A/N: This is written for Liam and Antonio. Because they did impress me very much in this rather sad movie. I know many people don't like it, but I think they both did the best with their given characters. It is a movie that makes one think. And yes, I DO believe a woman can love two men at the same time. After the second viewing, knowing why Lisa wasn't there, some of Peter's actions seemed much more understandable.

I am sorry that this isn't slash. But they were both so much in love with Lisa, that my muse didn't want to bring them together…yet…

The Password to Her Love

Do you never wish you might be given the chance to sleep with someone else?

Lisa had said.

So she had.

She'd slept with someone else…she'd LOVED someone else…and now she is dead.

Peter's thoughts tumble around in his head once more again, confused, sad, deeply disappointed.

Ralph is explaining rather beautifully how she was devoted to drawing models of her shoes. He knew her very well, Peter has to admit.

Twelve years.

They'd shared his wife for twelve years.

And in the end Peter was the one who saw her grew weak and weaker, saw her die.

Does that mean she loved me more, he wonders. But that doesn't matter anymore.

They are here now together, Peter and Ralph, at a memorial gathering.

Peter considers telling everybody around the table who Ralph really is…was.

His wife's lover.

But will that do any good?

In hindsight, Peter realizes that Ralph must have been the man for the happy days, the symbol of sun and beauty.

And Peter was probably the man for everyday life. She'd given him the password to her love, after all…on her deathbed.

Lake Como.

Peter swallows again. t

I didn't.

Even though he wanted to in the first wave of his rage, his incredible feelings of loss and betrayal.

He didn't do what he had intended to do, both because of Abigail and because he found out during their meetings that Ralph wasn't a bad person after all. After their endless games of chess, Peter had resigned himself to the strange situation, could actually see why Lisa loved this man.

Ralph is almost the total opposite of himself.

But why did she lie to him for so many years?

I will never know, he thinks. I will have to live with it.

Ralph looks up at him, his speech finished, tears in his eyes.

Peter has no words to say. It is just too awkward and strange. He does not want to put Lisa into a bad light, doesn't want to embarrass his daughter anymore. He wants to try for peace again. He is even willing to accept George as his daughter's lover.

He makes a decision, even though it may hurt for a while longer. He is going to try to be friends with the lover of his wife. They can exchange memories…bring her to life again by exchanging their experiences.

Maybe that was her intention after all, when she gave him the password?