Cheshire's final moments

I don't own Pandora hearts. If I did Cheshire would be alive right now!

Cheshire's POV

That man he wanted Alice's memories. The memories Cheshire's was suppose to guard. Cheshire promised Alice. Cheshire promised to protect thesis memories even if it meant giving up Cheshire's life. Cheshire promised. But that man he made me break my promise! He stole Alice's memories for himself! Cheshire tried; Cheshire tried very hard to get them back but he wouldn't give them back. Cheshire even gave up body to get those memories but, that man he didn't give them back! Instead he got away with Alice's memories and left Cheshire here to die. I just wanted to be Alice's knight. I wanted to protect her. Cheshire got another chance to protect Alice but Cheshire failed again. Cheshire could protect her then and Cheshire couldn't protect her now. Cheshire is useless, Cheshire is a useless cat! Cheshire tried to get rid of what hurt Alice, what Alice feared, what Alice was scared of, and what Alice wanted to forget. Cheshire just wanted to be there for Alice, Cheshire just wanted a chance to protect her; a chance Cheshire got but failed. Alice Cheshire is sorry. Sorry Cheshire couldn't protect you, sorry Cheshire failed you and sorry Cheshire will never you again.

And with Cheshire had tears flowing down his checks as he stared faded away into nothing. Remembering the times he had with Alice. The way she played with him, the way she smiled, the way she held him tight and the way she cried when she saw Cheshire dead on the ground eyes gorged out.

"Cheshire is… sad. Cheshire…. wanted to… see… Alice again." Cheshire said as his body became more and more faded till there was eventually nothing left.

Thank you for reading. I got the idea from this video (please watch it, if you don't like watching people drawing skip to 7:30 with is toward the end)

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