An anomaly...that's what the humans called it.

For the Warden, it was not unexpected. An anomaly, by definition, was something that could not be explained. An enigma. A mystery. But this mineral the Consortium and Myriad were fighting over, was yet but another part of the universe. Something that could not be explained now, but would be in the future. That was the nature of Creation. Always something new, always something to discover.

And apparently, something to always fight over.

The Contortion called it Sinistra, situated in the Iota Draconis System. The myriads...well, if they actually called this world and star system anything, the Warden didn't know. Yet another mystery in the universe that had not been answered, yet admittedly, probably didn't have to be. Either way, both races had come to Sinistra, both races fought over Sinistra, and neither race was going to stop fighting in the near future either. All for a mineral that would fuel their consumption for but a brief period of time in an ageless universe. And as the Warden zoomed in to the Consortium base, one of its power armoured members fleeing from his insect-like pursuer...clearly neither realized that. Both were willing to throw their lives away for something so fleeting.

To the Warden, this pattern of behaviour was as much of an anomaly as zenodium itself.

Clearly there were no answers to be given. The human saw the myriad, opened fire with his primitive matter-based weapon and in what came as little surprise to the member of the priestly, elder race...failed to do anything. Not that the myriad was any better, screaming and charging like a beast possessed. By the stars, maybe it was...and all for a blip in a history of consumption and war. This had to stop...and by firing a sphere of encapsulated anti-matter, removing both monsters from the face of this world, it did.

Zenodium wasn't the anomaly. Those who sought it were.

And as he turned his gaze to the rest of the battlefield, the Warden swore to deal with it.


I guess this fic is an anomaly too, considering it's based on a game that hasn't been released, is about as generic as they come and is a magnet for criticism of ripping off StarCraft (a claim that I can understand, though I'm not that bothered by it). Meh.