A/N: So I am just about to finish my first semester up of college, and I have a seven week long Christmas vacation and a lot of shit has happened in the last semester so I figured that I would write this story to keep me concentrated on something. Bear with me I actually have a few chapters written out so I will be posting and writing a lot. I PROMISE! :) I know this story has a lot of Erica in the beginning, but it will shift its main focus back onto Callie and Arizona. Just read and review and feel free to comment on it good or bad I like the criticism. :) happy reading everyone!

Erica was just beginning to get started with her new life as chief of surgery at Seattle Presbyterian Hospital. After her abrupt departure from Seattle Grace she didn't know what she was going to do, but she knew that being a surgeon was something she couldn't walk away from very easily. There was without a doubt heart surgeons needed all around the country, but the jobs that were being offered to her weren't really something she considered to be noteworthy for her potential. She was even offered a lead cardiothoracic position at Johns Hopkins hospital, but unfortunately she knew that Preston Burke would be a colleague of hers and she quickly rejected that offer.

She had been out of the game for a year when she had heard through the grapevine that Seattle Grace and Mercy West had merged into one hospital, and had heard about the crazy shoot out that went on in the hospital a few months after that. She almost considered going back to Richard Webber for a job, but decided against that when she realized that Callie was now an attending. So she kept to herself in San Francisco and kept out of the lime light until she got a call from a person on the board of trustees at Seattle Presbyterian. They wanted Erica to be the new chief of surgery at a place where she once was an outstanding heart surgeon.

It took Erica a few days to even consider the position, but eventually she accepted the job and moved back to Seattle. When she got back to the city everything she had once known to be home was still there, but it was just so unfamiliar to her. It seemed that everything had changed, but still looked the same on the outside, like only the inside of everything had changed. Even after her first day of work when she went to Joe's bar she found it odd to see Cristina Yang behind the counter serving her the merlot she always ordered.

"Dr. Hahn, good to see you back in Seattle how's it going?" She was obviously a little drunk at this time.

"Yang, what the hell are you doing serving drinks?"

"I quit surgery,"


"It's a really long story."

"Well, it seems like I have a lot time so you might want to tell me."

"Does Callie know you're back in town?"


"Are you going to tell her?"


"I am then,"

"Please don't Yang." Cristina looked up and saw Callie and Mark walk in with Owen and Derek and Meredith.

"I don't have to unless you don't turn around."

"What?" Erica said as she swiveled around in her chair to see Callie with short hair that suited the orthopedic surgeon perfectly.

"Hahn?" Mark said stunned.

"Hey Sloan," Callie still hadn't said a word and the blonde didn't want to be the first one to speak so she waited. They had each been staring at each other wordless for over ten minutes before the others had decided that the women needed time alone to talk out their problems. After another ten minutes or so Callie got up the courage to leave the bar and call for a taxi.

Callie was waiting outside for her ride when Erica followed her out. She found Callie sitting on the curb crying and it took the blonde enough resistance to let Callie do what she needed to do. Despite Erica's extremely expensive outfit she eventually sat on the wet Seattle sidewalk with the ortho surgeon. After another long break without speaking Erica finally took out her car keys and jingled them into Callie's face.

"Let me take you home Cal, it's going to rain soon and I don't want you to get wet." Callie only nodded and allowed Erica to drive her car up and slowly help her in the front seat. After a while Erica had noticed that Callie had stopped driving and was watching where they were going. "I assume you haven't moved." Erica said calmly.

"No, but Cristina got married and she moved out."

"Married, Yang, wow! Who's the lucky guy?"

"Owen Hunt, you met him, reddish haired guy."


"Head of Trauma."

"I see,"

"I live with Mark now," Erica closed her eyes in frustration.

"I see," Callie laughed a little, she missed this Erica, the one that would listen to her whine and complain for hours on end without even making a single negative remark.

"After Arizona left I needed someone and Mark has always been there for me through every single bad break up and I figured he would be the best one to go to again."

Erica pulled into Callie's building and got out of the car to open the door for the ortho surgeon. It was still extremely awkward between them, but neither doctor tried to put out how they were exactly feeling which made it a lot easier to get along.

"You want to come up? Mark is going to be out drinking for a while so we could drink some wine and catch up if you'd like." Erica hesitated at this offer although it was very inviting she just wasn't sure if it was the right move.

"As much as I like you because you're calm and not going to punch me Cal, I just don't think it's a good idea right now." Callie sighed.

"I understand Erica."

"Thank you,"

"But can I ask you something?"


"Why are you back in Seattle? Word on the street was that you were out of commission in San Francisco." Erica laughed lightly.

"Yes I was, I haven't operated in a while."


"Too much going on in my mind to focus on surgery I guess, at least that's what, my shrink said."

"You've really changed Erica."

"So have you Cal, I really like the short hair on you."

"Thanks," there was still some more silence, but eventually Callie stepped toward the blonde. "You broke me Erica, but I found someone who picked up the pieces only to break me again. I don't really know what I'm going to do at this point."

"It's okay Cal, I'm going to be in Seattle for a while so if you ever need a friend just call okay?" Erica quickly wrote her new office number down on a sheet of paper, kissed Callie's cheek and got in her car and drove to her hotel.