New fanfic, first one in a while. For various reasons...

Lets just say "Brother vs Computer. Brother used Stomp, it was super effective" So effective in fact that my screen broke and I had to get a new computer and all the chapters for my previous stories are stuck in it till I can get the damn thing fixed or find a cable to hook it up to my other monitor.

Well, I've had PKMN:SS about 2 weeks now, and I'm taking it slow. Me being the Yaoi fangirl I am, I decided to think up a story for our beloved Gold, or Ethan as he's called in my game and this story since I picked the girl. (Lol) as I was playing I thought "What if Silver wasn't Gold's rival, but Lyra's and they still met. How would that work?" and over the course of the few days that I thought about it I came up with my current baby. so I've finished my first chapter, and I hope that you guys enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own pokemon, if I did Leaf would have found her way in the cartoon/anime.


New Bark Town


Wait for the right moment, and when your opportunity is perfect then you strike. That was how Silver was taught to live since he was born, and that was how he planned to start his journey to be the best there was. This is why we find our red haired protagonist sitting outside of Professor Elm's lab in silent waiting. His plan started out perfect, wait until two trainers came by and took starter Pokemon, then the last one would be his to steal so he could start becoming the best. Silver frowned, "That stupid girl took the first one, a grass type I guess. I hope the last one there isn't weak..." the redhead mused to himself as he sat down and leaned against a tree. "Well, all I gotta do is wait..." Silver said as he let his thoughts a few hours of sitting and watching the youngish professor through the window, Silver felt his eyes droop slightly. The redhead was tired after a long day of planning, and didn't realize it when his eyes finally closed and he drifted off into a total slumber.


"Hey, are you alright?"

Silver shifted in sleep, hearing the timid voice of what sounded like a young boy. Whoever it was Silver didn't like him, as he was keeping him from enjoying his slumber. The redhead furrowed his brows in annoyance as he felt a timid finger poke lightly at his side. "Uhh, I don't know if you want to sleep here, the Pokemon in the trees might fall on you by accident..." After a few moments, the poking sensation Silver was feeling became a little more pressured, and if he wasn't in such a lazy mood, Silver felt like he could swat the boy. The poking turned into a light shaking of his shoulder "Hey, guyyyy wake uuuuup." the young voice wined in Silvers ears. the redheads patience finally wore thin, and his annoyance began to outweigh his fatigue. Finally after the boy had turned to full on shaking him by both his shoulders, Silver opened his eyes angrily, "Can't you see I'm trying to-!"


That was the first thing Silver saw when he opened his eyes. Deep blue irises that seemed to have a gleam in them that Silver could only compare to the lustrous shine of gold. Silver was taken aback by the sheer bright innocence in this boys eyes, as it was something that in his years on this planet he had never seen in people as a child growing up. The bright eyed boy blinked, staring at Silver curiously before smiling. "Sorry man, but I had to wake you up. Pokemon have a tendency to fall from these trees, and you are right outside the professors lab." The sea blue eyed boy chirped airily. Silver shook himself out of his thoughts before nodding slightly. The golden boy jumped up away from Silver and stretched out lightly. "Are you here for the last starter? I decided to take Totodile off the professors hands so I can take the little blue one to a place where he'll be able to help some people out, so there's only one left." the boy said brightly. Silver nodded "Yeah, though I might stop off a bit... later." Silver murmured, not wanting to explain himself to this young boy.

The blue eyed boy smiled lightly, before his eyes widened and he let out a noise of surprise, "Oh, that's right! I haven't even told you my name, I'm sorry." The raven haired boy said sheepishly as he scratched the back of his head. "My name's Ethan. I'm currently a pokemon trainer, but want to become a pokemon caretaker." The boy said happily as he extended his hand to Silver. The redhead glared at the appendage like it was going to bite him before looking up warily at Ethan. The said caretaker-in-training looked at him curiously, cocking his head to the side in confusion at the redhead's un-sociable behavior. Realizing that his rudeness might raise suspicion, Silver quickly grabbed Ethan's hand, shaking it rigidly. "M-My name's Silver... Nice to meet you umm... Ethan, was it?" Silver asked warily. Ethan nodded quickly, his bright blue eyes shining with a lustrous gleam. "Yeah you got it. Silver huh? That's a nice name." The boy said brightly nearly blinding Silver with his energetic aura. The redhead looked away awkwardly before realizing the boy hadn't let go of his hand. Silver looked over at the smaller boy "Um... Ethan? Can you uhh..." Silver started, flushing in embarrassment as he tried to find a proper way to explain his discomfort.

Ethan looked up at the red head with wide, curious eyes before he followed the taller boys gaze down to their loosly entwined hands. Ethan's eyes widened a bit before immediately letting go of the elder boys hand. Ethan scratched the back of his head "Oh, i'm sorry. I got caught up in the conversation." Ethan said with a sheepish smile before putting his now idle hands in his pockets. "I didn't make you uncomfortable did I?" Ethan asked in slight worry, Silver put his hands up defensively, "N-no... Not really..." Silver said, trying not to be rude, as he wasn't used to being nice. Ethan looked up at the flustered boy with a soft smile, "Well that's good, I didn't want my new friend to run off on me." Ethan said with a slight smile. Silver furrowed his brows in slight confusion, wondering just how this kid got even the slightest idea that he wanted to be friends. Still, the redhead did not see any reason to make enemies with the boy, so he just let the issue be.

Ethan stretched out a bit, smiling to the redhead as he crossed his hands behind his head. "So Silver, Where are you from? I haven't seen you around here before." The energetic caretaker asked with the up most curiosity. Silver looked at the boy and thought carefully. Though the boy seemed harmless enough, he did not want to divulge too much information, as he had been all over the Kanto news not half a year ago, headlines spouting about how the famous Team Rocket executive along with his son "Disappeared" from said region. Still, Silver came to the conclusion that although this kid was kind, he also didn't look like the brightest color in the box. Silver crossed his arms. "I traveled around a lot as a child with my family... but I'm originally from Viridian City..." The redhead said blankly. Ethan's eyes widened in delight, "You're from the Kanto region? Oh wow, that's great!" The blue eyed boy said ecstatically, looking about ready to jump with excitement. Silver smiled as he swelled with pride, "It is a long way from here, and yes I have traveled far and seen quite a bit." The redhead boasted as he buffed up his ego. Ethan didn't pay much notice to the redheads narcissistic behavior, as he was fully absorbed with Silvers words, happy to have met someone from a region he had never been to. The raven haired boy smiled "That's awesome, I wish I could go see the sights. it's not on my agenda right now, but maybe one day-"


Ethan jumped, before looking down at his arm where his blue pokegear was ringing off the hook. Ethan smiled down at it, and flipped it open. "Ethan? You think before you head over here you can bring your Marill back here too? I know it just recently evolved, so I wanted to take a look at it." Silver raised a brow as he listened to what sounded like an elderly man on the other line of Ethan's pokegear. He watched the bright boy smile, that golden gleam in his eyes not failing to catch Silvers attention. Ethan didn't see the redheads observation of him, as he was currently thinking to himself. "Well, Marill's still asleep at home, but I think I can wake her up and bring her over with Totodile. Your gonna have to give me a few weeks to get there though, I was planning on maybe taking this trip slow and seeing some sights as opposed to just rushing." The raven haired boy said as a matter of fact. "Hmm... Just don't be too long then Ethan. Gimme a call when your on your way, and I'll prepare over the days to get a good habitat for the little pokemon alright?" The voice on the poke-gear blared. Ethan nodded in confirmation before beaming at the screen, "Alright grandpa, i'm gonna talk to you later alright? I'll see you soon." Ethan said happily. A hum of affirmation was heard on the other line of the pokedex, "Ok, you be safe now. Bye Ethan!" the elder man said loudly. Ethan laughed softly, "I will, bye grandpa."

After everything was done, Ethan looked up with a bit of a disappointed face. "I'm sorry, but I have to go get ready for my trip. Are you going to be traveling around Jhoto for a while Silver?" The blue-eyed boy asked with a hopeful gaze. Silver nodded, "Yes, I have some... Business here in Jhoto, and so I'm going to be traveling all over." The redhead stated calmly. Ethan beamed up at him, "Good. It's a small world, and so maybe I'll see you again while your on your journey here. I really hope that's the case." Ethan said with a bright smile. Silver nodded, watching the boy's bright aura and musing to himself. He had never seen a person so innocent looking as this kid, and he felt it somewhat refreshing... Even if Silver felt like the boy was way too trusting and naive for his tastes in 'friends' as the blue eyed caretaker had put it. Ethan beamed, "Well, I'll let you get to Professor Elm, I'm gonna head out soon so I have to go, but hopefully you get the starter and it hasn't been picked up yet." The raven haired boy said impishly. The redhead nodded, preparing in his mind for the task at hand while trying to appear normal. With one last quick half solute, and an airy bye, Ethan turned heel and ran off toward his house. Silver watched the boys back as he left, and couldn't help but let a part of him feel like that boy was too innocent...That he needed to be tainted and shown how the world really works, so he can see what it's like to be in his shoes.

Still, Silver put the boy in the recesses of his mind, and put his emotions on the back-burner, as he walked back toward Professor Elm's building. The redhead had stalled long enough, and was ready to set his plan in motion.


Oh snap, Silver's gonna steal Cyndaquil! D:

I know a lot of people put cyndaquil with gold in their stories cuz that's what he's seen most with, but don't worry. The little fire pokemon will be making a lot of cameo's in this sugary love fest to come.

so tell me what you guys thought so far, and I hope you guys stick around! :D