A Sith Carol

Chapter 3 of my Star Wars and Dickens crossover. The final chapter. I should give a little warning that there is a little scary material here for those with very sensitive minds. All of the rest, carry on! I hope you enjoy reading it, Vader and Anakin Skywalker are the same person for any that do not know and please if you have a moment read and review, thanks, Ham

A Sith Carol, The future of Yuletide.

Although Vader soon recognized the apparition. It was not a ghost or spirit but someone scarier. His Master, Darth Sidious, also known as Palpatine, the Emperor of all the galaxy. Sidious chuckled at Vader and his pale face and blue eyes gleamed at him. He made a wave and any candle or light in the building was snuffed out. All that Vader could see was Sidious and shadows.

Perfect Sith material. Sidious laughed some more in his manner. The lord of evil in the Galaxy certainly had a sense of humour there was no doubting that. 'Well, well, well, what was that I was feeling through the force? Could it be my number 1 servant having doubts again? Perhaps I have to persuade you to keep to the side of power in the force!' This had happened before.

'No, no, this time I'm serious. Seeing my family and everything. I'm not turning back!' stuttered Vader.

'Get up! Go on and put your proper gear on, old man!' said Sidious a little hypocritically as he was considerably older than Vader. Vader put back his black armour and helmet. 'You are pathetic, you really are. After all of these years, are you still not convinced by the power of the Sith teachings? Or perhaps pain will teach you a better. If only the Galaxy was not equally pathetically short of force talent I would have replaced you years ago. Perhaps it is time!' Sidious snarled. Mind, the main reason why the Galaxy was short of force talent was that Sidious and Vader actively seeked out and destroyed anyone that showed any.

Again Vader was taken up. He was taken above the Galactic plane and could see the entire panorama of stars below. 'This is the Galaxy. It belongs to us. The Sith. The entire purpose of it and of our existence is to extend our power to the greatest ability possible. And with the force we can do this with an ability that none other for many a millenia can since the days of the great Sith power. You want to see what I want to do with the Galaxy? Come!'

Vader was shown one of the most populus and busy areas of the once trendy Eastern rim of the Galaxy. Once. He was shown Corellia. It was now a dead world. Some of it's cities were still intact, but there was no living soul there. There were corpses and skeletons littering the streets across the world. Vader with his force sense could feel the despair and spirits of the ghosts that had been created. Not that even they would exist for long.

Vader saw prison worlds were those few that were left alive in the Galaxy lived a life less than that of a stray dog. Slave cities that barely saw the daylight in cold worlds far from any warm sun. He could almost feel the misery of those that laboured their meagre lives away for the glory of him and his Master. He began to shudder. If Sidious was trying to persuade him Sidious was having the opposite effect. Vader know began to firmly realize what a monster he had been. He hang his head in shame. But no more. He would have no more part in this monstrosity even if this meant Vader's own death.

About the only decent thing Vader had recently done was to show mercy to his son on Bespin. Vader could have slain Luke. But for some reason he didn't. Vader was never sure why. He did justify this by some half-hearted offer of an Alliance and some jumbled reasons of his own, but he could easily have slain his own son. Vader was sure that Palpatine would have said that such things were natural to a Sith lord. Maybe in his own flesh and blood, Vader had seen pity.

Vader saw dead system after dead system. Whole world clusters in the Galaxy reduced to ash. The entire Galaxy almost reeked of death. He could hear Sidious cackling and gloating on this matter. 'Surely such power as we can unleash would put us amongst the Gods!' cried he Vader was taking down to a temple. This temple had a statue and him, he was sure beside it. He could see a whole crowd of people, humans, non-humans worshipping them, through the statue. Bowing down in total adulation.

'So they should!' said Sidious. 'These are the few left alive. Those only exist to worship me or so I can control them. But are they all?' Sidious looked around curiously. 'Oh, no one isn't! he pointed to a rubbery alien, that as far as Vader could see was worshipping Sidious. 'I could read his thoughts. He thought, what's so wrong with the Jedi anyway? Enough of that!' Sidious smiled and from nowhere a spear sped across and decapitated the unfortunate creature. 'But they should worship us. You see, I have by now altered been so much that any left alive are dependent on the Sith. Should we die, they die too. That is power!'

'Now I understand you have a certain problem with your reproductive organs. Which was true as had been mentioned before. 'I might be able to help with the power of the dark side. It might take the lives of half a world to do so, but maybe you can feel your own penis again one day!'

Vader knew that such things were possible in theory. Indeed he had seen cases were Sidious had if necessary bought people back from the dead. Palpatine had even hinted that his former love Padme that had died all those decades ago might be, but he didn't believe that now. Adamie had been dead too long, even for the most powerful of Sith sorcery. But the return from death was brief and then it existed only for Sidious to torture the souls!

Besides, curing impotence at the cost of half a world. Interesting dilemma. But besides, it was so long since Vader had felt anything down below, he had almost forgotten what it would feel like. So such bribery would not work! Vader was taking up again beyond the Galactic plane. All he could see was a dead Galaxy with a Sith skull ablaze above it. This was the final Sith legacy.

Such a thought now left Vader feeling as cold as the Galaxy that he saw. But perhaps he could persuade his Master the same way that he had been persuaded. This was the future he was seeing, not the present, after all, By the love of a simple, disabled child. Vader was ever the optimist. He decided to take a hand. 'Come, let me show you something!'

Vader took Palpatine to Bob Cratchett's house. To his little disable child, Tiny Tim. Tim looked at the Emperor of the Galaxy with his wide eyes and smiled, indeed laughed at him. 'Now, look, look at the soul of a simple young innocent boy. Is there nothing finer? Why not forget your plans of destruction and take pleasure in a young life instead?'

Sidious smiled. 'You're right, Vader. Completely right. Never mind my plans of conquest. Yes, the look of one disabled boy has obviously convinced me. I'll be good from now on!'

'That was a bit easier than I thought!' said Vader to himself.

Sidious then flipped over laughing, 'How stupid are you, Vader? Do you really think I am going to be persuaded by one little boy? I must kill millions of his sort every year.' Sidious looked over Tim with murderous but pleasurable intent. Sidious pointed at Tim's heart, and to Vader's horror caused it to burst out of Tim's chest, killing the boy.

'You've just killed Tiny Tim!' cried Vader in horror. 'No need for that, was there?' well that was it. Vader turned on his master, staying cold, but understanding some anger within him for Sidious's deed, switching on his lightsaber. It blurred and buzzed a bright red and Vader cut at the Emperor of the Galaxy. Sidious backed away in the furry of Vader's assault. He vanished and his soul hid himself in the stars of the Galaxy.

But one Sith lord can always sense and find another Sith lord. Vader searched for the Emperor throughout the stars and found him. The Emperor fired dark bolt after dark bolt of electricity after Vader. But it was to no avail. Vader clasped Sidious in his large arms. He bought the Emperor back to the present. He paralyzed the Emperor, then finding a large sun cluster one of the most unstable and explosive systems in the Galaxy and threw his former master right into the middle of the sun and saw his body explode in flame and dive into it.

Vader gasped in exhaustion and fright. Was he even going to survive? He knew he had done some bad things, under Sidious's instruction but was that an excuse? Perhaps he deserved to die. He flipped backwards and lost conscience...

Vader woke. He was in bed. It was Yuletide morning and snow was coming down outside. He looked out. Vader was in his old man's guise. Then he laughed, his grey beard bouncing up and down as he did so. Vader leapt out of bed. What had happened last night, had he managed to slay Palpatine? He wondered and realized that he had done so. He knew through the force that Sidious was no more.

Some bells were ringing, looking out he saw that the populus was looking unusually cheerful. Maybe some had heard something. Still, first thing! Vader contacted the Imperial fleet. He saw through his vid some officers looking at him nervously. 'Lord Vader what are your orders? Some of us have had heard rumours' one of them said to him.

Vader laughed. 'Yes, I have a message, and one that must be obeyed!' he looked stern. 'I order you all to take a holiday, what leave you can, go home and to enjoy yourselves and disband the fleet!' There was some stunned looks at this. 'I'm serious. Go out and have fun! It is Yuletide!' Before Vader switched of the vidcom he could hear sounds of celebration, rejoicing and cheering resounding throughout the ships.

They might be taking that a bit too far! Thought he. Still never mind, it's Yuletide. And it could be the finest Yuletide the Galaxy had seen for decades. News of Palpatines fall echoed around the Galaxy and celebrations were taking place. Firstly he sent a large sum of money to his employee, Bob Cratchett and an apology. He would be seeing the fellow later.

Then he sent a holmessage of good cheer to his children. He knew that they still wouldn't trust him. In fact, he saw the looks of disbelief on their faces as he announced his offer of truce and talks with them and the disbandment of the Imperial military. He then wished them all a 'Merry Yuletide! and enjoy your Cracke! (a bird similar to a goose eaten at Yuletide!)' and signed off.

Now, some might think that if Vader was going to be persuaded to been good by a few spirits then what was the point of all of the earlier chapters in the Star Wars story? Well, this author does take more care over plotlines than certain Hollywood plots that could be mentioned. He did need his children and there friends to survive because out in the Galaxy not all of the servants of the Emperor had been destroyed or wanted to have peace. It did take a year to root out many of these and to stabilize democracy and Vader needed the band of Rebels to do this.

At the moment, however, all of Vader's past ills were forgiven.

'Just how many people has he been responsible for killing?' asked Han Solo.

'Probably a few million. But he was under the Emperor's influence. It is the season of Forgiveness!'

'A good thing too, Luke!' said his sister a little skeptically.

But as it happened, the next year was a good one. Peace resounded throughout the Galaxy. Bells rang throughout the stars in celebrations. Democracy was restored and the Senate took power. The next Yuletide was particularly merry and joyful. The next few decades the Galaxy was restored to it's former peace and freedom and became known as the decades of great joy, no war after war here!

Young Tiny Tim was adopted by Anakin, Vader had taken his former name and under his tutelage Tiny Tim became happy and prosperous, indeed he later had a career as a powerful, well-respected Senator, a name for justice. His brother Fred ended up running an Inn which was the byword for merrymaking for miles around. Everyone loved and respected Anakin Skywalker whose name was one for joy, love, honour and mercy. And no more sith thoughts, he did remain impotent, can't quite have everything, but despite this he lived on in happiness till the end of this days which were very long.

And the Galaxy lived happily ever after in peace, joy and love.

The End

Author's note:

Well, fair enough, rather ridiculous you might be thinking. But it is Christmas. Or was when I wrote this. And in a way, it isn't as ridiculous as what actually happened in the films, in fact, this version might have more credence! Anyway, this was the final tale in this particular Galaxy, a genuine happy ending at the least. I hope you enjoyed the tale, Ham.