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Full Summary: "We've got this crazy kind of love, ya know? She's all ice cream and inappropriate laughs. And I'm all pies and perverted jokes. But we fit. And sometimes I don't get it. And I sure as hell can't explain it... all I can say is that it's just… crazy love, ya know?" Dean and Bella meet. And they're instantly won over by each other. Is it just coincidence that they met and fell head over heels for one another? Or was it fate all along? One decision can alters one path so completely.

Author's Note: This is a Dean and Bella story. Bella is very, very, OOC. I can't stress that enough.

She wont tell her 'story' to Dean for atleast ten chapters. And since this will mostly be Dean POV, you wont know either. There will be hints of course, so you can guess what's happened to her to make her the way she is now.

And heads up, I will be time jump... a lot.

... enjoy.

Dean Winchester

"You're a selfish bastard, you know that?"

I came up to the trunk of the car watching him put his book bag on his back.

"You just do whatever you want. Don't care about what anybody thinks."

He gave me a shocked expression, "Is that what you really think?"

"Yes it is."

"Well," He scoffed, picking up his last bag, "This selfish bastard is going to California."

"Come on, you are not serious…" I said watching him walk away.

"I am serious." He didn't look back.

"It's the middle of the night!" I yelled, "Hey I am taking off, I will leave your ass, you hear me?"

Finally he turned, "That's what I want you to do."

We glared at each other for a couple of seconds before I turned away from him and slammed the trunk shut.

"Good bye, Sam."

Burkitsville, Indiana

I was still fuming as I pulled up to a small café and parked, shutting off the Impala quickly. I pulled out my phone and scrolled down till I reached Sam's name. I felt my jaw tighten at the onslaught of anger that rushed through me.

Why could he just follow orders? Like I did? Things would be so much easier…

I shook my head and tried to clear it. I didn't need any Sam-Drama to cloud my judgment while out on a hunt. I had a job to do. One that was appointed by Dad, so I knew it was important.

Taking a deep breath, finally calming, I opened the creaky door and got out.

The town was small. And ridiculously quiet. Which wasn't unusual for the towns we, I mean I, hunted in.

If that didn't creep me out enough, the old guy sitting on the rocking chair outside of the café under the sign, Scotty's Café, definitely did.

"Let me guess… Scotty?"

He looked up from his seat, "Yep."

Well, he's a talker.

"Hi, my name is John Bonham." I introduced myself.

"Isn't that the drummer for Led Zepplin?"

Well then…

"Wow, good," What am I supposed to say now? "Classic Rock fan." I chuckled.

"What can I do for ya, John?"


I cleared my throat and reached for the pictures in my jacket pocket, "I was just wondering if you seen these people by chance?"

He looked at the picture, "Nope. Who are they?"

"Friends of mine. They went missin' about a year ago… They passed through somewhere around here. And I've already asked around Scottsberg and Salem-"

"Sorry." He cut me off, handing me the pictures back, "We don't get many strangers around here."

I nodded, "Scotty you got a smile that lights up a room, anybody ever tell ya that?"

I'm a sarcastic prick. But he's an asshole.

He didn't laugh.

"Never mind," I tsked, "I'll see you around."

I left Scotty back on his rocking chair. He was creepy me out a little with his silent stare. I jogged across the street to a small gas station that had a little mechanic shop attached to it. I entered the small convenient store, the ding of the bell above the door alerted them of my presence and an older couple looked over at me.

"Hello." The older woman smiled, "How can we help you?"

"Hey, I was just wondering if you guys have seen these people. They're friends of mine. Disappeared around here about a year ago." I asked, handing them the missing peoples posters.

The woman took it for and studied it for a moment before handing it back to me.

"I'm sorry but I've never seen them before." She shook her head.

"You sure they didn't stop for gas or something?" I asked, handing the older man the pictures.

"Nope, don't remember them." He walked over to me, "You said they were friends of yours?"

I nodded, "That's right."

"Did the guy have a tattoo?"

I looked up at the new voice to see a blonde teenage girl coming down the steps with a bunch of boxes in her arms.

"Yes, he did." I answered her.

She put down the boxes and came over to look at the pictures. She looked at it for even shorter time than the older couple. She looked up at the older couple and handed me back the pictures.

"Remember?" She quirked an eyebrow at them, "They were just married."

I watched as the old guy took back the pictures and looked at them again.

"You're right, they did stop for gas. Weren't here for more than 10 minutes."

"Do you remember anything else?" I asked.

"Told them how to get back to the interstate." He shrugged, "They left town."

"Can you point me in that same direction?"


He quickly gave me the directions and tried to offer me some pie. I declined and soon I was driving down the road towards the interstate.

I had a lot to think about.

Sam not being one of them. I just wasn't going to deal with that.

There was something about this case that made the hair in the back of my head stand on end. Scotty's sunny disposition and the way the older couple said they didn't know who the couple was until that girl had said something.

There was definitely something going on here. And I think the townspeople knew too.

A loud wailing noise brought me out of my thoughts. I looked around until I noticed it was coming from the backseat.

"The hell?"

I dug into the backseat until I found the E.M.F. reader. It was going crazy. So I pulled over and looked around, realizing I was by an abandoned road with a bunch of orchard trees off to the side. I got out of the car and headed inside the orchard farm.

It was eerily quiet as I walked around the trees. The fog wasn't helping the creep-factor either. Soon I was walking into a clearing with a creepy scarecrow in side of it. I got closer to get a better look at it.

"Dude, you fugly."

And he was. It was like he came straight out of a horror movie. Weren't scarecrows supposed to be stuffed with hay? His face had a bunch of black stitches on it and he was dressed in a black trench coat, and had a hook for a hand.

I studied it for a little longer when something on its forearm caught my eye. I grabbed a ladder and brought it up to the scarecrow and climbed up it to get an even better look. I pushed the ripped trench coat away from the forearm, revealing a familiar faded out tattoo. I pulled out the missing paper and looked at the picture that belonged to the guy, knowing he had a tattoo too.

It was the same tattoo.

"Nice Tat."

I pulled up to the gas station and saw the same girl from earlier standing by a gas pump. I figured since she had been the most upfront that I'd just ask her some questions. I parked the car, turned it off, and climbed out.

"You're back." She smiled.

I returned her smile, "Never left."

"Still lookin' for your friends?" She asked.

I nodded, "Mind filling her up there…" I read her necklace, "Emily?"

She nodded with a smile before turning a grabbing the pump before making her way to the back of the car and slipping the nozzle into the gas tank.

"So, did you grow up here?"

"Came here when I was 13," She answered, "I lost my parents - car accident. My Aunt and Uncle took me in."

"They're nice people." I probed.

She shrugged, "Everybody's nice here."

I bet…

"So, what? It's the, uh, perfect little town?" I asked.

"Well, you know… It's the boonies," She shrugged, "But I love it. I mean, the towns around us… people are losing their homes, their farms, but here… It's almost like we're blessed." She explained.

Blessed. Riiiight….

"Hey, you been out to the orchard?" I inquired, "Seen that scarecrow."

She snickered, "Yeah, it creeps me out."

I laughed with her, "Who's is it?"

"I don't know." She shook her head, "It's always been there."

I nodded. This girl didn't know anything it was obvious. She wasn't avoiding questions like her Aunt and Uncle were. Something above her shoulder caught my eye and I noticed it was a dark red SUV parked up to the mechanical shop beside the convenient store.

I nodded towards the SUV, "Is that your Aunts and Uncles?"

"Costumer." Emily answered, "Had some car troubles."

"It's not a couple, is it? A guy and a girl?"

I sighed as she nodded and looked around the small town. It was still quiet and there wasn't any where for them to hang out at. So, I figured the couple must be inside the Café. I looked back at Emily, as she put the nozzle back on the pump and paid her, giving her a quick 'thanks' before getting back in the car and finding a parking spot across the street at 'Scotty's Café'.

Walking into the small café, I noticed a young couple sitting down eating as Scotty brought them apple pie. The ding of the bell made Scotty turn. He sent me a glare before he turned back to the couple.

"Hey ya, Scotty." I greeted him, and closed the door, "Got a coffee? Black."

He sent me another glare before turning away and walking back to the kitchen. I walked past the couple and found an open seat in front of them. When they glanced at me, I gave them one of my most charming smiles.

"Oh," I called back to Scotty, "and can I get some of that pie too?"

Before I could start in on questioning the couple, a loud rumble rolled passed the café, making the people inside the café stop and turn towards the window to see what it was. A huge red rust bucket of a Chevy truck pulled up to the gas station across the street, just as it back fired and steam started pillowing out of from the hood of the truck.

It was deadly quiet inside the café as we all watched the truck just… die.

We couldn't see the person climbing out of the truck but we sure as hell could hear them.

"Son of a bitch! You're gonna die on me, now? Piece of shit! GOD DAMN IT! What do you think? Yes, you can help me, asshole."

I choked on my laughter as I heard more clanking sounds but it sounded more like someone hitting metal over and over again. Harry must've came out to help the frustrated girl because she turned from yelling at the old truck to yelling at him.

It was quiet for a few minutes as everyone tried to see or hear what was going on but it had gotten quiet. The young couple must've seen something, the rest of us couldn't since they were closer to the window, because they quickly looked back down and started eating again, just seconds before the door opened roughly.

I sucked in a sharp breath at the girl that walked into the café.

It was more like woman really.

She was of medium height around 5'6" with deep mahogany hair that came down in curls under her shoulders and a little past her breasts. She was skinny but curvy and toned; it was obvious she worked out regularly. She had a nice athletic build to her.

She was wearing blue jean shorts that were ripped at the bottoms and an over sized white shirt that hung off her right shoulder and said 'I Want To Rock Your Gypsy Soul'. She had a purple top hat and ray bans with purple tint, and purple ballet flats.

It was all very matchy-matchy.

As I glanced at her tiny feet, I noticed that the shoes she wore showcased a nice tattoo on her right foot. It seemed to be just a regular tattoo of a branch with three flowers on it with no color on it. But on closer inspection, I noticed the three flowers had soft pink streaks in them along with words written into the flower petals but I couldn't tell what they said.

I looked back up to her face just as she took off her sunglasses to look around the café, revealing a pair of dark eyes which I couldn't tell if it was more green than brown or more brown than green.

She was all pale skin, delicious curves, and sultry smirks. Yum.

"Car trouble?" Scotty asked coming in from the back.

The girl narrowed her eyes and dropped her smirk.

"No," She bit out and flicked her thumb over her shoulder, "That was just me beating thin air with a crow bar. You got a beer? I'm havin' one of those days."

She walked passed Scotty, ignoring his glare as she looked around for a seat. Her eyes landed on the couple, before they swept towards me, where they rested for a few seconds. I smiled as her eyes trailed away from my face as she clearly checked me out.

Her eyes snapped towards mine, where she smirked and glanced at the seat in front of me.

"This seat open?"

She didn't wait for me to answer as she pulled out the seat across from me and plopped down on it, dropping her purse on the table. I quirked an eyebrow at her as she pulled out a newspaper and opened it. Completely ignoring me.

She looked up over her newspaper at me, as she must have felt my stare, and gave me a quirked eyebrow.

I smirked and stuck my hand out, "John Bonham."

Her eyebrows arose further, "Led Zeppelin drummer? Hmm," She hummed and took my hand, "Sandy West."

"The Runaway's drummer?" I chuckled.

She gave me a smirk that came with the expression that clearly said in a very sarcastic way, 'Well, duh.'

I stared at her hand as it was in mine. It fit perfectly and it was warm. It also sent shocks of electricity up my arm. She roughly took her hand back, making me snap out of my stare, and went back to her paper.

"Just passing through?" I asked her.

She didn't look up as she just nodded with a hum. I sighed, figuring I might not get anything from her and decided to go back to work.

"How about you guys?" I turned towards the young couple.

"Road trip." The woman smiled.

I hummed, "Yeah, me too."

Scotty came back then and poured the couple some tea. He looked up at me with a glare.

"I'm sure these people want to eat in peace."

"Just a little friendly conversation." I told him, "Oh, and that coffee too by the way."

"Scotty," Sandy West called out, "My beer?"

"We don't have beer."

"A coffee than, black." She didn't once look up from her paper.

Scotty came back with her coffee. Not mine. She looked up from her paper then, looking at her coffee to the open table in front of me and then to Scotty who was standing in front of her. She smirked and gave an amused humph.

"You want anything else?" Scotty glared down at her.

"Naw, Scotty," She took a drink of her coffee, "This is great."

"Mmhmm." Scotty's glare was accompanied by a drawn out hum.

"You know Scotty…" Sandy West called out as Scotty was walking away, never once looking up from her paper, "You sure do got a smile that lights the whole room," She looked up at him, "anybody ever tell ya that, Sweetheart?"

Scotty glared between me and her, as I choked on my laughter, "Are ya'll together?"

Sandy and I looked at each other, "Nope."

She looked back at me again actually giving me a small genuine smile instead of a smirk. Her eyes twinkled with mirth and it looked more green then brown at that moment. Before she blinked and went back to her paper.

"So what brings ya to town?" I looked back at the couple.

"We just stopped for gas and the guy at the gas station saved our lives." The girl answered.

In the corner of my eye, I watched as Sandy's eyes swept over to the couple as her body turned towards them subtly. But with my hunters' eye, I caught it.

"Is that right?" I looked between them.

"Yeah," The guy answered this time, "one of our break lines were leaking. And we had no idea," He shrugged, "he's fixing it for us."

"Nice people." I observed.

"Yeah." He nodded.

"So how long until you're up and runnin'?"

He looked back at me, "Sundown."

"Really?" I leaned in closer, "to fix a break line?" He nodded, "You know I know a thing or two about cars… I can probably have ya up and runnin' in about an hour. And not charge you anything."

"You know, thanks a lot, but" The woman smiled apology, "I think we'd rather have a mechanic do it."

Damn it… what to do, what to do…

"You know, it's just that these roads, um, they're not real safe… at night."

Sandy looked up from her paper at me with furrowed brows, as the couple shared a glance before looking at me.

"I'm sorry?"

I smiled sadly, "I know it sounds strange, but uh, you might be in danger."

"We're trying to eat." The man glared over at me.

I was about to open my mouth to say something when I felt something kick my shin, hard. I jumped and groaned as I rubbed my shin and looked at the girl in front of me. She gave me a glare and shook her head slowly, making me confused. She must've seen my confusion written on my face, because she sighed and looked back down at her paper.

"You're lookin' for somethin'," She murmured quietly enough that only I heard her, briefly glancing up at me, "I'm lookin' for something too."

"And what's that?" I whispered.

"I don't know yet. When I figure it out, I'll tell you." She folded her paper and slipped it back into her purse, nodding towards the door, "Either way, I'm more subtle about it."

I followed her nod to see the Sheriff walking into the café. Scotty walked over to him and whispered something, making the Sheriff ask me to follow him. I sighed, looking up to see Sandy putting money down on the table for her coffee, before she got up, calling out to Scotty for the nearest motel.

Looking back at the Sheriff, I knew I couldn't get out of this.

Soon I was driving out of Burkitsville with a police escort.

But I'd be back later…


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