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Somewhere in the distance, an unknown set of predatory eyes watched a grand ship parked at the small island's harbour. On the island was a group of guards, rowers, a captain and the person they were to protect with their lives.

Princess Samantha.

The lady sighed in content, sniffing the sea-salty air and fanning her face with an oriental fan (a gift from her dear father from one of his travels) to keep the heat away. A strand of her crimson hair touched the delicate, porcelain skin of her cheek as her eyes shone with happiness. "It seems like a fine day to be at sea gentlemen," she said with a smile.

It was important that today be a good day to travel on sea because today was the day she was to start her journey to her father Jerry Lewis' kingdom up north to the capital of Torses. It was the most important trip of her life for she was to get her father's blessing before she married Prince James of Traitus.

"In a week I will be starting a new life," she thought with another smile. "And Prince James is such a gentleman," she thought to herself, remembering the man she was soon to marry. Her visit with him last had been pleasant, and while she didn't know him too well and didn't love him yet she was still content with the idea of marrying him. Where else would she find a better husband?

"And my father is right, I'll fall in love with him eventually," she thought before shifting her feet in the sand and clearing her throat to get the some attention. "Why aren't we at sea yet?" she asked, her lips in a small frown of annoyance. The captain looked up at her with a nervous glance and she rolled her eyes when she saw how pale he was. If he planned on getting sea-sick already she would have him thrown overboard. "What is it Captain Rowl?" she asked, her voice laced with the irritation she felt.

The captain fidgeted with his hands, taking a deep breath and muttering something amongst his men still not answering her. His strange behaviour only made her more curious. "Captain?" she asked again, louder this time and soon the man was looking at her with concern on his features. "Lady Samantha…I fear that perhaps today is not a good day to travel," he said, biting his lip and looking panicked. Letting out a huff of annoyance she regarded the captain with scrutiny. "Why not? Is this because of a bad omen you saw?" she asked knowing seafarers often had omens that told them if or not to travel.

The captain blinked before looking at her solemnly. If only what he had seen had been just a bad omen then there wouldn't be a problem. But…he gulped at the memory of the black sail he had thought he had seen in the centre of the ocean not too long ago. That sail could only belong to one person, one group alone and that thought frightened him beyond words. If he was nearby, no one was safe, especially not an unprotected, fragile lady such as the princess. Taking a deep breath he decided to answer the lady before she got any angrier. "We fear that…bandits may be in the vicinity."

Her eyebrow raised as she watched her captain looking terrified of a possible bandit sighting. Wasn't he trained in fighting? Didn't the ship have over fifty men? Arms? Weapons? Why was he making such a big deal out of a couple of dumb bandits?

"Bandits?" she asked calmly and the captain nodded his head. "Fearsome bandits, assassins my lady," he said still shaking like a flag in the wind. "They do not hesitate to hurt or take a life." Sam rolled her eyes not being able to believe what a weakling her father's chosen captain was. Here he was, quivering like leaf at the mention of some stupid assassins.

Not noticing the princess's disapproving sigh at his fear the captain went on. "They've killed many men and taken many women," he took a shuddering breath. "They say those that they target don't escape their clutches. They are ruthless men my lady," he said warningly. "But their leader is the most cruel and ruthless man of all ti-"

"Silence!" Samantha screamed, holding up her hand having had enough of this bumbling idiot. Giving him a glare she took a step closer to him. "I'm surprised at you Captain. I never knew you were such a coward," she spat belittlingly and the captain looked down, ashamed. She continued with anger in her tone. "If you're too scared to take the ship on sea then I will go myself," she said leaving the men to gasp. She shook her head and glared. "I'll have you men know I have studied the sea closely, I have looked at hundreds of navigation maps, enough to let me take a ship to my father's land," she said before pacing closer to the ship and standing next to it. Looking over her shoulder at the startled men she smirked. "However my father will have your heads if he learns I travelled alone."

Those words alone were enough to send the men scrambling onto board and set the ship's sail. When the ship was ready the captain reached his hand out to help the princess on board. Smiling now that things were going as planned, Samantha carefully lifted the edge of her long, white dress a little and took the captain's hand as she climbed on board. Letting her dress settle at her feet again she took a seat on the ship. "How many days will this take again?" she asked while making herself comfortable for an enjoyable voyage. The captain sighed. "A week my lady but I must warn you, the bandits are dangerous."

Sighing and shaking her head she decided to put her captain's mind at rest. "Captain Rowl, no bandit would dare to invade the ship of King Jeremy's sole daughter and heir," she said firmly. "Now please, focus on a nice journey," she said dismissingly as she began reading a scroll to pass the time.

Turning around with a frown, the captain gave the signal letting the ship take movement. But he couldn't help the churning in his stomach as the ship began moving in the waves. And his near-sick state had nothing to do with sea-sickness.

"Please," he prayed to all the gods he knew. "Please let that black sail I saw be a lie. Please keep us safe from the likes of men like him…"

A contented grin was on the princess's face as she finished reading yet another scroll. It had been over an hour on sea and nothing had happened. The trip was going perfectly. "So much for the Captain's worries," she thought with a smirk before she stood up and approached the older man.

"You see captain? You worry too much!" she said cheerfully. "No bandit has come and no bandit will bother us," she said with joy in her voice as the captain sighed and slowly nodded. "You're right my lady no bandits, this is great new-WHAT'S GOING ON?" the captain suddenly screamed and the princess jumped when she felt the ship tremble as if it had been struck.

Getting a hold of herself she looked at the captain, biting her lip. "What's happening?" she asked but the captain didn't answer as he walked over to one end of the ship and retrieved a telescope. Samantha watched him hold it before his eye as he looked out into the distance. He moved in a circle, surveying the sea around them only to stop suddenly, his hands tightening around the metal object, his knuckles turning white as he began stuttering a word she couldn't quite pick up.

"What? What is it?" she urged, walking right up to the captain and shaking his shoulder. He dropped the object and looked at her with his face as white as a ghost. "Ban-" he stuttered weakly. "Band- bandits!" he finally yelled out plunging the travellers on the ship into chaos. There were gasps of panic as men stumbled over each other, tripping and falling to get to the weapons stash.

The princess stood there in confusion and panic not knowing what to do. Her father hadn't prepared her for handling bandits. Soon the captain had seized her wrist and was running in the opposite direction from the other men. Confused even more, she tugged on her arm and screamed. "Where are you taking me?" she asked, demanding an answer.

The captain shook his head quickly before climbing down the stairs that led to the hidden cabins in the lower deck. Opening one of the doors he ushered her in and released her wrist. "Hide my lady!" he screamed almost wildly leaving her to look at him questioningly but he only shook his head before drawing out his sword. "Hide yourself and whatever you do, do NOT leave this cabin!" he warned before running out with his sword in hand and slamming the door shut.

Confused and left out, she ran to the door and tried to open it only to gasp when she noticed he had locked her in. "What's going on up there?" she whispered to herself while she glanced around the small cabin in worry.

A thundering boom left the entire ship to shake violently and soon she found herself biting her lip and praying that whatever it was that was threatening the ship, her men could take care of it.

His eyes widened in panic when he finally reached the upper deck. Captain Rowl wiped the sweat off his brow as he stared at the black sail of the ship that was now next to his.

He was here.

Glancing around he watched his men being effortlessly slaughtered by the second, their mangled, torn, bloody bodies falling onto the ship's once pristine white floors. Gripping his sword he moved to help one of his half-maimed men only to be thrown back when a dead body collided into his own. Struggling with the body he crawled out and stood, dusting himself off and assuming a battle stance only to freeze in despair when he saw the man that was making his way over to him from in between the bloody massacre.

Rowl gulped, his throat closing up and becoming drier than desert sand as his feet began walking backwards. At this the man chuckled in amusement, his laugh filling fear into the captain's heart. Rowl gulped again in a sad attempt to find his voice as she stared at the man he just knew was the leader of the bandits. "Your men…are dead, captain," the leader whispered coolly as he drew his sword out of its hilt in an elegant arc of motion. Pointing it at the already frightened man, he smirked from under his dark facecloth while his eyes glinted with malice. "The question is…will you join them?"

The Captain gasped as the sword came down quickly almost cutting into him but he quickly lifted his own sword and began fighting the man. While the fight was an effort for the captain it was more like a game for his opponent as he swiftly evaded all of his attacks and switched sword hands. Moments later he quickly slashed off the tired captain's left arm. A scream of agony left the captain which only made the man chuckle in amusement. Rowl hit the floor next to his severed arm and bit his lip in searing pain as he looked up dizzily, being blinded by the sun and smell of blood that surrounded him.

Glancing around now he could see how all his men where either dead or slowly dying from blood loss and the only men standing on the ship where the bandits. Gulping he wondered why he was still alive. He was certain the leader had been toying with him, being the most skilled of the bandits he could have taken his head off in one second. "Then why hasn't he?" Rowl thought in panic as he tried crawling away.

Rolling his eyes at the captain's lame attempt at escaping, the leader leaned down and grabbed the shaking man by the collar before hauling him over the side of the ship. The captain screamed in panic because soon half his body was hanging in the water , the other half held up by the man's iron grip. Holding a dagger to the terrified man's throat the leader spoke calmly. "Where is she hiding captain?"

Rowl's eyes widened in panic. He knew about he princess…. He knew about lady Samantha! No doubt he was here for her! Struggling in his grip the captain shook his head furiously. "I won't tell you!" Quickly branding the man as an idiot in his head, the leader smirked as his eyes swirled with bloodlust. Taking one hand off the captain's collar and enjoying his scream he chuckled before abandoning his dagger and pointing to the desecrated bodies on the ship's deck with the tip of his blood-soaked sword. "You want to end up like your men?...Don't be so naive captain," he spat.

Captain Rowl shook his head knowing he wouldn't be left alive no matter what. "If I tell you, you'll still kill me, he said accusingly at which the leader did not even flinch. Chuckling the man spoke in a sadistic whisper. "If you don't tell me where you hid her..." His eyes displayed the smirk that was most definitely on his hidden lips. "I'll drown this ship and you and your precious princess will go down with it," he said seriously and the captain gulped knowing he had no choice. The princess did not know how to swim and if the ship sank, she would die.

"She's…" he gulped knowing he would regret his. "Spit it out captain," the man spat. Rowl took a deep breath in while preparing himself to die. "She's on the lower deck, past the farthest wall there is a door, through it are three hidden cabins. Princess Samantha is in the second one."

Having gotten the information he needed the leader moved swiftly, slitting open the captain's throat from end to end before dropping him in the sea. Turning to his men he raised his sword. "Prepare the ship, we're going to have a guest," he said in amusement, leaving his men to chuckle before he turned and began walking down the stairs that led to the lower deck, to the hidden cabins.

Straight to the princess.

Trembling on her spot Samantha began to relax when the terrible noises from the upper deck suddenly stopped. "The men must have won," she said to herself in relief as she crawled out from under a small, wooden desk. Standing up and dusting off she froze in panic when she heard footsteps thundering closer and closer.

And something in her gut told her it wasn't Captain Rowel.

Gulping she moved to hide again only to scream in terror when the cabin door was torn open in the next second. Jumping under the desk she watched, transfixed in horror as the door was ripped off its hinges and dumped aside and one, single man walked in. In his hand he held a sword freshly coated with blood, his tall frame was clad entirely in black, and his face too was covered with a black cloth effectively hiding most of it behind the disguise.

Scanning the premises he smirked in satisfaction as he easily noticed flaming, red hair sticking out from under a pathetically small desk. She was naïve if she thought she could hide from him.

Marching over to woman that he knew was hidden there he leaned down and took hold of her lovely hair. Grabbing it in a fist he only smirked harder when she gasped. Dragging her out, he chuckled when he saw the acidic glare on the princess's pretty face as she battled his arm, twisting and writhing to get away.

When she couldn't break free she threw him another glare. "Get your hands off of me you filthy bastard!" she screamed at the top of her lungs while glaring at him heatedly.

Too bad for her, looks couldn't kill.

Ignoring the fighting redhead, Tim Scam growled before lowering down to her and grabbing her arm in a death-grip. The last thing Samantha saw was the glimmer of hatred-filled, deep, sea-foam coloured eyes before she was thrown over then man's shoulder.

Moments later she was carried out of the cabin, kicking and screaming in protest.

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