This chapter doesn't seem to have too much going on. It's more fluff than anything, but hopefully the next chapters will have a bit more purpose. I have tried to include some of your amazing suggestions in this chapter, so please tell me what you think, and what you want to see in the next chapters. Enjoy!

When I woke up in the morning, my body was stiff, like I had stayed in the same position all night. I was cool, but not cold, a rock hard object beneath me. I opened my eyes curiously, confirming my theory.

"Good morning," Edward whispered, his lips only inches from mine. I peered out the window, where the sun out for once. Sure, it wasn't the blistering brightness I had grown up with, but an appearance of the sun in Forks was a big thing. I smiled widely, ecstatic that Edward hadn't moved me all night. I wondered why.

"You didn't move me," I commented cheerfully, hugging my arms around his neck and burying my face in the crook of his neck. Edward laughed softly by my ear, his voice like musical bells, tinkling in the wind.

"I tried. You wouldn't let me," he said, returning with smile with one which outshone my own. I had to admit I had more than the tiniest bit of satisfaction with this knowledge. Even in sleep, my body wanted to be close to Edward. Crazy as it sounded, it was even more proof that we belonged together. I sighed in content, closing my eyes and feeling the smoothness of Edward's skin under my cheek.

"So what would you like to do today? Charlie left early. There is a note for you downstairs saying he went fishing with Billy and won't be back until late. I guess that means we have the whole day alone then," Edward said in a low, velvety voice. I tried to focus on the positives, like having the whole day, just Edward and I alone, but there was a tiny little niggling in the back of my head when Edward spoke of Billy. I was reminded of Jacob 'the runaway,' my best friend, out there alone, somewhere in the woods. I tried not to dwell on the thought too long, but it was like a leaking tap. You could try and tune it out, distract yourself, but it is always there, drawing your attention. So I decided to distract myself, not a hard task with Edward's body underneath mine.

"That sounds nice," I replied wistfully. Edward ran his fingers along my spine, now under the covers. I shivered in delight as their cool touch caused an electric current to run through my skin.

"It's sunny outside... we could go to our meadow... or we could go back to my home... it's up to you, but we have plans this evening." I opened my eyes and leaned back a little, confused.

"Plans?" I asked, my eyebrows raised. I hadn't remembered making plans.

"It's a surprise," Edward replied, grinning as I scowled. Edward was aware of just how much I hated surprises, especially when they involved large sums of money being thrown away for things I probably wouldn't need. I scowled a little bit, and then gave up trying to protest. I would do whatever made Edward happy, and if letting him have just one surprise now was what it took, I would go along with it.

"So what would you like to do for the rest of the day?" Edward prompted me after a short moment of silence.

"Stay here," I replied honestly, snuggling myself closer to him to prove my point. Edward laughed a bit, but he didn't object. The way the laughter made the muscles of his torso move was mesmerising.

"As much as I would love to stay here all day- and I really would love to- I think your stomach has other plans," Edward said just as my stomach let out a loud rumble. Betrayed by my human weaknesses again. How I longed for the time when things like eating and breathing would be unnecessary. I could just lie with Edward all day. Of course, I was forgetting about the tiny little part about always wanting blood.

"Ugh," I groaned as I unwillingly tore my body away from Edward's, throwing myself off the bed with a little too much force. Edward had to catch me before I tripped over the flat surface of my floorboards. As he stood me upright, he took a step back, still keeping his hands on my shoulders as if to get a good look at me. Edward smiled before pulling me back into his arms in a tight embrace.

"Have I mentioned how breathtakingly beautiful you look in this colour," Edward whispered into my ears, his voice so seductive I considered throwing away the whole 'waiting until we are married thing.' If I hadn't almost laughed at how ridiculous his words were, I would have.

"Have I mentioned how breathtakingly beautiful you look like this," I replied, running my hand along the rippling muscles of his upper body. My words caught up with me soon enough, and my cheeks blushed.

"It's nowhere near as stunning as you look," Edward almost growled, his fingers dancing around the skin beneath the hem of my dangerously short nightgown. I rolled my eyes at the exaggeration. One day, when my body is no longer flawed by my human nature, and hopefully I have enough beauty to fit in with the rest of the Cullen's, I might be a teensy bit inclined to believe his words. But now, with someone obviously more angel than man standing in front of me, they made me laugh.

"Honestly Bella, you have no idea how hard it is to wait until after our wedding when you look like this," Edward replied, causing a shiver to ripple down my back. Then don't wait, I wanted to whisper. After all, Edward had given me the control on this one. All I would have to do would be to say the words... No! The sensible, more responsible side of my brain fought back, bringing things back into perspective. Thankfully, my stomach let out another grumble sound at this moment, immediately changing the mood.

"Let's go get you some breakfast," Edward suggested, scooping me up in his arms in one swift movement and shooting off down the staircase. I ate through my bowl of cereal quickly, not wanting to waste a single minute with Edward. He seemed to thinking the same, cleaning up one second, and having me upstairs on my bed the next. My heart thumped unevenly as he crawled across the small mattress to sit beside me, both of his arms wrapping around my waist. We could have stayed still for minutes, or even hours, but after some immeasurable amount of time, Edward's phone vibrated in his pocket. He looked at the caller ID before answering.

"What is it, Alice?" Edward asked in a tone close to irritation. I had to admit, as much as I loved her, my soon to be sister had a talent for interrupting the most perfect of moments.

"You're right," Edward said in response to something Alice said, his eyes running over my nightgown. I covered myself self-consciously, embarrassed. "Thank you, Alice." My cheeks flamed as I realised what they were talking about. I only prayed that Alice hadn't had a vision of what happened last night. I knew there were very few secrets in the Cullen household, but having no privacy would be something I may struggle to get used to. It wasn't long before Edward hung up.

"What did Alice want?" I asked when he put the small silver object back into his pocket. Edward shrugged, trying to brush off the conversation. His eyes flickered to my dress again.

"She wanted her thank you," Edward said as my cheeks flushed a darker shade of pink. I sighed when my embarrassment had lessened slightly.

"I guess that means she'll be replacing all my clothing now, right?" I asked him jokingly, though I wouldn't put it past Alice to give my whole wardrobe a makeover. Edward laughed, but didn't deny it. Knowing it wasn't worth the fight, I let the topic of my clothing go. The musical laughter coming from Edward's perfectly curved lips was a welcome distraction. I twisted my body around, wrapping my arms firmly around his neck and pulling my lips up to reach his.

Edward responded with the same level of enthusiasm, pinning my body against his. When I felt Edward's lips pull away from mine much too soon, I threw my hormone-fuelled body onto his lap, using all the pathetic human strength I was capable off to keep our lips locked fiercely together. I felt Edward's lips curl into a smile beneath my own before moving to my throat. Though I couldn't remember ever feeling out of breath, I was gasping for air.

The position I had landed in trying to prolong our kiss had left Edward's lips level with my throat, where his silky smooth skin explored my feverish neck. As I attempted to slow my breathing, his lips explored lower and lower down my neck. As I felt Edward's kisses being planted softly down my sternum, I went into hyperventilation. Suddenly, the plunging neckline of my top felt dangerously low as Edward planted kisses on the exposed skin there. As my breathing switched from heavy panting to desperately trying to inhale, Edward's lips froze and he pulled away, worried.

"Bella, are you okay?" He asked frantically, his words running together in anxiety. I closed my eyes and tried to focus all my effort into calming my annoyingly stupid human reactions. It had got to the point where I didn't care that I should be embarrassed at how my body was reacting.

"I'm fine," I managed to stutter when I was close to being back to normal. I had to look down to make sure my body hadn't set on fire. Though his touch was ice cold, my body was burning.

"I'm sorry," Edward said in a less worried tone now that my heartbeat had slowed. "That wasn't very nice of me." I once again thanked whatever glitch was in my brain which prevented him from reading my thoughts. I'm sure if he had heard just how insane my body had gone at the mere touch of his lips, he would be thinking twice about fulfilling one of his sides of our twisted but essential compromise.

"No, that was very, very nice of you," I managed to mumble, my cheeks flaming again. "And I wouldn't mind if you would like to do that again," I said in a more relaxed tone now. Edward rolled his eyes, shifting my body so I was sitting more comfortably on his lap.

"Are you sure you won't spontaneously combust?" Edward asked mockingly, pressing his lips to my scowling forehead. It was utterly unfair. I once again cursed my weak human body. How I longed for the day in the not-so-distant future when my body would be strong enough to handle all of Edward's perfection. For now it just felt like too much. The image of my broken tricycle of a motorbike and Edward's strong, shiny perfect one returned to my head. The gap between Edward's perfection and my lack of would never be filled completely, but hopefully it would be narrowed by my transformation. I took comfort from that, as vain as it sounded.

I realised Edward was still waiting for a reply, sitting patiently while I travelled safely through my private thoughts. Although his face was the perfect mask of patience, I could see the irritation in his eyes. More than anything he wished he could see inside my head. Of course, I was thankful that my embarrassing thoughts were kept private.

"I wouldn't mind if I did," I replied, my tone casual but my words serious. Edward rolled his beautiful, golden eyes again, his thick dark lashes standing out as he did.

"Of course you wouldn't, Bella," Edward laughed, wrapping his arms tighter around my body. "You're ruled by your hormones. It's quite enjoyable, actually." I scowled slightly.

"That's why we are doing this," I pointed out, and it was true. The whole reason for our practicing... our wedding... it was all for our wedding night, for me at least. Because after our honeymoon, I wouldn't be human anymore. I could finally believe I would be me, or at least close to me, after a few years, but I would never have this single-minded desire for Edward over everything else again. Blood would always be on my mind. I shivered delicately. Not wanting to draw Edward's attention to the still touchy subject of my transformation, I changed the topic.

"So have you decided what we are doing today?" I asked Edward, realising that the sun was now a lot higher in the sky than I had thought. It felt like we had only been upstairs for a few minutes, but my clock said otherwise.

"Whatever you would like to do," Edward replied. I thought over the possibilities for a few seconds. Seeing Edward's family again sounded good, but I didn't know if I would be willing to give up my rare alone time with Edward, as selfish as I was. It was too sunny outside- a miracle- to do anything public together.

"How about we go to the meadow?" I suggested. Edward smiled.

"Our meadow it is," he replied happily, pulling my lips back to his own.