Ciel slowly walked back to his room, surveying his surroundings and attempting to come to some conclusions but to no avail. He was a few steps away from his cell, when someone ran into the back him him, knocking him into the hard concrete floor. The person was shrieking and holding their head ,Ciel caught a glimpse of blonde hair and assumed it was Alois.

"Alois? Are you okay?" Ciel yelled over the boys incessant screaming.

"No! No! They're hurting him again! Make it stop! Please!" The blonde- haired boy was now sitting against the wall in the fetal position rocking back and forth.

"Alois..." Ciel managed to get up from the floor and walk over to the boy and drape his arm around his shoulders.

"Alois...I don't understand what's wrong,"

"Claude, they're hurting my Claude,"

"What? Well let's go help him!" Ciel said hurriedly, attempting to hoist Alois up, but he wouldn't budge.

"There's nothing we can do.." Ciel was out of ideas, so did the only thing he could.

"Sebastian!" he called out to his friend in his mind and just like clockwork Sebastian rounded the corner. Ciel would have to ask Sebastian about that later.

"What are you guys doing?" Sebastian inquired folding his arms across his chest seeming thoroughly uninterested in whatever activity they were partaking in.

"Alois said that someone is hurting Claude,"

"Oh..." Sebastian tensed for a second but kept his face expressionless.

"Oh? We have to help him for Alois' sake!" Ciel was basically yeling now.

"Calm down, I know where he is, I will go retrieve him, so wait here," before Ciel could protest the raven-haired man had already walked away leaving Ciel with a broken Alois. A few minutes later Sebastian returned with Claude in tow.

"Claude!" Alois lunged toward the man hugging him tightly. "I was so scared,"

"Don't worry, I'm okay," Claude responded with a surprisingly soothing tone. Ciel stared at the scene before him, not really knowing why, but he couldn't rip his eyes away until he felt someone looking at him. He looked over to see Sebastian smirking at him.

"Ciel, do you want to hug me like that?" Sebastian eyed him playfully waiting for a response.

"You wish!" Ciel broke the mans intense stare and made his way back to his cell where he flopped on the bed, not really sure what to think of what just happened. Ciel was laying on his stomach so he didn't hear or see the raven-haired man approach him from the hallway and lay his body on top of Ciel's.

"Sebastian...get off," Ciel struggled a bit but couldn't budge the man.

"Oh no Ciel I cannot do that for it is time for phase 2,"

"What? But it's the middle of the day, someone might...see," Ciel blushed at the thought of someone seeing them doing whatever Sebastian had planned.

"Don't worry bocchan," Sebastian whispered into Ciel's neck before rubbing his erection across Ciel's ass.

"Wha-What are you doing..?" Ciel tensed up, frightened at what was about to happen.

"Oh nothing," the elder man began to lick and nibble at Ciel's neck occasionally thrusting himself into Ciel's ass, his mind becoming foggy with lust. "Ciel, your bottom is so soft and round,"

"Shut up!" Ciel countered closing his eyes trying to fight his hard on that was being rubbed into the bed.

After more kissing and nipping, Sebastians thrusting became harder and more rushed, this gave Ciel an opportunity to flip over only to have Sebastian thrust into his own erection. Ciel couldn't control himself any longer, he pulled the man down into a sloppy, lustful kiss, shoving his tongue down the mans throat, while grabbing a handful of Sebastians ass and pushing his pelvis into his. He wrapped his legs around the elder mans waist and began thrusting upwards to create friction. Wanting to see more of Sebastian's milky skin, he unzipped the top half of his jumpsuit and began licking and kissing all over the smooth chest.

"Well someone's excited, Sebastian remarked, surprised at Ciel's actions. Ciel did not grant him a response for he was too engulfed in what he was doing. Without warning Ciel reached into Sebastian's jumpsuit and began pumping away causing Sebastian to moan unexpectedly. Ciel grinned knowing that Sebastian was upset at his loss of composure.

"Now, now, Ciel, I can't let you continue with this," Sebastian kissed the boy passionately, distracting him from his ministrations on the man before removing himself from atop Ciel.

"Huh.." Ciel huffed out of breath.

"I'll see you later then," and with that Sebastian left leaving Ciel flushed and painfully aroused. Ciel didn't move for a few moments not really knowing what to do. Finally he decided he better finish himself off, before someone saw him in this state. He began pumping away ferociously, wanting to cum more than he had ever wanted to in his life. He was so painfully aroused he began moaning Sebastian's name softly, closing his eyes and laying back, imagining the man doing it instead of himself. Just as Ciel was about to cum he sensed someone in the room and rose up slightly to see who it was and to his dismay it was Claude.

"And what do we have here?" Claude smiled widely staring straight down at Ciel's throbbing member. Ciel was too flustered and out of breath to respond, so he simply just stared. Without warning Claude ran over to Ciel and kissed him roughly, snaking his tongue inside the younger boys mouth, then he grabbed hold of Ciels cock and began jacking him off. Ciel's breath hitched in his throat, it was the same feeling as when Sebastian had done it, except something was slightly different, something felt wrong, but he didn't care he was in too much pleasure. He made out with Claude until he reached his climax and shot his seed all over Claude and himself. They were both panting heavily at this point and Claudes boner was now very prominent.

"Well it seems now I have to go take care of my little problem," and just like that he was gone leaving Ciel sticky and confused...again.

The next day Ciel headed down to the laundry room to wash his clothes and found Sebastian in there too.

"Hey.." Ciel never looked at the man, but figured it would be polite to speak. Sebastian didn't respond. Ciel frowned slightly then began to was his clothes. He sat on a table waiting for the washer to finish, but then he suddenly noticed that Sebastian had disappeared. Ciel was about to hop down until a pair of arms snaked around his waist.

"S-sebastian?" Ciel stuttered hoping that's who it was.

"Yes, bocchan?" Ciel sighed in relief and leaned back into the man.


"I meant Ciel," Sebastian trailed off, scolding himself for calling the boy that name.

"Okay.. anyway-," but Ciel was cut off by Sebastian tilting his head back and kissing him tenderly. The made Ciel blush a deep scarlet and turn to face the man. Sebastian was now in between Ciels legs and leaned down to kiss the boy once more. Sebastian pushed the boy back on the table and hopped on top, straddling him. He undid Ciels jumpsuit and ran his hands faintly down Ciels body, sending shivers down the boys spine. Sebastian leaned down and kissed Ciel again, this time more passionately leaving Ciel in a daze. There erections where now in close proximity and their breathing more rugged and their lust began to take over. Sebastian ran his hands over every part of Ciels body, slowly making his way to the boy's needy member. He reached into Ciels jumpsuit and toyed with tip of his dick, making small circles which produced small whimpers that nearly sent Sebastian over the edge, but he knew better. After a few a more moments Sebastian stopped, and removed himself from the small boy.

"Huh...again.." Ciel sighed, confused and a little sad.

"I have to go," and once again Sebastian left Ciel like he had before, except Ciel was smart this time and just left his boner go away by itself.

This continued for the next week and a half Sebastian would corner Ciel and begin to pleasure him only to stop and leave in the middle until finally Ciel had had enough of his nonsense. Sebastian had been fake sleeping beside Ciel for a few hours when suddenly Ciel rolled on top of the raven-haired man and straddled him.

"I don't know what you think you're doing, but it's not happening tonight!" Ciel croaked his voice a bit scratchy. Ciel retrieved a couple of towels from the floor and proceeded to tie Sebastian's arms and legs together. Sebastian didn't utter a word just simply smiled up at the boy. Ciel started by kissing the pale man slowly, not using his tongue, just quick reserved pecks. He then moved down to his neck and began leaving bite marks all over, claiming the man as his. He licked his way down to Sebastians all ready rock hard cock and began to lick along the length of it and then suck deeply on the tip. Ciel pulled away and began to toy with Sebastians balls and run his fingers ever so lightly up and down Sebastians length. The raven-haired man began to shake from anticipation. Ciel crawled back up and kissed Sebastian once more before slapping him satisfyingly across the face. Sebastian stared wide eyed up at the boy.

"What was that for?" Sebastian finally asked.

"For teasing me!" but before Sebastian could respond Ciel sat down penetrating himself on Sebastians dick.

"Nya!" Sebastian cried out without being able to stop himself.

"Yes, I like the sound of that, moan for me!" Ciel demanded, his eyes clouded with lust. He began to ride Sebastian fast and hard, moaning out as he hit his sweet spot every time. Ciel stopped for a moment to untie Sebastians hands to allow him to assist him. The man placed one of his hands on the boys waist and lifted him up and down while thrusting his member into the boy in synchronicity and his other hand pumped away at Ciel's cock that spewed pre cum.

"Mm..Sebas..tian..I'm going to-" and with that they boy came, hard, at the same time, Ciel shooting his seed all over the both of them and Sebastian shooting his inside the boy. Ciel fell into Sebastians chest, both of them panting heavily.

" what you get...for not finishing...those other times..." Ciel managed to get out still out of breath.

"I know, and it's exactly how I planned it, congratulations Ciel, the ritual has been completed,"