Amu: When are you going to finish your other stories?

Chazzie:Look I'm sorry okay! I've been really busy in school and haven't had time to write my other stories. Plus My laptop keeps freezes so it needs shutting down so I use my dads laptop!

Ikuto: Well...At least you've written this one.

Chazzie: Yes! A lot of things have inspired me to create this story.

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My first meeting with you was in a small room full of boxes
Your spectacled eyes were shining with anticipation

Amu waited impatiently for the school bell to go. The teacher's words were slow, which made Amu even more impatient. She bit her lip while tapping her fingers.

After that, one month passed the two of us alone all day long
Even though I am from a different world, you were so kind to me

"Hurry up bell!"Amu muttered to herself. A few students scoffed at her. Amu ignored this. You see Amu didn't have any friends. Well, she had cyber friends. A lot of cyber friends, although she didn't really talk to them. The person who was her best friend, the person she loved the most. Was Ikuto Tskuyomi. This is why she was so impatient. She wanted to see this wonderful person. However I have not entirely given you the full story of Ikuto Tsukiyomi. Ikuto is a two demisonal guy. He's not real. He is from a Sim date called Shugo Chara(for girls).

I'm so sorry, I can't get outside the screen. I'm a 2-dimensional guy.
No matter how strong my feelings, I can't be touched by you.

Amu, yet again, was playing this game for the tenth time. The tenth! She had completly fallen in love with cyber character Ikuto! She smiled to herself, remembering last night's conversation with Ikuto. They were talking about a concert Ikuto invited her to. Amu had to decide an outfit, so she kept checking her cell of how many Sim dollars she had.

I'm so sorry, I can't tell you my real feelings. I'm a 2-dimensional guy..
I can only talk to you through predetermined lines.

Amu stared at the clock. She grinned as she waited to hear the sound of ringing. Then it came! Amu rushed out of her seat, stumbling on her way out. Pupils giggled at her again. It didn't bother her though. She ran out of the doors when suddenly she bumped into someone. She fell on the floor, rubbing her head.

"I'm so sorry here let me help you" a pure, gentle voice spoke. Amu looked up, gazing at the pink ruby eyes and the bright gold hair. She blushed. He held out his hand , perfect fingertips which looked soft and warm. Amu stuttered, not touching the boy's hand . "N-No, I-I'm sorry I wasn't looking." She fiddled with her hair. The boy smiled with delight. "Okay then, excuse me then," He walked past, giving a glowing aura. Amu sighed.

But what I want to get across to you is how glad I am that we have met.

Amu practically ran home, ignoring people she bumped into. She burst into the front door. Dumping her school bag and running up the stairs. Her mom looking up the stairs "Amu, your back?" "Yeah I am!" She said still running into her room. Her mom sighed and had a lonely face on.

The first time you showed me your love was through your save files.
You didn't cheat on me with other guys, you looked only at me.

Amu leaped onto her chair, her smile was wide and eyes filled with glee. She switched on her laptop, jumping up and down excitedly. As soon as her screen lit up she pressed an icon which had, of course, an image of Ikuto on, and it said "Shugo chara sim date". As soon as the program came on she immediately pressed "continue" and up showed Ikuto. He was smirking and wearing a cross necklace with a white v-shirt, black waist coat and black jeans.

After that one month passed and your feeling moved to another game
you pulled out of a box and began to install.

"God he looks soo hot!" Amu squealed.

"Hey beautiful," The text showed. Amu bit her lip and smiled while blushing. She clicked a option that said "Hey hotness." He laughed at that, Amu grinned.

That right, huh? Games have an ending, I am a 2-dimensional guy

After an hour's play they went to a rock concert and Amu and Ikuto had a few kisses which made Amu in heaven. Unfortunly, Amu's dinner was ready so she had to go, Ikuto was sad then and said "You're the best thing that's happened to me Amu Hinamori" Amu sighed again with happiness. Before she shut down she said out loud

"You're the best thing that's happen to me too, Ikuto and god do I wish you were real, because you would make my life so much easier, I want to spend every day with you all the time. I love you." Then she shut down.

No matter how much i may yearn for you, the moment you get tired it's over.
I'm so sorry, I was just dreaming.I am a 2-dimensional guy


As she climbed into her cosy bed, she gazed at the ceiling, wishing again that Ikuto was real. "He would help me so much through senior year, I would the luckiest girl in the world." She continued to think of her beloved Ikuto as she closed her eyes and dreamt of what might happen wishing and wishing.

I wanted to experience happiness with you in the outside world… even if only for a moment.

It was warm in Amu's bed, she cuddled up to the warmth, smiling at how comfortable it was. She opened her eyes slowly, gazing at dark blue eyes. She smiled again, closing her eyes again.

Wait! Dark blue eyes? Amu opened her eyes wider this time, and jumped out of bed.

"GAH!" She shivered with fright.

"Morning gorgeous," The person smirked. He's dark blue hair was messy and he was fully clothed.

Amu stared, eyebrows raising, shock dawned on her face.


"Yes, Amu?" He asked, still smirking.


But at least remember, okay? Just how glad i am that you loved me.

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