She reaches forward and her fist catches the top of my jeans. She uses it to pull herself closer to me as she calls my name and reaches for me once again with her other hand. I home in on her instantly and wrap my arms around her. She's a wreck. What happened?

"Emmett." I call out as loud as I can, the same panic that laced Rosalie's voice is lacing mine. "Emmett." I scream. But he will have his music up loud. The fire alarm could be going off and he'd never hear it.

"Edward." Rosalie calls me once again and I pull her in even tighter to me.

"It's okay, Rose." I try to assure her. What happened? Why is she like this? It makes no sense. She left here happy. She was walking home.

I didn't have to worry about letting go of her because she was making certain that I wasn't going anywhere. Her grip on me grew tighter and tighter and I struggled to breath.

Trying to get her to walk to the lounge was impossible. Instead, I picked her up like how Emmett would pick her up when kissing her.

Holding her in to me, her chest against mine, I carried her though as her legs dangled.

I didn't know what to do.

She cried harder and I worried that I did something wrong. Did I do something wrong? Did I hurt her?

Sitting down on couch, her body flopped into mine and she continued to cry on my chest.

"Emmett." I tried to call out again. But still, nothing.

Pulling her away from me, I could see a sweeping of dry dirt up her face and out onto the apple of her cheek. Looking down at her, her dress was torn open at the top. It was already a low cut top, now she was almost falling out of the thing. More dried dirt covered the dress and looking at a spot it looked odd. It looked almost like a hand print.

I swept her tears away with the pad of my thumb and washed away some of the dirt at the same time. "Rose... what happened?" I asked so quiet I didn't think she would hear me. "You need to tell me." I urged as gently as I could.

My eyes continued to roam the train wreck in front of me and I stopped on the deep red markings. Blood.

I swallowed deeply and tried to keep the growing panic inside me.

Gently, I pulled her face to meet mine and I looked in to her gorgeous blue eyes. "Rosalie, did someone hurt you?"

Her hand cupped her mouth as she tried to muffle her cries, but she still nodded her head, telling me yes.

"I need to get Emmett." I told her a little to sharply. I didn't want her to think that I was just throwing her away but I knew that Emmett needed to know and he needed to know now.

"Don't go. Please, don't leave me." Her cries were loud and heartbreaking and I could hear the agony in her voice.

"We need to call the police." I pushed again.

"No." She all but screamed. "Just let me... let me..." Her words trailed off as more tears wrecked her body.

Pulling her in closer to me, she rested her head against my chest and was almost sitting in my lap. I stroked her cheek letting her calm a little before I tried anything else.

I needed to call my mom. I needed to call my dad. I needed a doctor. I needed the police and Rosalie needed Emmett. That was why she had came back here.

Her cries never eases. We sat for a good twenty minutes on the couch. Her grip on me was iron clad and I wasn't moving anywhere, even if I wanted too.

I stroked her hair and I stroked her cheek. I wiped her tears away but nothing was stopping her pain. And she was in pain. Real, physical pain. I couldn't help but notice where her hand seemed to drift off too. I wasn't stupid. I was a fifteen year old boy. I knew how things worked and I knew how things could be abused. Rosalie had been sexually assaulted.

I felt sick at the thought. She was this sweet, bright girl that never did any harm to anyone. Why was this happening to her? Who had done this to her?

"Rose," I pushed my brothers nickname for her, out of my mouth as I pushed on. "who did this to you? Who attacked you?"

Her wails grew louder as she tried to get her words out. "I-I-I don't know. Some man. Tall, dark hair." It wasn't really going to scale anything down in this place. I only nodded at her words and the fact that she had anything on him at all.

I reached for her hand, and brought it to my chest when I noticed it. Her bloody nails. I hoped it was that beast. That she had scratched away at him, clawing his skin.

"Rosalie, I need to get Emmett and we need to call the police." I was pushing her a little this time. I knew I was, but I had to. She could have had vital evidence on her.

She furiously shook her head, flat out refusing. Her grip on my shirt tightened as she balled the material in her fist. "No, I don't want to. Don't make me talk to them. Please. Can you not help me? We don't need to tell anyone. Don't tell Emmett. He'll get mad. I shouldn't have come here." Her words were fast and erratic and I did everything I could to ease her by stroking her back.

But I still shook my head, "We need to tell him. We need to do this, okay-"

"He won't want me after this. No one will." She was struggling to breath and was on the verge of a panic attack if she never calmed down.

"That's not true. He loves you. He's not ever leaving you, okay. Not ever. You have to put up with him, we don't want him." I tried to joke a little, to try and ease her pain, if only for a second.

She stuttered out a small painful laugh before crying once more. "He can't see me like this," She pulled at the tear on her dress and tried to cover herself up. "He'll be ashamed."

I shook my head at her words. He had been lusting after her in that little dress only hours ago. Someone tore it when they thought they could do as they wished with her. Emmett wasn't that kind of guy. He would see this for exactly what it was.

"I asked for it." She spat out at me and I cringed as I heard those words.

"No you never." I argued back. "You never did a thing wrong. Don't you think like that." I told her a little too firmly "He," I spat the word out "that monster, thought he could do that. But He can't. He can't treat you like that and you never asked for it when its the height of summer and you need to wear a dress." I was a roasting hot day. She was covered up appropriately, and even if she wasn't – so what. No one gets to do that because of how you look or how you are dressed.

She sniffled against my shirt and it gave me an idea. "Do you want my top?" I asked her as she continued to tug at her shredded dress. "It will cover the tear." I shrugged a little.

She looked a little doubtful, but nodded anyway. Her hand let go of me and she let go of her dress and I slipped off my shirt and gave it too her.

Now was my opportunity. "I'm just going to get Emmett, okay. He will want to see that you are okay." I promised.

Her faces was tear stained but for the moment, the tears were slowing.

Rosalie wiped at her face and nodded, "Don't be long." She begged.

"I'll be as quick as lighting." I promised. She nodded.

Turning my back on her, I gave one last quick glance at her from over my shoulder as I raced out of the lounge to Emmett. I took the stairs two at a time but as I reached his door, I stopped.

What was I to say to him?

Would he believe me or would he think I was just being a vicious prick once again?

I had to give it my best shot. Rosalie needed him and she needed help.

I opened the door and his eyes glanced over me as I walked in. I stood there, topless, and not a word to say.

"What?" He asked as he turned down the volume on his stereo. His face had changed. He looked as white as I was. Maybe the look on my face was enough to say something really was wrong.

I still couldn't find my voice, but I found a pile of clean washing sitting, so I lifted up the t-shirt that sat on the top of the pile and slipped it on.

All the time Emmett was looking at me, waiting.

"You need to come down stairs," I was slow and I needed him to believe me. "I need you to keep calm and... and just keep calm, okay." I sighed.

He was on his feet at my words but he didn't move. He nodded though.

Heading for the door, he slowly followed me and I kept glancing at him. As we reached the door of the lounge, I stopped to warn him.

"Rosalie is inside," I looked to the floor and struggled to make eye contact with him, but I managed it. Looking him in they eye, I told him. "She was attacked."

His face dropped and his composure and promise was gone as he battered through the lounge door. Rosalie looked even more terrified with that action. I grabbed Emmett's arm to warn him to stay calm and he did. A little too calm. He stood in the doorway for what felt like hours.

His eyes stayed locked on hers and Rosalie squirmed under his gaze.

With his lack of action, I pushed past him and made my way back over to her.

"What happened?" He finally asked as I wrapped my arm around his shoulder. He still never moved from the door.

Both of us were quiet. Rose looking up at me to speak for her.

"Emmett, sit down," I demanded. He didn't. He still didn't move. What was he doing? What was he thinking? His girlfriend needed him.

Rosalie's tears picked up once again and she clung to my side at Emmett's silent refusal to come near her. Maybe she wasn't wrong after all. No. I couldn't believe that, he was struggling to take it in, which was understandable.

"Rosie," His voice was high and something caught in the tone and looking back up at him, his eyes were glazed. "Wh-wh-what happened?" his tone was shaky and still pitched a little too high for Emmett.

She only sobbed into my side more, but at her tears, he slowly made his way to her. He knelt in front of her and gently pulled on her arm, pulling her up so that he would face him.

She was like a limp doll in his arms, but she never fought him.

His huge hand came up and cupped her cheek and shushed her gently "Catch your breath, okay?"

She nodded and her breathing stuttered a little more as she tried to contain herself a little.

Emmett's eyes moved to mine silently asking what had happened. If he took a good enough look he would see the answer right in front of him.

His eyes turned back to Rosalie quickly and he tugged on my shirt that she wore with some silent confusion. Those large hands roamed down her dress and over the dirt, suddenly stopping at the sigh of blood.

There wasn't much of it to be honest, but with the tears, dirt and rips to the material - it all added up.

His full head snapped up to me and the angry glare that crossed his face scared even me.

"What happened?" His booming voice echoed around the room and Rosalie flinched at the sound.

I pulled her into me once again and her arms locked around my waist. "She was attacked, Emmett. Stay calm. You're scaring her." I scalded him gently.

He stood up and his hands went to his head and he seemed like her was trying to disperse all his anger out on himself as he pressed into his scull.

"When? How? You only just left." She had left a while ago, but with the confusion, his brain wasn't thinking clearly.

"Sit down." I practically shouted my words at him as he began to pace the floor.

"No, this isn't happening." he shook his head as if we were all trying to play some wild joke on him. "I mean, who would do that? To you?" His questions were rhetorical and he wasn't even directing them to anyone, he was mumbling as he paced the floor.

He was quick on his knees again, "Who, Rosie? Who did this?" He was growing aggressive and I could read the thought in his mind. He wanted vengeance.

"Emmett, please, just sit down for a minute and think this through." I was already tow steps ahead of him.

He shook his head as he stood up and headed for the door.

"Emmett." I shouted on him once again, unable to move with Rosalie's vice like grip in my waist. Her tears grew heavier and her sobs uncontrollable.

He was quickly back in the lounge with the phone pressed to his ear. "I need the police. I need to report an attack." he spoke down the receiver and Rosalie pleaded for it all to stop. For Emmett to stop.

I knew what he was doing was the right thing but she still needed a little time for this to sink in some more. She was going to be forced into something else all over again.

Emmett spoke on the phone for a few more moments before he cut the call and threw he receiver down beside me on the couch.

He informed us that he would be back and with that he left the house with the front door crashing shut behind him.

We never spoke after that, not for a while at least. Rosalie curled up on my lap and I held on to her and she cried and we waited for the police to arrive and for Emmett to come back home.

The phone rang and I was quick to answer it when I saw mom flash along the display.

"Hey sweetie, that was quick. I was wond-" I was quick to cut her off.

"Mom, you need to come home right now." My voice was desperate and loud and Rose let out a sob all at the same time.

"Edward, honey, what's wrong? Who was that?" her voice piqued with fear and I could sense her stomach drop at the unknown.

"It's Rose. Just come back home right now." I knew she wasn't that far away and that with the sound of my voice, it would have driven her to speed back the entire journey.

Our call was quick and she was on her way and within fifteen minutes, she came racing through the living room door.

"Edward? Rosie, sweetie?" My mothers heard rounded the edge of the door and made her way to us once she saw us bundled up on the couch.

Rose was still weeping in my arms and she didn't bother to move at the sound of my mom either.

After my mums arrival there was the police arriving. Two constables warily walked into the house and found us all.

My mom's hand stroked Rosalie's cheek but Rosalie refused to meet her eyes.

Emmett made his way back eventually and the anger was still inside of him and not something that was to be around Rosalie. He knew that, I knew that, Rosalie knew that.

The police spoke to me as I held her and then they moved on to Emmett and then to my mother.

Rose was quite as we spoke about her and she only furthered her self into my proximity even more.

She was a ball, clinging on to me by the threads of her life.

In time, Emmett calmed and he was the one to talk Rosalie round. She had vital evidence on her that the police were waiting to take from her, and also give her the support that she really needed.

Emmett pulled her from me, and with a little fight on her half, gave up and went to what she knew she really needed.

Both went up to Emmett's room and I couldn't tell you what happened between the two of them.

My mom called her parents and they were over instantly and slowly but surely we had managed to coax her into going to Port Angalies for a special rape victims support centre where they would attend to Rosalie and also the evidence in the right way.

The time that passed was a blur. The police came and asked me questions. Thing I didn't know the answer too.

My mum ran her hand along my back the full time, trying to relax me a little. It wasn't helping. I had already saw Rosalie. I saw the state she was in.

As Rosalie made her way to the front door along with one of the female police officers and her mother, I rushed out to her, wanting to see if she were any better.

She wasn't. She trembled on her weak legs and her face was still stained with her tears. Emmett stood back, at a loss of what to do now. He wasn't going with her. He was still struggling, despite trying to hide it. Our night was only beginning with him.

Rose's mother pulled her into her close as I sped towards her. I wanted to hug her and just try to take away some of her pain.

She had to fight out of her mothers grasp as she reached forward to me and almost collapsing against my front. I held her up and held her close as her arms tightened around my neck. "Look after Emmett while I'm gone." her words were low and whispered, trying to hide them from Emmett who would only get mad if her concern was him.

I nodded in the crook of her neck, letting her know that I had heard her and that I would. It was so like Rose to worry about everyone else when she really needed to worry about herself. She was always such a mother towards everyone.

Pulling away from me, her lips ghosted my cheek as she left a small peck one me. "Thank you." She whispered out, though a tad bit louder this time. Her mothers arms were around her once again and Emmett gave her a small chaste kiss on her lips before she left out the front door, heading with the police to Port Angalies.

Once she was gone, I made my way to my room. Of course my mom followed me and she began her fussing. I hadn't ate and with my adrenalin dropping, I was beginning to feel shaky. I took her offer of food because I knew that an attack from me was the last thing that they needed right now.

She brought the food up to me with the promise of a talk in a couple of hours, once I had time to rest and gather my thoughts.

I didn't care about me though. All I cared about was how Rosalie was coping and how Emmett was going to get through this without blaming himself.

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