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Sinking back into his throne in a weak thud, King Jeremy shook his head repeatedly in slow, broken movements. "No…." he mumbled. "No…." he whispered, holding his face in his hands and soon he was crying into them, shocking his servants because he never cried. But he could not bring himself to stop because only he, and those who knew the man who had stolen his child, knew how dangerous, ruthless, and cold he was. His daughter, his poor, defenceless Samantha was in more danger than anyone could ever imagine and it was all his fault.

Sitting there the old King thought about the past, to that time not too long ago when he had gotten on Samantha's captor's bad side and he knew, he knew more than anything that that man, his enemy would not hesitate for even a second to murder his only heir. Shuddering in his throne, the king knew he could not lose her. She was all he had, his only heir. What would happen to his kingdom, his rule, himself if something was to happen to her?

"I can't let him hurt her…" The king whispered determinedly. "I can't let her die." Moving his hands away from his face, King Jeremy ignored the looks of concern, curiosity and worry he was being given by his court and remained deep in thought. His child was in the demon's clutches and there was little hope for her to come back alive but perhaps he could strike some kind of deal. The man in question was a reasonable man…at least he had been when he had last seen him.

Biting his cheek and going even paler Jeremy couldn't help but recall that that was well before he had become what he was now; an outlaw, a criminal, a bloodthirsty, vengeful pirate. Trying not to be discouraged by that fact, Jeremy forced himself to think of what he'd have to give up in return to Samantha back. But when he did that he found himself growing even more disheartened because he had some idea what HE wanted from him to pay for his daughter's ransom. And it wasn't an easy price to pay.

Sighing heavily King Jeremy knew in any case some kind of bargain had to be made and it was going to be a long and lengthy process. He wouldn't be seeing his child anytime soon and measures had to be taken in accordance to that saddening fact. Nodding to himself he knew as much as he didn't want to throw his kingdom into a state of panic, their princess and future heir was no longer safe and certain people had to know. And Samantha's betrothed, Prince James of Traitus was top on that list.

Frowning sadly, Jeremy knew how much James cared for Samantha and already saw her as his wife. This news was going to hit him hard. Very hard and he could only wonder what he was going to do. "But he has to know," King Jeremy told himself knowing telling him could not be avoided. It was possible Samantha would, as much as he didn't want to think this, die in her taker's grasp. There would be no wedding then, a funeral rather and Prince James would only be more hurt then. Knowing that James was a powerful prince, Jeremy knew it was better to tell him now instead of keep him in the dark. And aside from that he could really could use a shoulder to cry on at the moment. Because all he felt like doing was crying for the misfortune that had befallen his little girl.

"Send a message to Prince James at once and summon him to the palace!" he said to a servant, the urgency in his tone leaving the messenger to rush off while others went with him to make sure he got the job done.

Watching them leave to call the prince, Jeremy kept his eyes on the door and hoped with all his being for that James could get here soon to help him cope with this ordeal. Clasping his hands together where he sat, Jeremy broke out in a silent prayer. "Please be okay Samantha…." he whispered, hoping she was okay, hoping that as vicious as HE was, she hadn't been butchered yet. A tear trickled down his face and joined the tearstains that had yet to dry on his devastated face. "Please dear God, keep her safe in his grasp…"

A sniffle left the princess as she sat there in the dirty, cramped cabin with her knees hugged to her chest as she rocked back and forth, ignoring how the floorboards creaked under her body and nearly dug into her skin while she sobbed to herself. She hadn't slept all night not being accustomed to sleep on anything but her satin mattress padded with lofty amounts of fine, crushed cotton of her large canopy bed. This revoltingly dank cabin was nothing near that.

And then there the other pressing issue that had kept her from closing her eyes for even one brief second. How could she have slept when she was surrounded by creepy, savage pirates that would only be too glad to cut her throat open from end to end and bleed her to death in her sleep?

Shuddering, Samantha cursed at them all in her mind, praying to the heavens that they would all rot in hell for doing this to her, for treating a princess like a prisoner and soon she found her thoughts lingering on the head of the pack. The captain of the beasts that had just yesterday told her how her father's power meant nothing to him and that he was only too eager to rip her apart.

Glaring in the darkness Samantha thought about the peculiar male. Back home, no man would dare to disobey her father and none would certainly lay a finger on her. But HE? Not only had he insulted her father's reign, he had gone after her. He hadn't just laid a finger, no, instead he had picked her up like a petty, little rag doll and carried her off at his will. It was all HIS fault she was here in this condition now. Cursing at him more than any other pirate here, Samantha kept thinking of the nameless demon. She didn't know much about him, nor had she been around him for longer than a day but she had already picked up one nauseating thing about her captor. His overbearing arrogance.

Frowning hatefully she recalled how clear that was in him. Arrogance was in the way he walked, standing a foot above the others and moving like a predator in his dark, heavy boots. In the way he talked in his low growls or lazy hisses filled with commanding force and the feeling of a constant smirk in his tone. Even though she couldn't see half his face she could feel his smirk poking fun at her every time he was before her. She could feel it so bad it was like he was touching her with that smirk. It was like he was taking off all her clothes, one by one until she had nothing left and then laughing at her humiliation.

Frowning deeper until her lips nearly hurt Samantha knew it was everywhere in his aura, his deafening arrogance, so strong that it oozed off of him in sickening waves that she had sensed by just being in his presence for one, single day. He acted as if he was some kind of king even though he was just a crummy pirate.

And she knew she already loathed him for that. Even more than she hated him from ripping her away from her family. "I hate him," Samantha whispered angrily as tears poured down her face from all the fatigue, loneliness and misery she was feeling right now. Curling up into herself, Sam narrowed her eyes in rage. "I hate him so much."

Just then the door burst open, rattling off its hinges and leaving her to shoot her head up to look who had come to torment her now. And when she saw the tall, brooding, face concealed man standing there at the doorway, she glared daggers because it was the precursor of all her pains before her one more time. The ship's captain. Her apprehender. "Speak of the devil," the princess muttered as she studied him slowly in the rays of the early morning light. And a quick moment later she realized he really did look like the devil as he stood there dressed entirely in black, from the cloth that hid his face to the boots on his feet, giving him a menacing air of danger that made him look just as scary as she envisioned the devil to be.

Except for one thing.

"Those eyes," Samantha thought as she stared at the dark, sea-foam coloured eyes that stared at her unblinkingly. The eyes that were part of his face were almost beautiful…almost innocent looking. Her lips curling into a frown again, Samantha shook her head to herself. "They don't suit him," she declared, glaring at where he stood as if he had stolen those eyes from someone like he had stolen her from her father and added them to his face. But then again, she thought now calming down, she was certain that the bruised, hideous ugliness he hid under his garb hid enough disfiguration that once revealed, would make his deceptively pure eyes nothing but another part of his horrid face.

And as she had that thought she almost wanted to rush up to him and pull down that garb just so she could laugh at him the way he had laughed at her when he had forcedly brought her to his domain and dumped her on this rotten ship. Her hands itching in her lap, Samantha pondered if she could get away with doing that to him only to see that he still had his sword on him, tucked into his sheath that hung at the side of his waist.

Remembering how he had used that sword to murder all her ship's crew and Captain Rowl, a martially trained seafarer, the princess decided to let her urge to go after his mask go. Just for now of course, it wasn't like she was some coward who was really afraid of him.

"I trust you slept well," he said suddenly, smugness reverberating in his tone and Samantha shot him a hateful glare for his words. She was about to ask him if he was really brainless enough not to know that a princess of any standard would not sleep well in a dusty, old cabin when she saw that he was watching her with amused eyes.

And right then she realized he was mocking her. Again. She growled under her breath feeling tempted to throw something at him but she had nothing to throw besides her gown and precious shoes gifted by her father so decided not to give him any satisfaction that he had gotten to her and made her upset. She was smart enough to know that that was what he was after anyway. Yes he had here, trapped like a goldfish in a fish tank and he was just here to toy with her like some pet for his own sick delight.

Letting out a huff of annoyance she crossed her arms over her chest, raised her nose the way she did when dealing with lowly servants in her palace and turned away after sneering at him like a stray dog.

Noticing her actions, Scam raised an eyebrow in half amusement and half disapproval. Sneering and huffing and turning away from him like that, she must think he was just like a slave at her palace, one that her wealth gave her the power to disrespect at will. Glaring deeply as he watched her only raise her nose up higher he was almost tempted to unsheathe his sword, march up to her, grab her by her long, wavy locks and cut her nose off to make her pay for turning it up at him like that.

His hand moved to his sword's dark hilt on impulse and he gripped it, adrenaline pumping through his veins, ready to act on his temptation and leave his brutal mark on her delicate form when he suddenly let it go.

Breathing deeply he told himself the truth he could not deny. If he went at her with his sword he would not be able to stop himself after just stripping her of her nose. No his hatred for her father, for her royal kind was so deep and all-encompassing that he knew he would do much more serious damage to her pitiful frame then stop at slicing her nose. And that was sadly not an option because she was his bargain ransom and if something dire happened to her, it would be his own loss as he would not receive the price he so badly needed in return.

Grumbling to himself, he laced his hands behind his back and forced them to stay there until they cooled off from their thirst of needing to spill King Jeremy's blood that ran in her veins. Feeling like he had calmed down some moments later and noticing her peeking a him as if expecting him to leave if he had no reason to be here, he decided to get down to business and get this over with so he could go back to ignoring the princess (or spoiled brat or rather twit as he liked to think of her) and proceed with his next move in his master plan.

"Your cabin has been prepared," he said shortly, and soon she was looking up at him in interest. Samantha stared at him with wide eyes, having not seen that coming. He had a cabin prepared for her to stay in? While it annoyed her that that implied that she would be stuck here for quite some time, she could not help but become hopeful that she was finally going to be given some luxuries during her stay as she rightfully deserved. "So they finally understand that I am a princess and heir to King Jeremy's throne at that," she thought, now slightly impressed that these numbskull pirates were exhibiting some good judgement towards her.

Of course she was sure that this change of heart to treat her well was not coming from kindness or decency. Nope, they must have realized that her father was going to raise hell upon them if he found out how appallingly she had been being treated. This was then, an attempt to save their sorry hides. Feeling empowered she decided to give them that chance, after all she was a princess and mercy was a virtue she had been taught to extend. Even to the most worthless of beings.

Making up her mind, Samantha raised a hand elegantly and waved it towards him in a commanding way. "Take me to my chambers," she said in what came across to his ears as an airy, pompous, condescending voice. One that he didn't like. One bit.

Looking at her with steely eyes only one thought ran through his mind. "This princess really needs a wake-up call to reality." Shaking his head at her in an annoyed way he wondered if perhaps her wake-up call to where she was and just who she was dealing with would come upon seeing her chambers. It was possible that would drive in the fact that she was here to stay for a while and not in her comfortable palace where she could order anyone around and get away with it. "Or maybe she's just trying to keep herself happy by doing that. Behaving like an arrogant princess even though right now she's just my prisoner," he thought.

And looking at how she was now smirking and still looking elevated as if she was about to be taken to her throne room back home, he wondered if she had gone into some strange trance to try and escape her reality. That she was in fact in rough waters right now. He watched her for a brief moment, trying to catch the signs of such a defensive trance before he rolled back his shoulders and shook his head dismissively. She could do that if she wanted. What did he care? Her thinking she was home wasn't going to magically transport her home. Not under his guard anyway.

Turning to the door, he opened it before glancing at her over his shoulder. "Follow me," he said moving to lead her before he stopped and threw her a warning glance. "And don't you dare try to go anywhere else, this ship is crawling with dangers worse than you could ever imagine." A smirk pulled at his lips from under his mask. "And if you try to escape…" His eyes turned dark with malice. "You'll find yourself either plunged into shark-infested waters where you'll be torn and ripped apart whilst you drown," he said, smirking harder when she flinched at his knowledge of her weakness, that she could not swim, something he had picked up the Captain of her ship before he had deprived him of his life. He let out small chuckle at the sight of her unhappy face and continued deviously.

"Or, you'll find yourself at the mercy of one of my men…And believe me…" he whispered, cocking an eyebrow at her teasingly as he went on. "Hungry sharks can be a lot more tame than…" his eyes drifted down her figure before landing back on her face warningly. "Hungry men," he finished before turning and walking out of the cabin.

The princess' eyes went wide at his suggestive words, and dry gulp went down her throat before she mumbled a curse upon him and his men and followed him wordlessly, still glaring at his back that he had dared say that to her. "After he gives me a fitting cabin," Samantha thought as she followed him down the small passageway. "I'll tell him to mind his tongue around me," she smirked to herself at that because she knew if her father discovered the shamelessness with which he was addressing her, he'd raise hell all over again, something he was definitely afraid of. After all, he was giving her a new cabin because of that fear was he not? Minding his tongue was something he'd definitely agree to.

The captain stopped walking before her a few moments later when they had reached a slightly larger door than the room she had previously had been in. "Here we are," he said, reaching out and opening the door for her before tilting his head towards it. "In you go princess." Rolling her eyes at his tone again that had sounded like an order when it should have been a request, Samantha opened her mouth to yell at him to watch his mouth when she stopped and decided she might as well see her new cabin first.

If it impressed her enough, then maybe she'd let him talk to her just a little less formally. Of course his rudeness and talking out of turn would have to go but perhaps she'd let him just address her as "Lady Samantha," and not "His Royal Esteemed Highness," as most commoners were required to. That was if she was in the mood to allow it.

Ignoring him for now she stepped into the cabin to see her chambers and once she was inside, Tim shut the door behind her, locked it and let out a breath of relief. Now that that was done with he could go deal with more pressing affairs than babysitting the princess he wanted to strangle. Like arranging the message he had to send to her miserable father. Without further ado, he turned and walked up the stairs that led up to the higher deck to meet with his shipmates.

Hearing him leave, as she could hear his footsteps walking away from her, Samantha smiled to herself in contentment for the first time since she had arrived because she was finally being treated right. She was finally being given the space and comfort she needed. Grinning in joy, the princess turned around to see what arrangements had been made for her lodging and if the satin mattress that had been brought for her was the right colour and size or not.

But the moment she faced the cabin he had left her, in her eyes went wide and a gasp of sheer horror and shock left her lips. Her hands flew up and covered her mouth as she peered at her surroundings. And she could not believe her eyes. Sure she could see the sea from her room but….

It was no exquisite view.

In fact, she could only see the sea stretched out before her because there was a dingy little glass window in her cabin that looked out onto murky waters. And that wasn't even the worst part. Her eyes stuck wide, Samantha's eyes roamed the cabin in bewilderment. They flew from the dirty mud-stained walls to the unkempt flooring, to the broken lanterns that hung from the low ceiling to the ugly, brown drapes that strung in part of the room and lastly to the small, uncomfortable-looking cot that lay off to the side all while she nearly choked on the musty scent that hung in the air. And it didn't take her too long to form her opinion.

This cabin was simply atrocious! There was nothing that she required here at all! There wasn't even a table she could sit and eat it, or even paper to sketch on or even books she could read! Not even mere maps to study or a pet to keep her company or ANYTHING of her liking! Honestly! How hard would it have been for him to provide her with an aquarium? They were on the sea anyway!

Her eyes narrowing in rage, Samantha shook her head to herself as her fists bunched at her sides. There was no way, NO WAY this was right. He could not, HE COULD NOT expect her to live in this place! He had to do better than this…this JUNK! Looking at the space before her in disgust, Samantha knew that her servants back home, no even her maids' dogs and cats had better rooms than THIS. And she? She was the princess! How dare he think this garbage would do to satisfy her?

"That does it!" she thought and in the next second she had turned and banged on the door loudly intent on getting him back in here so she could yell some sense into him and get herself a proper cabin. And a moment after she abused the door's wood incessantly, he came in with a glare of annoyance stuck on his face. "What do you want now?" he snapped, irritated beyond words as he had barely started to talk to his men when she started banging on the door wildly as if he had locked her in with a vicious coyote that had been advancing upon her to chew on her bones.

Hearing his question, Samantha huffed in disbelief. He really had some nerve. Wasn't it obvious what she wanted now? She wanted what he was supposed to provide her with in the first place! Proper lodging meant for a princess like HER.

Glaring at him, Samantha crossed her arms over her chest. "You don't know the answer to that?" she asked, expecting him to show some respect and say sorry right away and give her a new room but he only looked back at her with narrowed eyes of loathing before hissing, "If I knew, I wouldn't waste my breath asking, would I?" Rolling her eyes at his lack of brains, Samantha decided she might as well spell it out for him. It seemed he really wasn't getting the huge folly he was making here. Looking at him coolly, she spoke in a demeaning mutter. "Do you have eyes?" she asked.

Scam's eyes went wide for a second before they narrowed in fury. "What did you say?" he spat, his hand moving to the hilt of his sword as his impulse to hurt her came thundering back. Samantha ignored his hand that was clutching the top of his sword and nearly turning white from rage and went on. "I don't think you do," she said, shrugging. "For of you did, you'd have thought twice about putting me in this cabin." Blinking his eyes, Scam stared at her unblinkingly, now starting to get some idea where she was going with this, And for her sake, he hoped she seriously knew better.

"Seriously," she said, pacing a little before she pointed at the cot. "This bed, if it can even be called that is too small." Shooting a glare at him because this should have been obvious, she muttered. "I'll never be able to sleep in it." Moving again she pointed to the small, dirty window. "And this window is so dusty I cannot even look out of it properly." Turning to the drapes next she shook her head disapprovingly. "And these drapes are all wrong. Brown is not a colour meant for royalty," she said, clueing him in to things he should know but obviously didn't. "Purple or red is much more fitting or even gold perhaps," she said before finally pointing to the floor and shuddering in disgust. "And that dust…it's simply ridiculous! " she shouted before crossing her arms back over her chest and glaring at looking at him pointedly.

"Honestly," she started, shaking her head from side to side in a disappointed way. "You might be content to roam in the dust and decay like the worm that you are, but I am not!" She snapped firmly as she raised her head and spoke with dignity. "I am a princess and well-accustomed to certain standards. Needless to say," her hands flew up and gestured to the cabin. "THIS, does not meet them! It does not even come close to meeting them!" She complained before she looked at him expectantly. "I need a new cabin NOW!"

Standing there in silence, Scam felt his blood surging in his veins like an angry flood of lava as he took deep breaths and just stared at her in utter repulsion. This cabin he had given her had actually been his attempt to be a little kinder to her so that her time here could go a little smoother….but no. He sucked in a deep breath and exhaled sharply while his eyes flashed with raw anger like living, breathing fire. No, this…bitch of a girl wasn't grateful for that. No, she was too busy complaining and asking for more and more instead of thanking him for giving her one of the best cabins available. Instead of being such a brat.

"It's not in her blood to be grateful," he thought, as he watched her with an angry, acidic gaze. "She's a damn princess and that's filled up in her stupid, little brain," his glare grew darker, harder as he just seethed. "That's all she has in there, her own false importance," he decided, knowing for certain now that it was true.

Clearly her pathetic father had spoiled her like a rotten apple by giving her everything her little heart came to desire. But he'd take that out of her. Oh yes, he'd take that out of her before she left here for sure. That is if she did EVER leave here alive. "I'll teach her…" he thought angrily as a cruel smirk began twisting at his lips under his garb. "I'll show her good…"

His anger calming as a plan to set her straight came to him right away, he raised his hands and let out a fake gasp. "Oh, I'm so sorry princess!" he said, giving her a false bow that as he had expected made her smirk in a pleased manner. Looking at her with big, innocent eyes he shook his head. "How…unperceptive of me. I should have known better than to give you such an unsuitable room." A smile spread across Samantha's lips as she heard him finally behaving like the underling that he was in her comparison. She liked this obedient side of him a lot better than the way he had been acting so far.

Seeing how content she looked and deciding he had her right where he wanted her, Scam turned to the door and opened it. "Allow me to take you to new chambers," he said calmly. "I like to call it the grand cabin, you'll love this one," he said, making sure not to chuckle at that as he led her out.

And soon he had stopped her at a room with a small, gray, faded door upon seeing which, she shot him a doubtful glance. He let out a small laugh, but not one that gave him away in any way. "It's wonderful inside believe me, do not judge it by outer appearances," he said as he slowly opened it up for her. "Why don't you take a look inside, hmm?" he said before moving fast and grabbing her arm tightly in a way that left her gasping. And before she had the chance to demand him to release her because he was hurting her with his nails clawing into her arm he had shoved her in head first into the cabin and slammed the door behind her.

Gasping, Samantha sat up fast to yell at him for his behaviour when she stopped dead at the sight that greeted her when she pushed her hair out of her face. And a split second later a scream left her when she saw the cabin he had now given her. It was smaller and dingier and darker and dirtier. And worst of all…"

It was crawling and nearly bursting at the seams…

With rats.

Hugging her knees to her chest, the princess sniffled as she felt her nose clogging up in the dank cabin after the hour she had been stuck in here. The dust was making her skin itch and her face turn an ugly red from rash.

A terrified scream left her when she saw another mouse scurry across the floor joined by another one just as she had been seeing over and over all this time. Squealing she jumped up onto the small wooden stool behind her only to crash back onto the floor when it broke under her weight.

"Ow!" She whined before squealing again when she saw a troop of mice coming towards her and soon one of them was sniffing at her hair as if it were gourmet cheese. "Ugh! Ew! Get away!" Samantha screamed furiously, taking off one of her sandals and using it to shoo at the creatures while deep regret filled her at having to use her pretty white shoes for such a disgusting purpose.

Yet some secret part of her felt it would be worth it if the mice and rats just left her alone. And because she was too busy shooing and screaming she never heard the door open and the captain walk in in a lazy gait filled with amusement.

He took one look at her and found it hard not to burst out laughing. There she was fighting with the rats for her life as if she was on the battlefront and they were enemy soldiers just about to shoot a loaded canon at her. He almost wished he could paint a picture of this moment and send it to her father.

Chuckling to himself, he crossed his arms over his chest and finally spoke to the distraught woman. "I see you're enjoying your new friends," he said teasingly as he walked right to her, through the mice as if they weren't even there. When he reached her he stood right next to her and pointing to one particularly, skinny mouse he chuckled. "That one kind of looks like your father," he laughed out.

Suddenly Samantha stopped screaming and looked at him in disgust. She felt as if she was going to burst from fury if she didn't do something to punish him right now. She just had to make him pay for saying that about her father.

And in the next moment, before she could stop herself she had thrown her shoe right at his face. Catching it without flinching, the captain looked at her with his dark sea foam eyes narrowed predatorily. "You'll pay for that," he hissed and Samantha gulped wondering what he would do to her next. They both remained that way for a moment with her staring at him apprehensively with fear hammering through her and him wondering just how to punish her for her attacking him.

His eyes landing on the foot that was shoeless he studied its whiteness and delicateness and smirked under his garb. Her foot appeared as if it were made of the finest china and any harshness to it would chip her skin beyond repair. He could just make her walk around barefoot all the time on this rough, wooden, nail-ridden plank floor and make her pretty, little feet turn sore and bleed and make her scream in agony and beg for mercy but-

Suddenly he got a better plan. Remembering just now much she had been screaming at the rats, he smirked deeply knowing just how to punish her. Throwing the shoe back towards her he allowed her to put it on before he spoke. "You are to pick up all the dead rats in this cabin and dispose of them," he said leaving her to let out a gasp and then a scream of raw anger. "I won't!" she shouted, glaring at him defiantly letting him know she wouldn't do that for nothing but he only spoke calmly. "You will….or I'll hurt you," he said, tracing the hilt of his sword suggestively.

Hearing his words, Samantha breathed deeper as her glare grew even harder and by now she felt as if her face was going to melt off. Even his tone repulsed her. The way he spoke as if HE was the prince and she was HIS SLAVE. She simply couldn't stand it! No she couldn't bear to hear him speak to her like that! Enough was enough! Letting out a scream of rage, Samantha shot up from the floor and charged towards him. And in the next second she had raised a hand and aimed a slap at his face.

But before she got a chance to actually slap him he simply grabbed her wrist and used it to spin her around. A gasp left Samantha as he trapped her against his chest and twisted her arm behind her back in a way that made her writhe in pain and disgust as it made her feel weak and helpless. Both of which she detested feeling. Struggling against him for a few moments, she tried and tried to get free but his hold was like a prison cell and she simply couldn't move. Giving up, she turned her head over her shoulder and screamed at him instead. "You're an animal!' she roared, and moved to spit at his face.

But before she could even manage to form enough saliva for that he had gripped her jaw roughly, forcing her mouth shut and then pulled her around so that she was staring right into his eyes as he looked back at her with a glare. "Watch it princess…" he hissed warningly as he eyed her face and pressed his fingers deeper into her jaw until she wanted to whimper. "Or I'll show you the real ANIMAL in me," he spat as he seized her closer and she gasped when she felt her chest being crushed by his.

And as she stood there staring up at him with terror hammering through her and goose bumps flashing down her skin she could almost…almost feel all the muscles, all the hardness of his form that was veiled beneath his clothes digging into her. Gulping, she felt her mouth grow instantly dry and her stomach twist inside itself as her body began to tremble against him. And she tried to control it but….she could not. And she knew just why. She had never been this close to a man before.

He was so close she could practically smell the salt of the sea wafting off of him and feel his heart beating against hers. She could nearly hear his every breath and feel every subtle twitch of his fingers as they clutched her form in a death grip.

And he stood there watching her with dark, menacing eyes for what felt like hours as she just peered into his sea foam depths with worry and trepidation and something else that she didn't recognize rushing through her, when he suddenly pulled away and sent her crashing back onto the mice infested floor. A scream of surprise left Samantha as she fell down but he just sneered at her carelessly. "You've got some cleaning up to do, get started!" he hissed before turning around and walking right out of the cabin after slamming and locking the door behind him.

It took her a moment to recollect her thoughts and stop her heart from flapping like a fish out of water (which it was for some reason that she could not put her finger on) before she stood and began pounding on the door. "N-no! Let me go! You'll pay for this!" she howled as she beat and clawed away. "You'll pay!"

"You'll pay!"

"You'll pay!"

"You'll PAY!"

Her hoarse, angry screams followed him on the way to the upper deck. Shaking his head he ignored her screams knowing that as peeved as she was there was nothing she could do to him. She was stuck in his prison and couldn't change that. He couldn't help but think over though, how ironic is was that she, King Jeremy's own child was the one was in his jail. He knew he would much rather it be her father but then it wouldn't be perfect revenge.

No, if it wasn't HER trapped here then Jerry would never know what it felt like to worry over one you cared and loved while they were locked up at someone else's mercy. If he hadn't captured the princess, the Jerry would not be in HIS SHOES like he was now.

Smirking to himself, feeling satisfaction fill his every vein he knew it would stay this way until his situation was altered and his demands were met. He wouldn't let her go until then. Not even if she was a brat and he couldn't stand her, he wouldn't let her go until he had what he wanted from her father. And get it, he would.

Reaching the top of his ship, Scam met the eye of one of his men and spoke in a firm command. "Prepare a letter," he said smirking under his black mask. "It's time to send the king another message…"

Sitting at his throne, King Jeremy stared weakly at the latest letter he had received from HIM. And he didn't even have the words to describe how panicked he was right now at the sight of the words that were written there:

Meet me if you want to try and get your precious, little girl back. Come alone and do not dare even THINK of disobeying me. Because if you prove yourself to be foolish enough to do so, you will still find your daughter yes…

But only in little, diced up pieces.

Shuddering, he gripped the parchment and felt tears form in his eyes out of helplessness and sorrow. What was he going to do? His poor child…was he ever going to see her alive again?

Suddenly the door burst open and Jeremy looked up hopefully, half wishing it would be his daughter but a breath of relief left him nonetheless when he saw who was standing there. "Prince James!" he called out, shooting up from his throne and going over to him, ready to burst into tears right there. But he never got the chance as James spoke first in an angry, upset voice that echoed off the walls.

"What is this I am hearing of? Who dared to steal my betrothed from me?" he asked and Jeremy let out a long sigh before he asked James to sit down. And he took a moment to tell him how Samantha had been abducted during her voyage here and how she was in danger and how her captor had just sent him a letter to meet him.

By the time he was done, James was bubbling in rage and could barely sit still in his chair. "He'll pay for this!" he hissed, clenching his fists and looking ready to kill. "By God, I'll tear him limb from limb for doing this!" he roared before looking at Jerry with eager eyes. "Has he asked for what he wants in return for her yet?" he asked, wanting to know. Hearing his question, Jerry went pale. No, he hadn't outright told him what he wanted but…he had a good idea what it was.


Finding his soon-to-be father-in-law silent, James took it that he didn't know. "Doesn't matter," he announced a moment later. "He's not going to get it. I won't let him have it!" Listening to the prince, Jerry could tell how much he cared for Samantha and was reminded of how badly he wanted James and his child to marry and right then a thought passed through his mind. It had been years now…what if he just gave him what he wanted?

Sure there would be…complications to say the least but really…what else could he do? He knew he would not be able to stand losing his only child and have his dynasty die out. Making up his mind, Jeremy spoke. "Perhaps I should just give him what he desires…" he said.

But as soon as he said that the prince was gasping and shaking his head in disgust. "And let him win?" he roared thunderously. "Let this…this bandit! Get away with ransoming Samantha? Whose to say another of his kind won't take her for another price then?" James screamed, knowing royalty never just gave in. No, it would be a slap in his face if he couldn't even get his bride back.

Looking the king in the eye, James shook his head firmly. "I am her husband-to-be and I will free her WITHOUT paying him!" Sighing heavily, Jeremy ppened his mouth to get the pricne to see reason. He clearly didn't know just who they were dealing with here. "Son-" he started only to be cut off by James.

"Send an army," he said demandingly. Biting his cheek, Jeremy spoke in a silent whisper, knowing he couldn't do that. "He told me to come alone," he said, remembering the chilling words on the message. "Or else…he'll hurt her."

Prince James went silent for a moment and narrowed his eyes in thought. But not too long later he was beaming and looking at the king with a grin of cunning fixed on his face. "Fine…" he said calmly, crossing his arms over his chest and grinning harder, confusing King Jeremy until he finished his sentence.

"Then we'll just let him believe you'll be meeting him all by yourself…"

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