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It was the third Thursday of the month which means it's time to make another video of the things that Jade hates. This was different though since she asked Beck to video tape it for her instead of him hanging out with Tori and the others. She looked at Beck who was getting ready.

"You ready?" He asked Jade

"Yep" Jade replied. Beck hit the record button but noticed that the Camera isn't flashing the red light on.

"Yeah yeah, this is episode number whatever of this segment or yeah." She said grumply. Beck looked at her questioningly still not sure if he should let her continue talking since he's not sure if it's recording and knowing her, if this does not get recorded she won't do it again for another month.

"Uhmm, Jade" Beck interrupted

"What?" She replied annoyed "That's my boyfriend Beck, videotaping me since I don't want him hanging out with Tori tonight." She said at the camera.

"Babe, Are you sure it's recording?" Beck asked hesitantly.

"You clicked the record button, right?" Jade asked Beck as if he was stupid.

"I did, but—"He was interrupted by Jade again.

"Then it's recording"

"But I don't see the red light on" He replied

"That camera doesn't have a red light" She explained. Beck nodded not wanting to make any further arguments. So Jade started with her video throwing in some stuffs that she really is annoyed about. She started saying about how she hates people who were too much insecure about themselves. She talked about how she hates those girls who talks in a Valley girl voice but one thing caught Beck's attention.

"I hate it when people eat the sides of their burgers first before moving on to the—" Jade said. Beck chuckled which interrupted the video.

"What? You have a problem about that?" Jade asked

"Nope, it's just that you can't eat the middle part of the burger without eating the sides" Beck replied. Jade raised her eyebrow .

"You know what I meant Beck" She replied.

"I know but still—" Beck said.

"Then why did you say that?" She interrupted screaming.

"I was just joking" Beck defended

"Oh? You think it's funny?" Jade said with a fake and mean smile.

"Are you serious?" He asked

"What? You want to joke?" Jade asked crossing her arms. Beck rolled his eyes and put down the camera. He was about to walk away when Jade said something.

"Where are you going? I see you're going to hang out with the others now huh?"

"No. I was getting you water to cool you down"

"Or sneak out the door" She replied. Then they started arguing, fighting with words back and forth. Beck walks nearer and nearer. He looked at Jade's eyes and kissed her. This is what's good about them. No matter how hot their argument gets, they still end up kissing and making up. They love each other so much. You can see that from Beck's tolerance of her stubbornness. What is amazing is that everytime they kiss, sparks still fly. And they believe that those sparks will never end.

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