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After they ate, the three sat down and watched T.V. Pearl was skipping through the channels trying to find something to watch. Pearl was complaining about there was nothing good to watch. Platina was quietly sitting there watching the T.V. constantly change from station to station. As Pearl passed the weather station, Platina thought she saw a warning on it.

"Pearl, go back." Platina said.

Pearl kept changing channels, "Why? It's boring."

"Go back" Platina said sternly.

Pearl grunted, then switched it back to the weather, "Happy?"

"Shhh" Platina said.

"Weather warning. Massive snowstorms heading towards southern Sinnoh. Residents are advised to remain indoors."

All three looked through the window to look outside. It was snowing a little, but it was supposed to get really bad. All three looked at each other with worried looks.

Pearl put his coat on, "Well, I'm going to go get my stuff before this storm gets here."

When Pearl closed the door behind him, Dia realized he was alone with Platina. He decided to take the remote and put it on a random channel, to avoid any awkward conversations. Platina was sitting on the couch along with Dia.

"Why is Pearl getting his things?" Platina asked him.

Dia tried to keep his cool, "Uhh he's spending the night so…yeah"

'What a stupid answer!' he thought.

"You mean like a sleepover?"

"I guess you can say that."

Platina was quiet for awhile, until she spoke up again. "Can I spend the night too?"

This made Dia fall over. Sure Platina was one of Diamond's closet friends, but she was also his crush, and having her stay the night would be slightly awkward. "Umm, well…I….It might get boring after awhile you know." Dia was still shocked from her question.

Platina just smiled, "I don't mind. It'll be great spending time with you two again."

This made Dia blush but smile as well. "Well, I don't care. But how are you going to convince your dad?"

"Leave that to me." Platina said as she walked into the other room.

Platina really wanted stay with her friends for as long as possible, but she assumed her father wouldn't approve the idea of spending the night at a boy's house. She started dialing the numbers to her father's pokegear, trying to think of ways to convince her father to let her stay with her friends.

"Platina? I need you to get home right now. There's a snowstorm coming and I want you to be home before it hits." Platina's father said almost immediately.

Platina, without thinking almost instantly replied. "I can't!"

"Why not?"

Platina was desperately searching her head for an excuse. She had to think of a lie of some kind.

"Because…the snowstorm's already here in Twinleaf… the blizzard is too powerful to go through."

Platina's father sighed. "Fine, do you have shelter?"


"Call me as soon as the storm is over with. Understand?"

"Yes father."


Platina hung up the phone with happiness and guilt. Although she was happy she could be with her friends, she felt bad because she had never lied to her father. Either way she got stay. She walked in the living room where Dia had been sitting.

"I can stay." Platina said with as happiness as she could say, still guilty about lying to her father, but nonetheless happy.

Dia was surprised, but was also happy, and he was nervous. Having his crush in his house for the night was going to slightly strange. He told himself to treat her as a friend and try to make an idiot of himself trying to impress her.

Diamond and Platina were watching a show that was making them both laugh. Dia really loved the way she laughed…it was so, wait no. What did he just tell himself? Then a knock came from the door. They both knew who it was. Diamond got up and opened the door to see Pearl covered in snow. "…The storm came…" Pearl said. Diamond looked behind Pearl to see snow pouring from the sky. Pearl came in was shivering from the coldness that was the snow. Platina looked outside also to see the snow beginning to pour. This made her slightly happier because technically, she wasn't lying to her father.

After Diamond told Pearl that Platina will also be staying, he stared at Dia, and then grinned. Dia knew what Pearl was thinking. Or at least Dia was hoping that Pearl wasn't thinking of what he thought Pearl was thinking of. (Try saying that three times fast!)

It was also decided that Platina would get the master bed room because she wanted the most comfortable place in the house to sleep. Dia would get his own bed, and Pearl would get the couch in the T.V. room, because Pearl didn't want to sleep on the floor.

Later that night, the three friends were all sitting in the T.V. room. Diamond and Pearl were trying to decide whether to play video games or to watch T.V., so they asked Platina. "I've never played a video game before…can we do that?"

Pearl popped in the game and handed controllers to Diamond and Platina. Diamond and Pearl were experts of the game they were playing; it was a fighting game where the fighters were fighting-type pokémon. As un-original as it sounds, the game was fun and addictive. Platina was having trouble playing the game at first so Dia went easy on her for a couple of matches….as Pearl took her inability to play the game and crushed her multiple times.

After awhile, the three got tired of the game.

"Well, what do we do now?" Pearl asked. He then heard a familiar sound, Diamond's stomach growling. Platina spoke up, "How about we watch television" then she heard Dia's stomach growling again, "…and we can eat while watching television."

"Sounds great! I'll make pop corn" Diamond said walking to the kitchen.

Pearl turned off the game and switched the cable back on. The first thing that came on the T.V. was the sight of a girl screaming as she saw a giant of a man wielding a bloody knife, kick down the front door of her house walking slowly towards her. Platina, being right in front of the T.V. at the time and the volume was turned up all the way from the game they were playing, she screamed in a high pitch that rivaled Pearl's screams. Pearl was behind the T.V., so when he heard the scream he hit his head against the T.V., and Dia ran out of the kitchen. "What's wrong Missy?"

Platina had her hand on her chest, breathing slowly. Diamond noticed the screaming coming from the T.V., and saw that there was a horror movie on. Pearl popped his head out to see what was on the T.V. as well. "Hey, cool. Let's watch this." Pearl said grabbing a seat on the couch.

"No. I don't want to." Platina said.

"Why not?" Pearl asked.

"Because…" she started.

"Because you're a chicken!" Pearl said clucking at her.

Diamond was watching this little drama unfold. He was also looking at the movie. It kinda seemed interesting to watch, but if Platina didn't feel like watching it, he wouldn't either.

"I just don't want to watch it, why can't we watch something nice like...umm."

"Come on, I want to watch it!" Pearl said.

"Then watch it by yourself!" Platina said standing up.

"That's stupid." Pearl said also standing up.

"Are you too scared Pearl?" Platina said grinning.

"N-no." Pearl said. 'I got turn this around. I REALLY want to watch this movie…but it wouldn't hurt to have company though…heh'

"Well, what if Dia watches it too?"

Platina said nothing, neither did Dia. Then Platina spoke up. "Do you want to watch it, Dia?"

"Ummm, if you want to…"

"I'm asking you."

"Will you two lovebirds make up your minds?" Pearl said grinning.

This shut them both up, and made Diamond go back into the kitchen and finish popping the popcorn and Platina just silently sat on the couch.

"And that's the end of that." Pearl said as he turned down the volume on the T.V.

The movie was pretty scary. Diamond and Pearl didn't jump too much, they usually just laughed off their scares, but Platina had never watched a horror movie before. She got scared over almost everything. She would yelp and jump constantly. This made Pearl laugh some, but during the moments where he was scared too, it didn't help when someone beside him would scream. Since she was sitting between them both, every time she would scream, they would get a little freaked out. But everyone was scared the movie.

"I'm going to go upstairs for a minute" Pearl said as he quickly walked up the steps.

"He probably just doesn't want to watch the movie anymore. Too scary for Pearl." Dia said.

"Probably," Platina said laughing.

They were both pretty tired, it was late and Platina never usually stayed up past midnight, so she wasn't used to staying up so late. But she didn't want her friends to think she was a wimp who couldn't stay up as late as they could. Her eyes were getting heavier, she could barely keep them open.

'Alright, I'll keep one open and one eye closed' Platina thought.

Diamond was also having trouble staying awake. He had to stay awake. If Platina wanted to keep watching it, he would too.

'Alright, I'll just rest my eyes every few seconds them open them up again' Diamond thought.

The next morning, Pearl woke up on the floor in the hallway upstairs. He was trying to remember how he got there. He then remembered that he was sitting on the floor in the hallway waiting awhile before returning to the movie downstairs. It was scary, even for Pearl.

He started to go downstairs, and then he heard the sounds of the T.V. Had they woken up before Pearl? Since when did Diamond EVER get up early? When he went down stairs, he could only laugh at what he saw. Diamond and Platina had fallen asleep and Platina's head was resting on Diamond's shoulder. This sight was priceless for Pearl, he wanted to bur stout laughing, but he had another idea.

He took a camera (that he just happened to have on him) and took multiple pictures. 'What else could I do?' He thought to himself. Then he just decided to embarrass his friends to death. So he decided to scream! "HEY GUYS!" Pearl screamed loud, but loud as usual.

Diamond and Platina woke up and about died of embarrassment. Now Pearl was defiantly laughing his butt off.

"Uhh, sorry D-Diamond." Platina said as she went upstairs to take a shower.

Diamond was too embarrassed to move his head from side to side. The girl he liked slept next to him and actually laid her head on his shoulder! He wanted to just melt away to avoid the embarrassment. And Pearl took advantage of this and started teasing Dia.

"Man, you're good. What did you two do last night when I left hmmm?" Dia remained silent. "Can I be the best man at your all's wedding? What flavor is the wedding cake going to be? Since she's rich it will probably be some awesome like MEGA-CHOCOLATE!"

Diamond officially wanted to take Pearl's head and shove into the wall, but he was still too embarrassed to move.

Platina was upstairs in the shower thinking to herself. 'What was that? It…it felt…' She broke from her thoughts. "No, he's one of my closet friends! It would never work out! Never…" Platina ignored all other thoughts and feelings and continued to take her shower.

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