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I know MANY of you guys are like 'WHEN WILL YOU UPDATE DARNNIT!'

I tell myself this everyday when I boot up my laptop and see the note I put on my computer desktop.

I put up my plan of action on deviantart, but since most of you guys probably don't go to deviantart, you wouldn't know.

At this moment, I am re-writing all previous chapters (cuz I started re-reading my fanfic and shuddered at the bad quality of it). I've gotten the prologue already done and replaced (including here on (take a look)). I started doing chapter 1, but I've been getting distracted with work and ...manga...

I should have most of the fanfic re-written by the end of August, and the last 2 chapters written and uploaded by the end of September. and I will be uploading them at the same time. Just remember that this chapter slot will be used for one of those chapters.

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