-Rated M for violence/gore-

Poor Unfortunate Souls

"Cas, are you sure this is gonna work?" I asked, looking from the angel to the hole in the ground that was slowly opening.

"Absolutely not," Cas said nervously, grabbing my arm. "This could potentially kill us both." I looked over my shoulder at the unconscious shell I called my brother.

"I'm in."

"In a moment, we both will be."

The hole was pitch black, a room filled with nothing but darkness. I felt hot liquid around my ankles as I tried to wade through it, trying not to think about what it was. Other than that, nothing, except the white light clinging to my shirt.

"Cas?" I breathed. I could see bright blue eyes in the light and the vague outline of a face.

"Shh…" I listened with him. My heart cracked when I heard it. Screams that gave me goosebumps reached my ears. I knew that voice…Oh god…

"Sammy." I went to run, to bolt toward him, to take him away from the awful red light that was blocking him from my sight. Lucifer…that light was him, he was hurting my brother-

"No!" Cas hissed, holding me back. "Stay here."

"Cas, I can't sit here and-"

"Do you want to save your brother from this, or not?" He challenged. I relaxed, tears in my eyes as I listened to Sam scream and cry. "Stay here, Dean. I'll tell you when you can retrieve Sam, alright?" I nodded, shutting my eyes as the angel flew into the vast space of darkness above us.

I looked around. He had to be here somewhere…Lucifer wasn't here alone. I had to ignore the awful agony that I knew Sam was going through, fight the urge to swoop down and take him away without any sort of planning. But I couldn't, I had to find-

A harsh white light far brighter than my own flew at me, grabbing me and shoving me back into this endless oblivion. I saw Adam's gaunt face through the glow, teeth pulled back into a snarl.

"Michael!" I exclaimed. "Michael, listen!"

"IT WASN'T SUPPOSED TO BE THIS WAY!" His voice was no louder than Sam's dreadful shrieks. "I'M IN THIS PLACE BECAUSE OF YOU!"

"MICHAEL! I CAN HELP YOU!" I bellowed. He stopped, staring at me. "You've been here for over a century, I know you want out. And I know you don't want to hurt Sam anymore," he stared at me, waiting for my ultimatum. "I can get you out of here, but you have to help us save Sam."

"What do I have to do?" He asked. I sighed, finally glad that I could get one of my brothers to cooperate.

"Distract Lucifer. Get him away from Sam long enough so we can save him. I'm going to need your help restoring him as well." I knew I could be asking too much, but judging from the desperation in his eyes, and the hope I had now given him he couldn't say no.

"Get ready."

He dove down toward the blood-red light, grabbing it and tearing it away from the screaming form.


I sprinted toward him. I could hear him whimpering and crying, increasing my desperation to reach him. He was chained to the wall, shuddering, eyes closed. With what little light there was in this place, I could see him. Bleeding, mangled, eyes incredibly swollen and deep red from tears. "Dean…" he whimpered. My baby brother, my Sammy.

"Sammy," I ran to him, gathering him in my arms. He whimpered and writhed, trying to get away. "Sammy, Sammy, stop! It's me! It's Dean!"

His wounded eyes met mine, those eyes that hurt my heart on contact. "D-Dean?"

"I'm here, I'm here. I'm gonna get you out of here, Sammy." Sam latched himself around my neck, sobbing into my chest.

"I-is this re-real?"

"Yes, yes, Sammy, it's real. I'm gonna take you out of here, okay?" I said. He sobbed violently.

"D-don't l-leave me here, D-D-Dean, please," he begged, his voice so soft I barely heard him.

"I won't leave you, Sammy. I'm getting' you out of here," I swore. He looked at me, shaking so hard his teeth were chattering.

"Y-y-you pr-promised, y-you said-"

"Shh, your body was out. I kept my promise, Sammy. But part of you came and found me."

I felt Castiel's hand grab my shoulder, the same one that he had when he'd taken me from Hell what seemed like forever ago. "Sammy, don't let go."

The light above us was unbelievably bright. I held Sam's face to my chest, hiding his eyes from the light. I looked down, hearing this awful roar.

The red light was coming at us as we went up. A horrible beast snarled inside it, reaching toward us, toward Sam, who cried and flinched away.

"Cas, fly higher!" I saw a light above his, brighter. Michael…

The thing below us snarled again, clawing at Sam's legs. Sam screamed.


We broke through; the rings came back up in Castiel's hand, sealing the hole before Lucifer could follow us out. We didn't stop in the hotel room. I saw my own body staring up at the ceiling as we went, higher and higher.

I sighed when we broke from Earth's plane. We were in Heaven now. Michael looked at me, then to Dean and Sam. "What do you need me to do?" He asked. Dean was holding Sam, repressed tears in his eyes at the awful state his brother was in. Sam's eyes were closed, not a surface on his naked body left untouched by some awful wound that would be fatal on a human body. He was crying, shaking all over, clinging to Dean for dear life.

"Dean," he choked.

"Shh, shh, I've got you, Sammy. I've got you," Dean soothed, pushing his blood-soaked hair out of his eyes. I looked at my own brother.

"Help me fix Sam. He'll die if I put him in his body like this." He nodded.

"If I do this, we'll be even?" He asked. I nodded. "And my place in Heaven?"

"We'll be set as equals," I said. He frowned. "Father's idea, not mine."

"Fine." I knelt beside Sam, urging Dean's hands away from him. He resisted.


"Cas, I can't let him go," he said desperately. I looked at Sam, who was sobbing harshly.

"Dean, I have to help him. I can't do that if you're holding him. He'll be alright, but you have to let Michael and I do this." He reluctantly let go, setting Sam on the warm ground. The boy shrunk away from me, his hands searching for his brother, eyes squinting against the harsh light. "Shh, Sam, it's me, it's Castiel." I held his wrists lightly. He looked at me, still squinting.

"Cas?" He gulped. I nodded.

"Shh…Shut your eyes and breathe." He didn't listen. He looked over at Michael, the tears falling quicker, fear growing in his already white face.

"No, no, please, Cas, please!" His voice was small and strangled as he spoke, nearly inaudible. He was trying to scoot closer to me, away from Michael.

"Shh, shh," I placed my hand on his forehead, soothing him to the best of my ability. He shut his eyes, calming against my hand against his will. "He won't hurt you, Sam. It'll be better soon."

Dean was standing off to the side while Michael knelt down as well, hands clenched into fists, fighting hard to not go to his brother.

"I'll heal his mind." Hopefully. Michael nodded, putting his hands over his body, the mangled flesh and muscle pulsating blood.

I put my hands on either side of Sam's temples, repairing what I could right away. I saw such horrors, such disrepair, such agony. I felt the anguish of Lucifer and Michael's tortures. I heard his shrieks and pleads for his brother to save him, for me to save him. I saw every cut, every bruise, every taunt and curse and jeer. He shuddered under my grip, mind flying from one awful incident to the next. He watched his body be pulled away while he remained, vulnerable, every shield gone.

And I had to watch. Such longing for a gentle word, a soft touch, one second of being held instead of chained. He begged for redemption, for an end, for forgiveness, but most of all, for Dean. They attacked everything he cared about, making him see Dean perish in unspeakable ways, scream in his face that it was his fault Jessica was murdered, that his mother would still be alive if he'd never been born, that Dean had forgotten about him and never, ever cared about him. I had to try and repair his mangled mind.

"Cas." Dean's voice was hurt, as were his eyes. He was staring at his sobbing brother, doing everything he could not to go to him.

"I'm trying, Dean," I said. Michael was having an easier time and he could most likely do this much quicker than I, but I didn't trust him inside Sam's mind.

It took what felt like hours, and even then Sam wasn't totally repaired. His cries had died mostly. There were some memories that I couldn't take away, or dilute. There were some that would be branded in his memory for the rest of his life. His physical state was near perfect, only scars and a few bruises remained.

"Will he be okay?" Dean asked shakily. I looked up at him, watching sadly as he harshly wiped a tear from his eye.

"He'll live."

Michael stood, backing away, glaring at Dean. "My debt is repaid. I owe you nothing." I nodded. He looked around.

"We're at war, aren't we?" He said. I nodded.

"I'll fill you in later." I grabbed Dean's arm, holding onto Sam, and flew.

I gasped, waking up like I had been dreaming. I looked over at Cas, who was standing over Sam, looking as if he were waiting for something to happen.


"Give him a moment." I waited, unable to breathe.

C'mon, Sammy, c'mon, wake up. Wake up…

He gasped, sitting up, looking around warily. He looked scared, tears in his eyes, hands trembling. He looked at me, relief flooding him. I could see it. Emotion.

"Dean?" He breathed. I ran to him, hugging him as tightly as I could, and he hugged me back.