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'Mr. Potter? Mr. Potter, are you awake? That's odd; I could have sworn that his heartbeat had spiked signalling his awaken…'

Harry groaned and an old nurse muttered thanks to Merlin. 'Ah, Mr. Potter you are awake. Would you mind opening your eyes for me?'

He opened his eyes but immediately closed them in reaction to the bright light that shone above him. Another attempt and this time his eyes adjusted to the lighting. His vision was blurred and so he rubbed at them furiously but all he managed to succeed at was a sharp pain from the movement required to rub his eyes and a throbbing in his arms. 'Ow!' he exclaimed in shock at the movement.

Unfortunately for him the sharp pain that hadn't been there until he had rubbed his eyes wouldn't go away and he wished that he had never worried about his eyes in the first place. The nurse, however, was unaware to the pain he was currently under and so said, 'Oh yes, I forgot about your eyesight. Here we go,' she muttered as she gently put a pair of glasses on his face. 'That's better, isn't it?' she cooed.

Harry didn't bother nodding as he looked at his surroundings. Plain, white walls, strange equipment which made obnoxious beeping sounds, ordinary cabinets and a table full of little glass bottles. Why, he was in a hospital! The beeping sounds increased as he began to feel a stab of fear rush through him and he got an inkling that he didn't like hospitals very much.

He wondered what had happened to land him in a hospital. He stared at his body and his expression instantly turned to panic. Why was his body covered in bandages? Why was his body so numb and yet with the slightest movement piercing? What was going on? He felt his dread and trepidation increase as the beeping began to get louder and louder, covering him in a blanket of white noise and terror.

It got so bad that he didn't hear the nurse say loudly, 'Mr. Potter! Mr. Potter please calm down this instance! Oh dear, I'm not cut out for this. I'm only the nurse for crying out loud! The Healers swear that they are most proficient in saving lives when it comes to their patients but what about their nurses? Oh dear, he's shaking violently! What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? Merlin save me!'

Just then a beautiful young woman with flowing, bright red hair and calming brown eyes, wearing lime green robes with the words 'St. Mungos' entered the ward and her eyes instantly connected with the panicking nurse. 'Nurse Felton? Ursula? Hello? Anybody home?' she asked, waving her hand in front of the nurse.

'Oh thank Merlin Ginevra-'

'Ginny,' corrected the Healer.

'I was so frightened! He was panicking and shaking and I just didn't know what to do! It was so terrifying. My gosh, I might be the first nurse to ever have a panic attack on the job. Oh no, now I think that's going to happen. Where were you? You Healers are so unpredictable all the time. Everybody credits the Healers for all the saving of lives but what about the nurses? They should be getting the Order of Merlin: First Class for the stress put upon them on the job!'

'Okay, Nurse Felton, calm down,' said Ginny in a calming voice. 'I'm here now and there is a warm cup of peppermint tea in the staff room with your name on it. You're fine now.'

'I'm fine? Yes, you're right. And there's peppermint tea? Oh Ginevra dear-'

'Ginny,' she mumbled incoherently.

'You remembered. Oh you're so sweet. If only you weren't so late all the time and you might be the most perfect girl ever born…'

'Okay, okay Nurse Felton; let's not get away with ourselves. Now go have the tea and I'll take over here.'

'Yes, I'll do just that,' she said as she walked out of the room.

Ginny then turned her eyes to the male in the bed and noticed that he had come out of his panic attack and was staring at Ginny amusedly. 'Now, over to you. You're awake which is good and' she said, with a hint of relief in her voice, looking at the monitor, 'your heart rate is stable which is brilliant.'

He made to sit up but Ginny instantly stopped him. 'No, no. You don't want to be doing that quite yet. Now, if you drink this, the pain you should be experiencing when you move will be calmed,' she said, holding out a vial of a mustard coloured liquid.

Harry motioned to take the vial from her hands but stopped when pain shot across his arm. 'Now, now Mr. Potter, let's not try that until after you've drank the potion.'

He allowed her to pour the liquid in his mouth and had to physically force himself not to spit out the disgusting liquid which resembled rotten egg. Harry felt a sharp tingling across his body and had to stop himself from laughing out loud as a lot of the time it tickled. Ginny then moved his arm and to his surprise and relief, he felt no pain. 'Ah, that's better, isn't it? Now, how are you feeling?'

'Alright,' Harry stopped talking in shock from his voice. It was deep. Very deep. 'Would you excuse me but where are we?'

'St. Mungos, of course.'

'Sorry, where?'

'St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries,' Ginny answered as if she was surprised that he didn't know.

'Er… Is that supposed to mean something to me?'

'Oh, that's interesting,' Ginny said curiously. 'That explains a few things. Can you tell me your name please?'

Harry instantly remembered the nurse referring to him as Mr. Potter and so said, 'Mr. Potter.'

Ginny frowned, 'Your first name please.'

'Er… It's… Ah ha! It's Ursula Felton Potter, isn't it?'

Ginny had to use all of her practiced emotion controlling to stop herself from laughing. 'I'm afraid not. Ursula Felton is your nurse. Your name is Harry James Potter.'

Harry smiled at his name, that wasn't so unattractive, now was it? In fact, all names considered, he was pretty lucky. He hadn't got something so hideous like Dudley or Draco. Harry shuddered at the thought of having names like that.

He shook himself out of the thoughts and asked, 'What happened to me?'

Ginny held an expression of calm worry on her face and said, 'Well that we're not exactly sure of. We were hoping that you would have explained that but because of- well because of your brain damage I'm afraid that we have no idea. I can only tell you what the effects of what happened to you are.'

Harry however was lost at the mention of "brain damage". 'What do you mean by brain damage?' he asked suspiciously.

Ginny smiled and said, 'As far as I'm aware, and I'll have to take a few tests to be 100% sure, you have lost your long term memory. I am fairly confident that it was not caused by a memory charm as you still remember basic things like magic and speech. However, I think that you should be more worried about the physical damage at the moment as that's what's going to hurt at the end of the day.'

'Alright then, shoot. What's the verdict doc?'

Ginny smiled at his poor attempt at a joke. 'Well, you were found unconscious last night at roughly 11:49pm by a small business owner out in Portsmouth and were sent straight to St. Mungos. You have several burns across your back, a serious bang to the head, signs of excessive use of the Crucio curse, scrapes across your entire chest and abdomen area, several broken bones in your arms and legs, bruises scattered throughout your body, shattered kneecaps, loss of blood, gashes on the neck and slashes from what is guessed to be a knife in the shape of a V.'

Harry swallowed and silently agreed with the Healer when she had said that he should be worried about the physical damage. Compared to that, loss of memory was like a scrape on the knee. 'Why, why would anybody want to do that to me?'

'Oh my Harry, the reasons why are endless. There are so many things you have done in your life that would warrant somebody wanting to harm you. But as for current reasons, I have no idea. You've been missing for 5 years.'

'I have?' Harry asked surprised.

'Yes, you have. After, er, an event, you left all of your friends and family with a note and this is the first time anyone had heard of you since. In fact, as I've heard, there are approximately a dozen people waiting in the reception area that you knew back when you lived here that are waiting on news for you.'

'How do they already know I'm here?'

She looked sheepish and guilty but said, 'News as important as you travels quickly.'

'Sorry, but why am I important?'

Ginny sighed, 'I don't think I should be the one to tell you that. When we start letting in visitors they can explain it to you. Anything else?'

Harry thought for a moment before smiling brightly, 'What's your name?'

Ginny looked saddened for a moment but it might have just been something in his eye because she smiled softly and said, 'My name is Ginny Weasley and I am your Healer.' It was almost as if Ginny had been expecting something but when Harry smiled and said how nice it was to meet her she forlornly stared upwards before glancing at him.

'Now, I'm going to leave now to set up a few tests and re-examine some previous results and I'm going to allow a few people in. Only for a couple of hours though because as your Healer I have to begin the treatment on you and can't let you experience too much excitement in your current state.'

'Er, what exactly does treatment entail?'

'Oh, just regrowing bones and skin, healing the burns, that kind of stuff,' Ginny said vaguely.

Harry recoiled, 'That doesn't sound like a cup of tea.'

'No, but treatment should only take a fortnight or so and then you'll only be staying here for therapy and rehab.'

'Right,' he muttered.

'Now, if you'll excuse me, I will go invite some people in but remember not too much excitement.'

'Yes Ma'am!' Harry saluted.

Ginny smiled, 'Good to know that you still have your sense of humour.'

She began to walk out but Harry stopped her in her tracks, 'Did we know one another before?'

'Sorry?' Ginny asked, cocking her head to the side.

'Excuse me but it's just, the way you talk to me, it sounds like you used to know me before I left.'

A strange look crossed Ginny's face and she said, 'My brother was your best friend.'

Harry wondered how much more than that there was but settled on the answer as he wanted to meet these people who were so worried about him. Once she was gone, he sat in consideration at Ginny. She seemed to know him fairly well and yet all she mentioned was that Harry was her brother's best mate. Was there more than that or was Harry over contemplating it? Was Harry the kind of person who overanalysed everything? Or was he more of a carefree, risk taking guy? He had no idea and it was driving him insane.

Suddenly he heard an eruption of sound, it almost sounded as if several thousand people had begun chattering at once. He then heard footsteps and Ginny's voice. 'Ron! I specifically told you to keep the visitors at two people at a time!'

'Why does it matter?' asked a loud, male voice. 'I'm sure Harry would want to see his old family. Is he still upset about youknow?'

'Oh Ron,' Ginny said sadly. 'I don't even know whether or not he is still mad at me.'

'Why? Is he cramming up like he did when he was 15?' asked another male voice.

'Oh George, it's much more than that. Harry's lost his memory.'

A sudden outburst of noise and muttering was heard and Harry nearly had to block his ears at the loudness of it all. Another woman said, 'What do you mean Harry's lost his memory?'

'Exactly that Angie. Harry doesn't even know who I am.'

'Well isn't that a good thing. You can start afresh with Harry and know that he won't remember the past,' another male said.

'Ron!' a female reprimanded. 'You do realize that Harry won't recognize us!'


'Now listen here!' Ginny's voice commanded. 'I want everyone but Ron and Hermione to go back in the reception for a while. If we have enough time later then after Ron and Hermione leave you can talk to Harry but we've only got a couple of hours until I have to start treatment.'

Slowly the noise faded away and the door of his room was quietly opened. Harry blinked and stared at the two figures. One had hair as bright as Ginny's and looked to be just as old. He had light blue eyes, freckles across his face and a fine build, if perhaps a little too tall for his weight. The other had curly brown hair that looked as though it had been brushed several too many times in order to look that way, chocolate brown eyes and a small smattering of freckles across her nose.

They looked weary as they stared at Harry and just slightly horrified but Harry smiled and waved, 'How ya doing? Apparently I'm Harry!'

The two people slightly smiled and waved back, no introductions were said and so Harry called them TheOneWithGinny'sHair and TheOneWithFrecklesLikeGinny's. 'Hi Harry,' said TheOneWithGinny'sHair, 'Long time no see. How're you feeling?'

TheOneWithFrecklesLikeGinny's looked up and down at Harry's bandages and gulped nervously.

'I'm guessing that I normally look a right sight better than I do now considering that you guys don't look as if you normally greet me when I'm wrapped up like this,' Harry said cheekily.

'You got that one right mate, you look like you did back in Auror training when you fell off that cliff and managed to save yourself by clinging onto a rock just feet above the fall.' TheOneWithGinny'sHair said as if Harry still had his memory.

Harry smiled; having no idea what TheOneWithGinny'sHair was talking about and said, 'Listen, do you guys know what happened to me because I have no bloody idea.'

TheOneWithFrecklesLikeGinny's shook her head and said, 'Harry, we haven't seen you since Gi-' she stopped all of a sudden and cleared her throat. 'Since you left five years ago.'

'Why would I leave just like that? It seems like you guys and I were pretty tight back then so why would I leave you guys?'

TheOneWithGinny'sHair swallowed nervously and said, 'Things happened that really shook you up. We all understood why you left and you gave us a note explaining things so we knew that you were okay and hadn't been kidnapped or anything.'

TheOneWithFrecklesLikeGinny's shook away her curly hair and said, 'Not that we weren't worried. We grieved for nearly a year before accepting that you had left and weren't coming back for a long time. But you still could have sent a message or something. A little hint that you still thought about us would have come in handy…'

'Hermione!' reprimanded TheOneWithGinny'sHair. 'Just leave it! He doesn't even remember!'

'Oh your one to talk Ron, you were the one bringing back your old Auror training days that Harry can't remember!'

'Yeah well at least I didn't yell at Harry for things he can't remember! You and I both know that even if he did remember everything we should keep things civil so he doesn't run out on us again!'

'Hem hem,' a voice called and both Ron and Hermione jumped at the sound.

'Merlin Gin!' exclaimed Ron. 'You sounded like OldToadFace!'

Ginny smiled, 'That was the point. You guys can't let Harry get too excited and you two fighting doesn't help anything! You guys can leave now and tell Mum and Dad and everyone else that I'm not letting in any visitors as Harry is, thanks to you two, too hyped up already!'

'Come on Ginny! We haven't seen Harry in years!' Ron said.

'Absolutely not, now get out before I tell Mum what you two did before you were hitched.'

'You wouldn't,' Ron said, his eyes in narrow slits.

'Try me,' retorted Ginny, her eyes just as small as Ron's.

Hermione sighed and said, 'Let's just go Ron. Ginny's right, Harry needs to begin treatment.'

'Fine,' Ron huffed and then said kindly to Harry, 'We'll be back tomorrow.' They then left the room.

Ginny sighed and said, 'Sorry about them, not even the return of their best mate can shut up their fighting!'

'It's alright,' replied Harry. 'I don't mind. It's nice to see some of the people I know and it feels sort of familiar. The fighting I mean.'

Ginny smiled and then walked to the little boring cabinet. She took out two vials, one small that had a bubbling green potion in it and the other longer that had a bright purple liquid inside. Ginny took a beaker and mixed the potions together until the liquid was a dull orange and warned, 'Alright Harry. This won't be the most pleasant of feelings. In fact, it's going to hurt a lot. But it should only be for 15-20minutes and you should feel much better than you do now.'

Harry looked suspiciously at the beaker and said, 'I think I feel good now. How about we skip the pain and let me stay the way I'm now?'

Ginny chuckled, 'No such luck Potter. I'm afraid that in order to heal you're going to have to drink the potion.'

Harry sighed and took the beaker from Ginny's pale hands. 'Bottom's up,' he said before tipping the potion in his mouth as if it were a Firewhiskey shot. The potion was not as bad as the one previously taken but still had that strange, medical taste about it. Nearly as soon as Harry drank it his neck began to feel as if it were expanding and then minimizing so fast that it nearly gave Harry whiplash and sharp, stinging sensations throbbed away at the bone.

Harry whimpered lowly and Ginny smiled satisfactorily even though her face showed compassion and fear. 'Don't worry Harry, that means the potion is working.'

After exactly 17 minutes and 29 and a half seconds (Harry had counted) the pain subsided and amazingly Harry didn't feel as stiff around the neck. He decided that if this was the relief he would feel after than he would put up with the pain.

Ginny looked at a few charts that had magically written down Harry's progress through the potions effects and nodded happily. 'Well done Harry. The potion worked perfectly and if you bear through it like you just did every time then we'll be done before you know it! Now get some sleep. You're going to need it. I have an inkling that it's going to be a big day for you once the media find out that you're back.'

Ginny walked out of the room and the lights dulled as Harry smiled to himself. He decided that he quite liked Ginny complimenting him.

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