I was thinking of Tara's line in Endings and Beginnings, and this series just came to me *snicker* LOL

"I loved story time. And nap time. *gasp* Snack time! *pause* Come to think of it, I still love story time, nap time and snack time." ~ Tara, 'Endings and Beginnings'

"Once upon a time there was a... Tara?"


"You're supposed to be listening."

"I am."

*pause* "Okay. There was a beautiful princess who- *gasp* Tara!"


"That's not listening."

"I'm listening with my fingers. You do."

*incoherent mumble* "Who lived in a small village. She-TARA!"

"You're jumpy."

*sheets rustle*


"She lived in the village because-"

"Come on, Sue, look at me!"

"-she had been running for her life from-"

"Time to play dirty, baby..."

"-her father's adviser who-Omigosh!"

*sheets rustle again*

"Oooooo, Tara..."

"I like my story better, honey."

"Well it is story time."