"Oh my god! This invented city is almost the same as ours in reality!"
"Yup! This project will be finished later and then we can live here! Whew…I still think [Casi] is the best..."
[Professor]'s voice appeared beside my ears. But why did he refer to Casi? Just then,[Natalie],the girl who stood behind me shouted:
"What the! Why there are lots of Casis?"
I looked around. Ah? There were Casis inside every projection screens,did I just saw a ghost?
"Don't you forget that I can split into thousands of me and every one of them is also true?"
She told us inside the nearest projection screen.
And then I seem I've heard Casi who stood beside me with a material object scolded me quietly:
"I'm software so why can't I split?"
Suddenly, the professor's mobile rang. He pressed down the talk button, and then his face became as white as a paper. Somethings were wrong so I asked him:
"What going on now?"
"Things going bad again. The war between apes and us is going to happen."
We shocked after we heard this, but soon Natalie calm down and asked :
"So where they are?"
"In Tokyo."
"Damn,so what clothes they do wear?"
I didn't know why she asked what the monkeys wore at this moment. But soon, the professor answered:
"They are in military uniform so we need to destroy it before we catch them."
"Ha! They look silly but they are very smart!"
Wow! I never knew that she also satirize on others!
"The time is near. Let's go!"
The professor gave us an order, an order which we haven't met for a long time.

in a common street, people correspondence ordinary. But...
"Gosh! What the heck are those things?"
"We aren't finding a view to photograph!"
You will know why their tones like this because they have found something unusual. No bad, there was a flying warship which appeared above the main building of this city! This became today's news. the report was:
There are a lot of flying warship appear in every corner of Japan...Sorry ,they are all around the world!After infrared by prospectinghere's no human inside. Are they the newest technology?Or unknown animals?
"They are monkeys."
There was a affectedly sweet voice appeared in these crowd. Of cause, no one could hear what she said.
At the next moment, A part of the flying warship appeared on the screen-There were five guys standing on the airport of helicopter. Her expressions suddenly changed, she said:
She saw a boy with light blue hair, in blood red cloak was standing next to the man.
(He is...)

"Man...we finally arrived..."
"Hmm...so here's the dead zone?"
I didn't know how much time we have taken, but we finally have arrived Tokyo. There were lots of holes on the floor, I didn't know where they came from bombs or tanks or canons. Suddenly, the floor was shaking so I turned immediately and saw a robot which was as height as four floors!
"Let's go!"
Professor cried. But Natalie asked him at once:
"To fight without any weapons?"
OMG!I shouted quietly, but I knew he won't, because-
"Of cause not, come and get your weapons!"
We stopped nest to professor and saw-two laser swords, three remote control bombs, three laser guns (Huh?)和 three pairs of boots which were alike ROLLER.
"Com'on! These are better than before!"
"Of cause! Technology is getting better nowadays!"
Grr...He boasted again, I really want to put him in a punch! But before that...
"Let's rock!"
I was a close battle expert, so I was mad to play under the robot, while Natalie,Casi and professor supported me by firing. But looked like this robot has eaten some wrong medicine, mad with the "Big bang"! That robot saw that I was down so it was going to kill me by stepping on me. But luckily, because of an unidentified canon shot was almost crashed! I saw the situation and recovered all my strength, before it ran out of nirvana!
"Watch this! Sonikkureboryushon in three combos!"
I could say that I almost blacken out, after I used these continues tricks! And that guy escaped after that.