This occurs between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn as Edward and Bella prepare emotionally and physically for their honeymoon. I am as new to this as Edward and Bella, so it will be a story consisting of mostly fluff and romance, not lemons.

"Night Charlie!" I called, already rushing upstairs as he stalked towards the door for a late night fishing trip with Billy. Charlie let out a huff, still fuming from the traitor's acceptance of my engagement to Edward. And all this time I thought Renée would have been the biggest thing to fear when mentioning the word marriage. These past few days since telling Renée about the engagement, Charlie has been sulking around the house, his major threat turning against him. It almost made me smile, knowing that Charlie wasn't really mad at me, more at Renée, whom he had counted on to knock some sense into me.

I hurried up the staircase much too fast, nearly tripping over a few times as I raced to my bedroom. Throwing the door open hastily, I froze in the doorway. There, lying across my bed, Edward waited, his arms open; and invitation I could not refuse. As I neared the edge of the bed, he rolled onto his side, one arm resting on the bed, the other reaching out for me. With my heart pounding so loud I was sure even Charlie could hear it from downstairs, he pulled me against his chest, wrapping his free arm around my waist. His beauty left me speechless. I stared down at my cotton pyjama pants and tank top, thankful Alice hadn't thrown these out when she got rid of my holey sweats.

As Edward's lips explored my jaw, I suddenly remembered my plan for tonight, though plan implied too much manipulation. Edward sensed my muscles tense, as if I needed that as a giveaway, what with my rapid heartbeat and accelerated breathing practically pointing a neon sign over my head. Edward pulled us both up in a sitting position, twisting around slightly so he could see my face. I took a deep breath, not knowing how he would react. The last time I had tried to discus something with him, he'd managed to get a ring on my finger, as well as numerous other indulgences he had dazzled his was into promising me.

"So I know you're not going like me bringing this up..." I started, and his face immediately knowing what this is. I took another deep breath. "I think we need to start...preparing. For the honeymoon." I could feel all the muscles in his arm tense where it was wrapped around my waist. Ever since that day in the meadow, though he had given all the responsibility to me, reason had come back to him, and here he was, same as always, giving me another lecture about safety whenever I mention anything that would supposedly risk my life.

"Bella," he said in a sure, strong voice, "You know I could kill you. It's too dangerous." Though his face was stern, I could see a hint of pain in his eyes. Pain caused from denying me the very thing I wanted the most. Him. But we had made a deal, and he had agreed to try. Edward knew this as well.

"Isn't that exactly why we should prepare though?" I fought back, trying to keep my voice calm, "Wouldn't it be easier for you if you had some time to...prepare...first. That way, you won't have to go straight to forth base in one night." He opened his mouth to start arguing. I placed a finger over his lips, trying not to get distracted by the sensation he caused on him skin.

"I'm not saying we have to try anything extreme. And we don't have to rush into anything. If it gets too much, then we can stop. If I don't push your control, then it might be easier for you on the honeymoon." I looked up to see his expression. His expression was carefully composed, his butterscotch eyes boring into mine. I don't know what it was, but whatever he found made his voice turn slightly nervous.

"Fine." He agreed, "We can try preparing. But we will have to take it slowly, and you must tell me if I hurt you or go too far." This was not hard to agree to. I was still thrilled that he had agreed. This was the one area where neither of us had a clue what we were doing.

"Of course," I immediately agreed, "And you can go as slowly as you like. You're in charge. I can't guarantee my human reactions won't get in the way, but I promise I won't push your control." This threw him slightly; he was used to me trying to take control in our physical relationship, only stepping in when things have gone too far.

"Okay. So how do we start?" His velvet voice swayed slightly as my heartbeat picked up double time. I tried to take a few calm breaths to steady myself. I could tell he was nervous; about hurting me, or testing his control, I was not completely sure. I lay down on the bed beside where he sat, laying my arms against my sides, just as he had done that first day in the meadow. I smiled at Edward in encouragement.

"I'm just going to lie here, trying not to move. Like I said, you're in control, so go ahead." I was surprised how confident my voice sounded. Edward hesitated, looking like a lost puppy. Very cautiously, he reached out to stroke my cheek, smiling when my only reaction was my blush. Even slower, he trailed his fingers along my jaw, travelling down my throat and along my collarbone. He stopped when he reached my bare shoulders, and then slowly began following the veins down my arms, just as I had done with him. All of the time, our eyes never left each others, picking up on each other's reactions.

He wavered when he reached my hands, unsure of what to do next. Edward, very warily, brushed him fingers along the bare skin which had been left exposed between my shirt and pants. I let a shiver out despite myself, apologies in my eyes as his hand hesitated with my reaction. Smiling, I encouraged him to go on, his eyes dropping to my abdomen where he had started drawing patterns into my skin with his feather-light fingers. I closed my eyes in contentment.

Edward's fingers paused, and I opened my eyes to see his hand holding the fabric at the bottom of my shirt, his eyes looking into mine, his head tilted. I could tell he was asking for my permission, struggling to find a gentlemanly way to phrase his question. I nodded in response. His hands brushed my bare skin as they pushed the thin cotton up to underneath my chest. I closed my eyes again, hoping it would be easier for him.

I felt something cold press against my stomach. I had to peek through my lashes to check. Sure enough, his lips pressed against my stomach, pausing for a second before he lifted his head up to smile at me. His mouth stretched into the most beautiful grin imaginable, and I couldn't help but smile back. For what could have been hours, Edward trailed his fingers across my stomach, pausing now and then to kiss the sensitive skin there. Eventually he lay down beside me, not moving his hand from where is so delicately brushed across the skin of my abdomen.

I could see complete control in his eyes, stopping to think what he would try next.

This is mostly something I will work on whenever I get another idea in my head of Edward and Bella's time between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I already have a few ideas for future chapters, but I also would like to hear your ideas too.