"Now Ciel, you've brought this upon yourself," sighed Tanaka, Ciel Phantomhive's legal guardian.

"Yes, yes, I know Tana-san, it's just unfair that I have to be sent here. I am a member of the Phantomhive family and a watch-dog of the Queen!" yelled Ciel to anyone who was in the vicinity.

"Oh, shut the hell up, you convict!" countered the police officer that was now escorting him into the prison before them.

"It's not our fault that you decided to do what you you did and your 18th birthday was last week, so you're eligible to go to prison..I'm sorry to say.." added in Tanaka, trying to hold in his grief over losing the boy.

"Whatever, I can't take back what I did, so might as well get these 15 years of prison over and start a new, I suppose,"

"That's the fucking spirit!" chimed in the officer, before taking a long drag on the cigarette he was currently smoking.

"Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?" questioned Ciel grimacing at the sea of smoke floating around him and Tanaka.

"Only on Tuesdays my dear boy, only on Tuesdays. Now Mr. Tanka-"

"Tanaka!" interjected Tanaka correcting the officer rudely.

"Tanaka. It's time for Ciel to face the motherfu-" Ciel and Tanaka both shot him a cold glare.

"To face the music, so I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

"Of course, now Ciel, stay out of trouble. I'll come to visit you sometime next week.." With that Tanaka hugged the boy before returning to his car in the parking lot and driving away as the tears streamed down his cheeks.

"So Ciel, lets get down to business!" Ciel followed Officer Thompson, who's nametag he just noticed pinned to the front of his uniform, into the place he would be stuck in for the next 15 years. He took a deep breath, then stepped into the metal death trap, he would soon call his home, regretting what he had done for a split second.

"New meat!" someone screamed from somewhere within the prison, before running towards him with a mob of other inmates in tow. They all crowded around him, eyeing him up and down, taking in the 5'7 boys full figure.

"Now, now, everyone, don't scare the boy, or jump him in his sleep!" Officer Thompson scolded the inmates pushing them aside and escorting Ciel to another room filled with bright orange jumpsuits.

"You will only get 2 of these, and you will have to do your own laundry. Also, you're one cute ass kid so I would be careful round' here if if were you."

"Right..." Ciel shivered at the thought of older men touching him or doing whatever else they had in mind. Thompson handed him his set of clothes and lit another cigarette motioning towards the boy to change into the uniform right there. Ciel complied, reluctantly stripping and replacing his familiar clothes with the bright orange jumpsuit, luckily it smelled clean, much like the laundry detergent Tanaka used to use.

"Well, I ain't much for tours, but I'll take ya to the cafeteria where someone is likely to befriend you." an accent suddenly bled through the officers speech throwing Ciel off a bit. Ciel took one last look at his clothes before following Thompson out of the room and down the hall. The whole place smelled like what he imagined an old person's house would smell like, mildew. After a short stroll to the other end of the hall and a turn to the right they reached a set of double doors that Thompson violently flung open, revealing Ciel to a room full of rough looking men. The room fell silent as they entered and trotted towards a table in the corner that housed 3 men.

"Michaelis, Trancy, Faustus," Thompson nodded his head towards the three men before wrapping his arm around Ciel, pulling him in to an awkward embrace.

"This is Ciel Phantomhive, you guys will be nice to the boy won't cha?"

"We definitely will, officer," replied the tall slender one with midnight blue hair and piercing red eyes.

"Sit down, Ciel," said the one with blonde hair and a jumpsuit that was cut off at the legs,creating a disturbing booty shorts effect. Ciel accepted the offer and sat down in a small chair on the opposite side of the table. He shrunk away at the stares each man was giving him.

"I'm Sebastian Michaelis," said the dark-haired one, holding out his hand for Ciel to shake, but was disappointed when the boy didn't move to return it. He pulled his hand away quickly exchanging a quick unreadable glance with Thompson.

"I'm Alois Trancy!" exclaimed the blonde, who didn't look much older than Ciel.

"And I'm Claude Faustus. It'll be nice to add someone to our trio, now its a quartet, or foursome," he emphasized the word foursome with a devious smirk.

"Shall we go for a little walk around the grounds and give you a proper tour?" asked Sebastian standing and heading towards the exit before anyone could protest. The rest of them followed in silence, walking outside onto the blacktop, where people were shooting hoops and congregating in shady groups, smoking cigarettes.

"Well I have work to attend to, ya'll keep an eye on him now!" called Thompson from inside the cafeteria.

"Well this is the courtyard, nothing much to do out here, so lets move on along," insisted Sebastian already spinning around to leave.

"Michaelis!" came a voice from across the courtyard. Seconds later, a tall hefty man emerged from a group of people, approaching their "quartet".

"Tsk, tsk, you're not going to leave without introducing us to your little friend are you?" Obviously a rhetorical question, the elder walked up to Ciel and placed his hand on his cheek.

"My, aren't you cute," he grinned at the young male before using his other hand to grab Ciel by the waist and pull him into an embrace.

"I could do your body real good," the man told Ciel grinding his hips against the boys.

"Ah!" Ciel cried out in disgust, struggling against the others grip.

"Kelvin! I have not permitted you to touch him!" growled Sebastian, obviously angered by his actions. Sebastian grabbed Kelvin's wrist and yanked hard, sending the man tumbling to the ground.

"You!" yelled Kelvin, pushing himself off the ground only to get kicked back down by Sebastian once more. He grabbed his wrist again and held it firmly gradually increasing the pressure of the hold.

"Don't you ever touch him again.." hissed Sebastian as a satisfying crack echoed off the walls across the courtyard. Kelvin screeched in pain as he toppled over, holding his broken wrist.

"You'll regret this Michaelis!" huffed Kelvin through the throbbing pain.

"Yeah, yeah," was all Sebastian said before walking back into the building with the others following closely.

After a brief tour of 2 laundry rooms, 3 psychiatric rooms, and 5 other rooms that had various uses, Ciel was brought to his cell, which luckily he had to himself.

"My cells on the next floor and Alois and Claude's are across the hall." explained Sebastian, pointing in the direction of each cell.

"Why is yours on the next floor?" Ciel asked in a voice barely audible.

"Well, the higher you go, the more dangerous the people are, you guys are on level 2, while I am on level 3, it all depends on the crime or crimes you committed."

"What did you do?"

"All in good time, little Ciel, all in good time," these people had a problem with repeating phrases, maybe they thought it made it more meaningful and why did this guy smell like cats, Ciel couldn't think of a reasonable answer for that.

"How old are you guys?"

"Old enough," answered Claude, glaring at Ciel through his glasses.

"Okay...well I want to go get comfortable.." With that Ciel ran into his cell and jumped onto the bed covering his head with the memory foam pillow on it. Memory foam? Damn, this place is legit.

"1 day down, 3474 more days to go.." Ciel sighed closing his eyes and drifting into sleep, only to be violently woken up by a pillow being forcefully pushed onto his face. He flailed around trying to stop the attack but he only hit the air, as his breath slowly disappeared and he went unconscious. What happened to not jumping people in their sleep?

I was highly disappointed in myself for my last SebastianxCiel fic, so i though i'd give it another go!