Strange Affection

A/N: This could probably go two ways: Diggy or Best Friends.

We'll just let you decide how you want to see it.

Dillon was a lot of things. Stubborn, rude, short-tempered, powerful. However, there was one thing people rarely associated him with. Affection.

Of course, people didn't see him as affectionate because he had a rather strange way of showing it. It varied from arguing with Scott about the teams actions to accepting the strange and not always pleasant tasting smooties Flynn offered him and to occasionally helping the twins sneak into K's lab for expierementing equipment that she wouldn't allow anyone to touch, not even Gem and Gemma.

But there was one Ranger in particular he cared for amoung all others.

Most would think it was the Yellow Ranger, Summer Landsdown. While Dillon did care for her, she wasn't the one he'd do anything for. Despite her concerned questions and affectionate glances, he couldn't find himself sacrificing her happiness for his.

No, the Ranger he cared for the most happened to be Ziggy Grover, Ranger Operator Series Green.

The klutzy teen had wormed his way into Dillon's heart and to be honest, the Black Ranger wasn't exactly sure how or when it happened.

Their initial meeting hadn't been perfect, what with Ziggy threatening him with a muffler as he tried to steal his car, but Dillon just couldn't dislike him for it. Ziggy was just too . . . likeable.

No matter what happened, oil spills on his jeans or an accidental scrape to the Fury, he just couldn't get angry with him.

Sure, there was annoyance, but nothing that made him stay away for too long. He couldn't take the boy's moping and sad looks. He just couldn't stand to see him hurt.

When he lost control and attacked everyone, he felt horrified. Horrified that he hurt his teammates, his friends. But Ziggy, he was the only one he apologized to. The only one who didn't question his control or look at him with a flash of fear for weeks after the break in control. He merely smiled and brushed it off like it was nothing, asking if Dillon would take him out for a ride in the Fury.

He wasn't sure why, but Ziggy meant a great deal to him. Whether it was the need to protect something, a need he had felt since loosing his memories, or just plain affection for him, it really didn't matter.

Everything would be alright in the end, and, after this whole mess with Venjix was over, maybe he could live witout the fear of hurting another person he cared about.

"Hey, Dillon!" a voice said, dragging him from his thoughts.

Ziggy stood outside the Fury's passenger side door, grinning at him. "Wanna go for a ride?" Dillon smirked, putting away his watch.

"Hop in,"

Well, he'd worry about Ziggy and the war later. For now, the artificial sky was clear, the road lay before them, and Ziggy sat next to him, buckled up and ready to go.

With an excited whoop, Ziggy laughed as Dillon tore out of the Garage, leaving a trail of dust and smoke in their wake.

Whatever lied ahead, they could take it.