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The First Sleepover

Diamond and Pearl were in a field not too far from their hometown of Twinleaf. Taking a break from their comedy skits, Diamond's mind began to wander. He thought of different things (food mostly). Then he thought of the girl he and Pearl journeyed with a while back. She was a good friend of Pearl and Diamond. Of course he had a little crush on her. It wasn't like everytime she spoke to him he died of embarresment. But still, it was a tad obivious. Then he heard a growling…it was his own stomach. "Pearl, I need food." Pearl slapped his head. "YOU ALWAYS NEED FOOD!" Then Pearl checked his watch as decided it was without a doubt time for lunch. Diamond and Pearl reached the front door of Diamond's house to eat (Because Dia had all the goodies) but there was a note on the front door.


I'm going out of town this weekend, please take care of the house while I'm out.

Love You,

Mom P.S. Pearl can spend the night if he wants to.

"Sweet!" Pearl said." We get the ENTIRE house to our-" Pearl was cut by the sound of Diamond's Poke-Gear going off. Diamond thinking it was his mom answered the call without looking at the ID.

"Hello? "


"Yeah?" Diamond knew this voice wasn't his mom's.

"It's me, Platina."

Diamond could of have fallen over and fainted. But keeping his cool he continued to talk to her.

" Uhhhh h-hey, Platina. What's up?"

"Well" She looked. "My ceiling. Why?"

Diamond fell over 'Man it's amazing how clueless she is sometimes' Dia thought.

"Well anyways Diamond, I thought it was time we all got together again. Pearl, you and I"

"Uhh sure I guess." Dia said. He was blushing, catching Pearl's attention.

"…You don't want to?" Platina said in an incredibly girly voice.

Dia gulped. "N-n-no it's not like. In fact why don't you come over to my house! Pearl's here too! "

"Oh, alright then…where do you live again?" Platina asked.

"Eh we'll pick you up. Be there in a bit." Dia hung up.

Diamond looked up at Pearl who had a face that said 'Why do I have to go you little butt-munch?'

"Uh let's pick Platina!" Dia said pulling Pearl's arm.

Diamond and Pearl were exicted about seeing their old friend again. Diamond was literaly skipping down the road. Then people started to stare at him, causing Pear to kick the back of Dis's head. After about 30 minutes of walking, they saw sight of the Berlitz Mansion. "Almost there...we could made here faster if SOMEONE would of let us EAT!" Pearl screamed. It was true. Diamond dragged Pearl to Platina's place. Which was odd in it's own way because it was almost always Pearl dragging Dia away from food.

Platina was waiting outside her mansion for her two friends. She hugged both of them ( But in a friend way). "Shall we go?" asked Platina.

"Why? Can't we stay here in the house of thirty stories?" asked Pearl.

"I wish to she Diamond's home." Platina said in an elegant manner.

"What's there to see?" Pearl joked.

Diamond was standing there just wondering what would happen next. Then Platina took him by the hand. "Well I'm going to Diamond's...you coming?"

Diamond was blushing but he hid his face from Platina so she wouldn't she it. Pearl growled. Not wanting to left alone, he went with his friends. Diamond and Pearl were very hungry. Platina apperantly had a full-course meal she walking ahead and humming a tune. Pearl was an inch away from crawling and Diamond was seeing things. He thought he saw a giant hot dog, but it turned out to be a giant tree. Dia learned what trees tasted like though. Platina was both amused and confused at the boy's acts.

The Dex-Holders finally made it back to Dia's house. At this point Dia had to give Pearl a piggy-back ride. But once they reached the front door, he dropped Pearl that if Pearl wasn't dying of starvation, he would of hung Diamond upside down by his underwear. Diamond was trying to guess what Platina was thinking of his house. Probably like 'I had no idea it would be this hideous.' or 'Is he dirt poor or something?' But much to his surprise she spoke kindly of the house. "It's a nice little house." 'good enough' he thought.

Diamond and Pearl were eating food so fast Platina felt uneasy. "Ugh, how can you eat that garbage?"

They were eating cold pizza. "It's good. Want some?" Dia asked.

"I'd rather not. If you don't mind, I'll take a look around the house"

"O.K." Dia said with a mouthfull of pizza, once again grossing Platina out.

Dia just realized how disgusting he was being. He wanted to slap himself. This is'nt going well.