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Sodales by Anne Raven

Prologue: The Moirae's Song

In the Grand throne room of the Atlantean Palace, City of Atlantis. Enter the Fates [chants the 'Lay of Sodales']

The Fates: Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos.

For oft,

'Tis men on earth encounter woe,

By nature's wrath or hateful foe;

But lo, the gods who dwell up high

Know no escape from grief.

Listen well, oh lord of the sea.

Thy father's lies, thy mother's curse

And the whims of the Moirae three

Shall bring thou pain not due to thee.


Immortal soul halfed at birth,

Thread of life shared by two,

Woven into one another's fate,

Rise and find your heart's true mate.


Silver-haired son of Oceanus, ward against deceit.

The search for the one is no easy feat.

Guard thy heart under lock and key;

But, use thy heart not sight to see.


Beware cold lord, make no mistake.

Be wary of the final vows you take.

To one who's false, if promises were made,

Half your spirit shall surely fade.

The Fates.

Son of the sea, you have been warned.

'Tis time to end our call.

A reminder to one and all,

Never let go of a soulmate.

Exit Fates. The curtains are drawn and the audience applaud the actors.

Tokiya scowled. This was not his idea of entertainment. He did not travel to the Theatre of Dionysus in Athens to listen to a lay he was well acquainted with.

Kauro could feel the waves of displeasure rolling off from his king. Tokiya was never known for patience and wasting time was high on his list of heinous offenses. And he hated being away from his capital for extended periods of time if it weren't official business. If it were possible, he would have chosen Atlantis as his mistress.

His ministers, Kauro included, had a hard time convincing him to take days off but once in a while, they succeeded. Like today. Tokiya may be a god but his advisers knew he also needed a break from the tedium of court life every now and then.

Tokiya was about to leave when another deity decided to grace the mortals with his presence that evening. In one of the other seats reserved for the gods, like the one Tokiya vacated, Dionysus himself appeared.

"Enipemus, my boy, what displeases you so? Are my actors not good enough? Well yes, they hardly resemble the Moirae but pardon that fact as very few mortals ever get the opportunity to see them. And when they do, they usually end up dead." Dionysus said while offering a goblet of wine.

Tokiya took the drink and sat down beside the god of the vine.

"Bacchus, your actors are good, your plays are the best in the world. I assure you, I have no quarrel with them." He said after taking a sip of the wine.

"Ah yes, your quarrels are with those whom they portray. Look not disheartened, young one. Who knows, she may be here; perhaps one of the performers, or the playwrights, or even amongst the audience." He said waving a hand towards the people he mentioned.

"I have a feeling that I would know if we stood in the same room." Tokiya said curtly.

"If I may suggest, go to Delphi and consult with the Archer-god. Apollo will know what you should do." The dark-haired god stated not taking his eyes off the younger water-god.

Tokiya was contemplating. Going to Delphi was not a bad idea and he was sure Apollo would grant him audience.

"I will have to refer to my schedule first but rest assured, your advice does not fall on deaf ears." He finished his wine which made the goblet vanish and slightly bowed towards the older deity indicating respect and that he was leaving.

"Before you go, Enipemus." Dionysus raised a hand as a gesture to ask him to pause for a while. "Your father and mother express their desire to see you."

Tokiya looked back at the god and his eyebrows creased instantaneously. "Please tell them that… I am not in the condition to meet with them yet." He uttered.

"I will be sure to relay your message to Oceanus and Tethys. Well then, Tokiya, I will see you some other time." With that Dionysus resumed his attention to the next set of performers.

Kauro bowed low at the waist towards the Wine god and followed Tokiya who left unceremoniously.

Tokiya stopped at the end of one of the aisles and swept the theatre with one final gaze wondering where she whom the Fates had called the One was.


Character check:

The Moirae – The Fates of ancient Greek mythology who decided the destiny of every being. There were three of them: Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos. Clotho weaves the thread of life, Lachesis weaves the tapestry of life and Atropos cuts the thread at the appointed time of death.

Dionysus/ Bacchus – One of the greater gods of the earth, the other being Demeter. He is the ancient Greek god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, of ritual madness and ecstasy, and was also the driving force behind Greek theater.

Vocabulary look up:

Sodales - Latin word meaning Soulmates

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