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Harry had been in the middle of a rather pleasant dream of him dancing the cha-cha with a monkey while an emu played the tambourine when he was woken up by rather loud voices. One was male and unknown to Harry and the other was his much accredited Healer, Ginny Weasley.

'I suggest you get out before I call security,' she demanded harshly. 'I will not tolerate the media trying to get a story!'

'For the last time, Harry Potter is one of my best mates! I am no member of the media!' said the male voice with a fully pronounced Australian accent.

'Really, then why are you carrying a quill and parchment?'

'If you had listened to me before,' he said through gritted teeth. 'You would realize that I only have parchment and a quill so that I can find out the full incident so I can tell mine and Harry's other mates about how seriously harmed Harry is!'

'Sure, you've truly convinced me,' Ginny said sarcastically. 'I'm sure that they really are your best mates and not your newspaper editor. Just leave the poor boy alone, he's had enough trouble with publicity before and he doesn't need it now.'

'How would you know about that? If you don't know about me then I doubt that you've even spoken to Harry for the last 4 and a half years. What's your name anyway?'

Harry could almost imagine Ginny clenching up as if guarding herself. 'Ginny. Ginny Weasley. What's it matter to you anyway?'

The male laughed in irony, 'Oh, no wonder you don't know about me! I don't think Harry ever wanted to talk to you again! What did you do to get Harry to tolerate you as his Healer?'

'W-What do you mean?' Ginny asked, her voice full of hurt.

'Oh, I think you know exactly what I mean Miss Weasley. Harry told me all about what you did to him. You and I both know that Harry's not in his right mind if he is allowing you to be his Healer.'

Harry could nearly see the tears threaten to spill out of Ginny's toffee coloured eyes and wished that he could defend her. What did this guy mean, coming in here and yelling at an innocent girl like Ginny? Unfortunately he was stuck in his bed, his whole body throbbing from pain.

'Look, I don't know who you are,' Ginny said in a shaky voice. 'But Harry is suffering from memory loss and so has no idea what's happened in the past. I'm only here to heal him. Everything's strictly professional!'

'Ah ha! So that's it! If Harry remembered what had happened then he wouldn't want you in the same country as him let alone as his bloody Healer!'

'Look, Harry Potter is my ward and if you really are his best mate then you're going to want the best care for him so I suggest you back off because I am the best!' Harry mentally cheered Ginny on. She didn't need his help; she was doing wonderfully on her own.

'You can be the Minister for Magic for all I care, I want somebody else!'

'Sir, we will have to talk about this another time when you clarify who you are with the staff as I have a patient to attend to and don't need him to be woken up by some crackpot!'

'Yeah, oh yeah I'll have a talk with the staff. I'll them that I want another Healer!'

'If you don't get out then I'm afraid that I'll have to call security.'

'Fine, but you can't deny me access to my best mate and I will put all my power into getting another Healer.'

'Okay, but for now I am Harry's Healer and so you will have to leave.'

Harry then heard mumbling and footsteps walking away and a sigh against the doorway. Harry heard the door click and immediately shut his eyes. He didn't want Ginny to think that he had heard everything and also want another Healer. Whatever that bloke was talking about, he had no idea. He liked Ginny.

'Harry? Harry I need you to wake up. There's some visitors for you and the longer you sleep the less visiting time you have.'

Harry groaned and stretched his arms. Well, he tried to as pain shook through his arm as soon as he attempted to. He stared at Ginny and noticed that other than a flushed face and slightly blurry eyes, you wouldn't have noticed that Ginny had just had a heated argument with another person. A person who claimed to be his best mate. Harry would have to talk to him, best mate or not, because he seemed to hold the answers that Harry so eagerly wanted. And to also convince him to allow Ginny to stay as his Healer.

Ginny sighed and got the same mustard yellow potion that Harry had drank the day previously. 'Alright Harry, you know the drill. Open your mouth up and swallow.' The disgusting potion was poured into his mouth and Harry made a forceful attempt to drink it all in. Immediately he felt better and could move easier without feeling the pain.

'Alright then Harry. Just a quick check-up before I let the stampede of your past loose. Any memories returned?'

Harry thought about the dream but highly doubted that at some stage of his life he had danced the cha-cha with a monkey so instead he just shook his head, 'Not yet.'

'Well they should return soon, hopefully before your stay is complete so that you know where you live cause none of us have a clue.'

Harry nodded in understanding realizing that he was the only one who really knew what had been going on in his life for the previous 5 years and yet had absolutely no clue as well. 'I hope so.'

Ginny smiled and then continued on her check-up, 'Did you wake up at any stage of the night with suffocation or excessive sweating?'

Harry thought about it but just shook his head, 'Not that I can recall.'

Ginny nodded and said proudly, 'Everything seems to be in order. As long as you stay like this you will be fine.'

Harry nodded, a pleased smile on his face at the pride in Ginny's voice.

'Alright, I think that you have a few hours to spare before we get into the intense stuff. There's quite a collection of people out there so I think I'll tell them that you are now available for concentrated examination and interrogation.'

Harry smiled and said cheekily, 'Thanks Gin.'

Ginny stopped slightly at the nickname but then continued walking, 'Okay Harry, you've got 3 and a quarter hours until treatment time. Enjoy.'

Harry saluted her, even though the bandages scraped at his face. It wasn't even half a minute later when he heard people coming down the corridor. However, instead of Ron and Hermione coming in alone they were escorted with what looked to be a class of other redheads and various others.

Harry cheerily waved at them and they all looked at him as if he were the most fragile, expensive vase. All except one. 'Oh Harry dear! You look horrible! A bit peaky actually,' the oldest woman there said to him as she made an attempt to hug him.

She had light red hair with grey roots showing through, wrinkles that showed the stress she must have been put upon through her life and Ginny's toffee brown eyes. Harry assumed that this was Ginny's mother and so said, 'Hello, it's nice to meet you.'

Tears welled up in Ginny's mother's eyes and she replied, 'Oh Harry, I know it's been a while and I look a little older but can you really not remember who I am?'

Ron cleared his throat and said, sounding sheepish, 'Er, Mum, I forgot to tell you but Harry lost his memory…' and then recoiled as if afraid of being hit.

All for good reason for Molly's eyes changed from great grief to anger, they sparked with electricity and imagined the younger, more attractive Ginny Weasley getting angrier like that. Now that was a pleasant thought! 'RONALD WEASLEY!' Harry had a feeling that Ron had heard that line one too many times.

'Mum I swear, it just slipped my mind.'

Another of the reds head that looked older and had a more mischievous smile said, 'You forgot that your best mate lost his memory? Great mate you are!' and then he winked at Harry subtly. Harry instantly liked this boy and wondered why this guy hadn't been his best friend.

'There's no need to create trouble George!' said a dark haired woman who was most likely his girlfriend or wife. 'Harry is very sick and doesn't need to listen to you stirring up anyone!'

'On the contrary darling, I think that Harry is quite enjoying it.'

Everybody turned to see the barely stifled laughter's erupting out of Harry's mouth and all smiled sweetly, loving the fact that they finally had Harry back. 'Harry,' said another of the red head boy's. 'My name is Charlie Weasley.'

'Good to meet you Charlie!' Harry waved back, happy to have some distraction from his boredom at being here.

'We've all brought some things that we think might return your memory and if not, then at least give you an idea of your life as Ginny told us that it might help you.'

Harry smirked and said, 'Alright then mate, bring it on!'

They all laughed and Hermione came forward, 'Well, when you first left you took a lot of your things with you so I couldn't bring them but I thought that you might want to see my photo album.'

Harry smiled as Hermione handed over her photo album and saw on the front a picture of her younger, with large teeth and bushier hair than she had now (though he still thought that she had to do something to make her hair that smooth), Ron as a younger, gangly kid and a scrawny, short kid with messy black hair, glasses and emerald green eyes.

Hermione smiled at the picture and said, 'That's you, me and Ron in first year after you had won the first Quidditch match.'

'T-that's me?' Harry asked, staring at the scrawny kid in a new light. 'Wow, I sure was a tiny little fellow, wasn't I?'

Everybody laughed affectionately and Ginny's Mum said, 'But don't worry dear, for I got you nice and tall when you started spending the summer at my house.'

Harry smiled, liking the idea of spending his holidays in a large home with heaps of children. 'You mentioned that I played Quidditch…?'

'Yes!' said George's wife/girlfriend. 'You were Gryffindor's star player! Whenever you were in the game the other team made a tactical retreat and often made bets on Gryffindor winning!'

Harry smiled at the thought of him being a brilliant Quidditch player and said, 'What position did I play?'

Charlie replied, a large smile on his face, 'You played seeker. You were better than me and I was offered to play for England!'

A joyful grin spread across Harry's face and he said, 'Is that why I am so famous? Because I was so brilliant at Quidditch?' Harry quite liked the idea of being famous because of being skilled at an awesome sport like Quidditch.

All of a sudden the group turned quiet and forlorn and the general chatter in the room shut down. Harry was beginning to wonder what he had said wrong when Ginny came charging in the room with 6 people behind her. 'Guys, I'm afraid there's been a mistake. There's some people to see Harry.'

Ron frowned, 'Yeah, so? We're also people to see Harry.'

Ginny shook her head, 'My superiors think that these people are better for Harry at the moment because they know him more.'

'Who could know Harry better than his best mate?'

'His new best mates,' Ginny replied smoothly though her tone covered a hidden emotion. 'People who have known him these previous 5 years.'

Hermione's mouth dropped into a small O and the rest of the group gasped in shock. Harry however, was pleased to meet new people though slightly confused. He would have thought that at least one person in this large group had known him these past 5 years. 'Well then,' said the oldest male with balding grey hair and round glasses with Ginny's nose. 'Let's step away and let Harry talk to his friends.'

There was a lot of grumbling and just as Hermione was walking out Harry called out her name. 'Yeah Harry?' she asked back.

Harry held out her photo album and said, 'You forgot your photos!'

Hermione shook her head, 'Keep it, you might find some things that interest you. Plus, I never really look at it.'

Harry nodded and waved goodbye to her as the group slowly trumped out of the room. Finally Ginny gave Harry a quick glance before saying, 'Alright then Harry, here are your now friends.'

Ginny slipped out of the room and a bunch of people walked into the room. There were three males and three females. 'Hi Harry, how you doing?' asked one of the girls with honey blonde hair that stopped at her shoulders and hazel eyes.

'Pretty good actually. Ginny gave me a potion that numbs the pain.'

'Ginny?' asked another of the females with brunette hair and red streaks and dark eyes. 'Is he talking about Ginny Weasley?'

'I'm afraid so,' said the one with the voice that Harry had heard that morning with spiky brown hair and eyes that looked yellow.

The last female who had long blonde hair and blue eyes said, 'What is she doing here?'

Harry cut in with a sharp glance, 'She is my healer and is doing a right job at it too!'

'Oh Harry,' said the brunette female. 'I heard that you had lost your memory but… Oh dear, you really have no clue what happened do you?'

Harry shook his head, confused, 'No, what did happen?'

The shorter haired blonde changed the subject, 'Alright I think that introductions are necessary if you can really not remember anything. My name is Candice Vane and I am the chaser for the Sydney Salamanders. This is Gabby Swanson,' she said gesturing to the other blonde.

'Hey,' Gabby waved and gave him a bright smile.

'Hi,' Harry responded, waving and smiling as well.

'She's another one of the Chaser's for the Sydney Salamanders,' Candice continued. 'Then there's Derrick Baxter,' she said, gesturing to a male with spiky blue hair and vibrant red eyes. 'If you haven't noticed, he's a Metamorphmagus and he's the final chaser for the Sydney Salamanders. Now there's Rosie Bluebell, however she will murder you if you call her Rosie-'

'So just call me Red,' Rosie or Red continued.

One of the other males cut in who had the palest blonde hair, a mischievous grin and olive green eyes, 'Don't worry Harry, you always call her Rosie!'

Red turned around and said, 'I was planning on not letting him know that!'

Harry grinned and said, 'Don't worry; now I will never call you anything but Rosie.'

Red growled lowly and Derrick said in a quiet voice, 'Red only lets you call her by her real name anyway.'

Harry nodded but swore that he heard a jealous catch in his voice. Candice continued on, 'Red is the beater for the Sydney Salamander's. Then there's Xander Wilkins,' she said, pointing to the guy who Harry had heard that morning. 'He's the other beater for the Sydney Salamanders. Lastly there's Sam Maison,' gesturing to the pale blonde bloke, He's the Beater for the Sydney Salamanders.'

'Hey Harry,' Sam said, with a large wave and smirk.

Harry smiled and waved back, then asked, 'And who am I to you, then?'

Xander smiled, 'You, my friend, are the seeker for the Sydney Salamanders.'

'Really? That's- Well that's bloody amazing!'

They all laughed and joked around with Harry for a while about some particularly amazing saves Harry had made and some reckless ones. Harry began to realize that he was often irresponsible, wild and determined. And that wasn't always a good thing.

Finally, once the conversation dulled down, Harry asked, 'Do you know what happened to make me leave England and move to Australia?'

The group solemnly looked at Harry, but it was Red that answered. 'Harry, I don't think you want to know.'

'No, I do,' Harry denied. 'I want to know why I left all of my old friends and home.'

Derrick shook his head, 'When you get your memory back you'll know. Because, honest to Merlin Harry, you were a right wreck when we first met you.'

'That reminds me of the time when Harry jumped off his broomstick on our last match in 2001 and caught the snitch but managed to break all the bones in his upper chest and arms…' said Candice, clearly trying to change the topic.

And it worked. The ice was broken. The conversation was switched to more innocent topics and when it was time for the group to leave everybody was laughing.

When it was only Red and Harry left Red said, 'Look Harry, we're going back to Australia but we'll be back in a couple of days if not by tomorrow with a few of the things that might help you with your memory. I love you…' Harry raised an eyebrow quickly and Red quickly said, 'I love your pinball machine so I think I might snatch it from you.'

As Red left with her face a flaming red and hair covering her face, Harry wondered if he did have a pinball machine.

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