Ok. Before I begin to write this story in detail I would like your opinions. The basic idea is that there is a place called 'Super City' and the hero's of the story are Tom, Harry and Dougie. Then you have a normal guy, Danny :) and pretty much a series of events happens and we end up seeing two people fall in love. The story will be mostly AU, though a few aspects will be real. So here is the first chapter. Give me feedback people, I crave it. Enjoy the chapter.

The sun shone through the curtains and spotlighted the waking form of Danny Jones. He stretched, yawned, kicked the blankets from his body before opening his eyes and sitting up. He could hear the waves drumming against each other, children squealing in delight as they ran on the beach, the occasional dog bark. Yep, summer had definately arrived. Danny slid out of bed and wandered through his beach side apartment before stopping in the kitchen and taking a slice of last nights pizza from the fridge. He stepped onto the balcony and took a bite of the cold pizza. He decided it was going to be a wonderful day and a walk along the beach would see him fit to start the day. He finished off the slice of pizza before going back inside. He had a quick shower then dressed in a pair of board shorts and left his apartment. Bare foot he crossed the road and made his way down to the beach. The feeling of warm sand beneath his feet felt so good. He planned on walking the distance of the beach until he made it to the cliff face, and that was exactly what he did. For a few minutes he stood ankle deep in the water, staring out to the horizon, thinking about everything and nothing at the same time. He turned around and walked over to a bolder which was firmly planted in the sand. He sat down, wishing he had bought his guitar along, and a pen and paper, because ideas for lyrics had started to fill his head. So lost in the masses of ideas in his mind he didn't hear someone step up behind him. His attention was quickly caught when he felt a sharp jab in the side of his neck. He spun around to see a masked figure standing above him.

"Who are you?" he asked as panic filled every inch of him. Before he could receive an answer he felt light headed and then he fell unconscious.