The Way Hidan Became a Part of the Akatsuki

Chapter 2

Years had passed and Hidan, 21 now, had been known around a few small villages, but it was enough to get the attention of a certain orange-haired leader of a certain evil organization.

Hidan was walking through the woods near a small town that he had killed everyone from it. Hidan stopped walking when he heard a sound and turned around

"What was that?" Hidan asked as he saw nothing and turned around and jumped slightly at seeing a black-white person with green leaf things on the sides of his head looking like a Venus fly-trap.

"The fuck are you!" Hidan yelled

"Now no need to yell, yeah you asshole! I said no need to yell" this person said and Hidan was shocked

"The fuck?"

"Split personality" Zetsu said shrugging

"What the fuck ever, leave me the fuck alone or I will sacrifice you to Jashin-Sama!" Hidan yelled reaching for his weapon

"Yeah well we need to speak to you" Zetsu said and Hidan sighed lowering his hand

"What the fuck is it?"

"Well, I'm a messenger for my boss, Pein" Zetsu said "Yeah he wants you to be a part of our organization the Akatsuki"

"Akatsuki? Like the one I never fucking heard of!" Hidan yelled and Zetsu sighed as he was getting a headache

"…You never heard of the Akatsuki? Damn for being a big commotion you don't know much, do you?" Zetsu said and Hidan growled


"He didn't mean it, so you take the offer?" Zetsu asked and Hidan shook his head


"Well too bad, you can't say no" Zetsu said and Hidan glared

"Then why the fuck did you fucking ask!" Hidan yelled and Zetsu's black side hit Hidan hard on the head knocking him out

"Why did you do that? He wouldn't shut up and this is easier… I guess you're right, but he'll be worse when he wakes up, then I'll knock him out again" Zetsu said and sighed picking Hidan's body up and headed to the base.

Hidan woke up and groaned, rubbing his sore head

"Damn that blow hurt a little" Hidan said and rethought of joining and rubbed his head more

'If someone like that was strong enough to hurt me, I want to see who the rest of the members are going to be like' Hidan thought and sighed glancing at the door to see it opening

"So you're awake un"

Hidan just continued to stare at the blonde coming in, who looks like a girl, and then glared.

"What do you fucking want?" Hidan asked rudely and the blonde sighed

"No need to be rude, I just wanted to see how you're doing un" he said and Hidan rolled his eyes

"Yeah, yeah"


"Don't you go around and fucking yell at me you chick!" Hidan yelled

"CHICK! That's it un!" Deidara yelled about to make a bomb


Deidara froze in fear as a redhead came in the room

"Y-yes un?" Deidara asked in a small voice to see Sasori glare at him

"I'm saying this once. Pein doesn't want you to blow the new members up, even if they are assholes" Sasori said in calmness.

"I'm still here" Hidan said but was ignored

"He's immortal though un!" Deidara yelled in defense and Sasori sighed

"Even so, Pein will be mad, you want him mad, you brat?" Sasori asked and Deidara shook his head furiously

"N-no un"

"Get in our room now"

"Y-Yes Danna" Deidara said and ran out of the room to his and Sasori's shared room and Sasori sighed and looked to Hidan

"Sorry about that. Deidara was the new member until you came, so he's still learning" Sasori said

"Came? I was fucking force to!" Hidan yelled and Sasori sighed

"Well you'll fit in… eventually. I'm Sasori" Sasori said holding his hand out and Hidan glared and slapped it away and was about to attack him. Sasori was prepared for this reaction from Hidan so he calmly let his chakra strings attack and tied Hidan's arms to his body

"What the Fuck!" Hidan yelled and tried to break free but couldn't

"Oh I didn't tell you? I'm the best Ninja puppeteer from Sunakagature" Sasori said and Hidan glared even more and was going to attack the strings with his weapon when Sasori let out his cord from his abdomen and yanked the weapon away from his hands

"I'm also a human puppet" Sasori said and looked at his blood stained scythe and sighed

"You won't be getting this back for a while" Sasori commented with a blank look and Hidan growled

"You fucking asshole!"

"Ignoring that, now come with me" Sasori said calmly, pulling Hidan out of the room with his chakra strings. Hidan was struggling to get free

"My chakra strings are nearly impossible to be destroyed, so all you are doing is wasting your energy" Sasori said

"Shut the hell up!" Hidan yelled "Mmph!"

Sasori had put some chakra strings in his mouth as a temporary gag and Hidan kept struggling making Sasori sigh

"…I feel sorry for Kakuzu, having to deal with this" Sasori mumbled

"Mmmph! PHT! Mmph!" Hidan yelled

'God Kakuzu's last partner was ten times as better and he was pretty bad; too bad for Kakuzu that he cant kill this one' Sasori thought and knocked on the door he had arrived to

"Pein it's me, I brought the new member!" Sasori said louder than normal since Hidan was being loud and trying to talk

"Come in then"

Sasori came in and pulled Hidan in and Pein glared at Sasori

"Tell me why you tied him up with your chakra Sasori" Pein ordered

"Zetsu was right, this way is the easiest to bring him here" Sasori said calmly letting his hold on Hidan go and walked out of the room

"He's yours to deal with now" Sasori said closing the door

"So you're Hidan…heard a lot about you" Pein said and Hidan growled

"What the fuck ever! Like I fucking care!" Hidan yelled and Pein sighed

"Well you should. You caught my attention and that means you have unbelievable abilities and that's good. So good, I want you to be a member" Pein said and Hidan glared

"No fucking way!"

"You will be a member if I have to force you. You'll get a partner and everything!" Pein said

"Like the fuck you will! And if you do I'll fucking kill anyone you assign as my partner!" Hidan yelled and Pein sighed

"That's why I've chosen Kakuzu" Pein said and called in Kakuzu

"Yes Pein?" Kakuzu asked

"Here is your partner, Hidan" Pein said and Hidan and Kakuzu glared at each other

"No fucking way!" they yelled in unison

"Yeah Kakuzu, this one you can't kill" Pein said and Kakuzu glared at the ground

"Damn you Pein!" Kakuzu yelled

"Hey doesn't mean I can't" Hidan said and Kakuzu glared at him

"You try to kill me and your dead!" Kakuzu said and they glared at each other

"I'm immortal you fucking Heathen!"

"Then I'll find a way to kill your ass!"

"I'll like to see you fucking try!"

Pein sighed as the two were already fighting

'What a great new start' Pein thought, "Kakuzu stop fighting with Hidan and show him to the room you're sharing with him!" Pein yelled over Hidan and Kakuzu's voices and Kakuzu grumbled and reluctantly showed Hidan the room they will be sharing and be his lifetime partner he could never kill.

This was the story of how Hidan had become a member of the Akatsuki and became partnered with Kakuzu.


This might be the end but I am coming up with a sequel~