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The five times Sam scared Dean and the one time he didn't.

The fire's heat was all around them; Dean clutched baby Sam tighter to him. He ran blindly out the door to fresh air, Sammy oddly silent against his chest. The fire had started in Sammy's room; Dean couldn't stop shaking.


He stood frozen, the hideous thing bent over his brother. Sam's face was still peaceful; asleep, unaware, and venerable. That made Dean snap out of it, and grab the gun. Suddenly John burst into the room and his heart stopped as the shots went off, and the creature ran off. It wasn't his dad's accusing glare that scared him, or even the monster that came after Sammy, but that it happened because he stepped out of the room for a minute.


He held Sam as tightly as he could, talking over his brother's ragged breathing, willing him to be okay. That didn't stop him from dying anyway.


When Dean came back, it was different. Others had always told him that Sam was a monster. Hunters allways did, other monsters (the ones that weren't trying to get him to like them), even his own father wanted him dead as a last resort. No matter what anyone said, or felt, Dean wouldn't let it be true. It didn't feel real until Sam stood over him, eyes cold, a demon waiting for him, saying:

"You don't know me. You never did, and you never will."

Dean couldn't stop the chills that went down his spine.


He wanted to shout, refuse, that this wasn't happening. Sam was going to say 'yes' to Lucifer. Against what they wanted, but then again, Sammy was a sucker for happy ending-especially for anyone but himself. Yes, it would save a lot of people, and it was for the 'greater good', but it was his family. Either way, he wouldn't see his brother again.


The night was young; Dean and his father watched as Mary Winchester was brought in, panting to hold back the pain. This was the moment that they had been waiting for nine months. The two of them couldn't go far. John squeezed Mary's hand, and Dean got a kiss on the forehead, and then they waited. They waited for a long time. Eventually a nurse came by to tell them they could come in.

When they got in the room, Mary was looking happily exhausted, holding a small bundle in her arms that was Dean's new little brother. Mary smiled at them.

"Come here and see. Come and see little Sam."

Dean walked closer, peering into the bundle of blankets to see the tiny face inside. He couldn't be bigger than a loaf of bread.

"So we're keeping him?" Dean asked, and his parents laughed.

Mary smiled, " Yes. Would you like to hold him?" she delicately transferred Sam from her arms to Dean's.

He was tiny in Dean's arms, and was crooning softly. Dean was surprised at how calm his new little brother was. Dean smiled; this wouldn't be so bad.

"Hey Sammy, I'm your big brother Dean."


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