He looked over the top of the hill from the cover of the trees. Beyond the hill was the outskirts of a large city that merged into the sunset on the horizon.

The smell of her drifted over to him through the air. His next meal. He licked his lips. Her blood smelt sweeter then what he was used to, but he always loved to try new things.

Once the sun set completely, he made his move. He had her scent; he was not going to lose it.

He rushed down the hill and into the city. The scent of her became stronger; he followed it. Soon she came into view. She was walking alone. Perfect, but there were too many people around. He couldn't do anything.

He followed her until she turned down an empty street. Now was the time.

He rushed over to her and grabbed her from behind. His hand slid over her mouth before she could react.

He smiled as he felt her heartbeat rapidly speed up to unhealthy limits. Scared is good. Scared is tasty.

He dragged her to a nearby alley. No one could see them. She trembled in his arms. She's scared enough. He tilted her head to the side and unwound the scarf from her pale neck.

"P-p-p-please stop!" her voice was muffled by his hand. He ignored her, he focused on her neck, finding the pulsing vein. He smiled. At last, a proper meal.

He fed.