Arranged marriages are practiced in pure blooded families. It was simply a marriage of convience and not one based on love. The Blacks and the Malfoys made no effort into keeping the union a secret but how will the children react? I got the idea when I was going through my old movie collection and was watching the Swan Princess. This chapter is based on the beginning of the movie. I really do hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do writing it. I'm not planning on it being a long story but you never know with me. Love you all enjoy.


P.S: I'm starting to brush myself up on the Harry Potter world so if I get a few terms, places, or beings wrong forgive me. Its been about four years since I read the books. Thanks.

I do not own any of these characters, they're part of the brilliant mind of J.K Rowling. If I did create it, the Malfoys would be the main characters. Okay I'm shutting up. Enjoy.

Prologue: This Isn't My Idea of Fun

"Do not walk too fast." Druella said pulling her seven year old daughter back with a pull on the collar of her dress robes. Narcissa frowned at her mother but the second she saw her mother's otherwise stern look turn to a deep glare she placed her eyes to the ground. "It's not a race. Your father and I paid good money for your dress robes and I don't want you ruining them by running around like a jungle child."

Narcissa frowned as she felt the stockings under her dress start to tighten around her legs. She stopped to straighten them nearly causing her mother to run into her. "Narcissa!" she snapped stopping an inch from bumping into her daughter. "Stop it! Do not embarrass me in front Abraxas and Lucius. This could be the beginning or the end of your future. Your father and I put a lot of effort into this. Do not ruin it."

"I don't want to marry him." The little girl said folding her arms against her chest and marching forward. "Why do I have to anyway?"

"When you're older you'll understand." Druella said flatly. She inhaled and exhaled sharply and grabbed her daughters hand. "Ready Cissy?" she asked. Before Narcissa could answer Druella was pulling her daughter roughly toward a tall man with a brown beard and short slicked back brown hair. A boy only a year older than her and a few inches taller stood next to him with blonde hair to his chin. He had a bored expression on his face and did his best to avoid her eyes.

"Ah Druella." The taller man said politely bowing before her. "You look as beautiful as ever." Her mother smiled and pushed the blonde hair out of her face and smiled graciously. She chuckled. "Oh Abraxas aren't you the charmer. You haven't changed a bit."

"Where are the two other ones. The last time I saw them they were babies."

"Oh Abraxas they're all grown up." She said with a fond tone of voice that Narcissa had never heard before. Usually whenever Druella talked about the kids to her father Cygnus or other family members there was some sort of negativity to her voice. "Andromeda is in her third year, Bellatrix will soon be heading off to Hogwarts next year and in four years so will my little Cissy." Druella said leaning on her youngest daughter and kissing her head quickly as if to get it over with. Narcissa frowned at the performance her mother was putting on, but remembered to smile her brightest at her future father-in-law.

"Ah. Time flies so fast."

Druella smiled and looked down at Lucius. "And this must be your son." She said leaning down. "Pleasure to meet you." She said extending her hand and after a hard knock to his arm Lucius finally shook it. "Pleasure to meet you too Mrs. Black." He said as if rehearsed many times.

"Such manners." She beamed and then turned to her daughter. "Narcissa. Remember what you were supposed to do?" Narcissa nodded and scooted up front and curtsied at Mr. Malfoy. "Pleasure to meet you Mr. Malfoy." She turned to Lucius. "Pleasure to meet you Lucius." When she finished she looked up at Druella and she nodded with approval.

"Lucius…" Abraxas said clearing his throat. Lucius sighed and walked forward. "I'm pleased to meet you Narcissa." He said quickly turning back as quickly as he came and folded his arms. Abraxas glared at Lucius and Lucius walked back toward Narcissa slowly. They stared at each other. Narcissa looked up at her mother with a confused look on her face.

"Hold you your hand sweetie." Druella said losing her patience. Narcissa did as she was told, she held out her hand waiting for him to kiss it like a gentleman. Lucius looked at the top of her hand with disgust as he held it in his. He sighed, scrunched his face, perking his lips but still keeping a sour look on his face and quickly threw his head forward and kissed her hand. "Yuck." He said wiping his mouth with his sleeve.

Narcissa snatched her hand back and rubbed the back of her hand on her dress. Lucius glared at Narcissa and she glared even harder. She was tougher than she appeared. She was Bellatrix's sister after all. Bella was the son that their father always wanted. She was just as rough and tough as the boys. She even gave their cousins Sirius and Regulus a run for their money. Druella had to pull Sirius apart from Bellatrix many time because he was losing at a game they called Mercy.

She balled up her fist and held them up at him like she was going to punch him at any moment. Lucius was stunned at first to see a girl of her status start to challenge him to a fight like a hoodlum, but before he could make a move Druella tapped her lightly on the head and flashed a stern look. She cleared her throat and said. "Shall we Abraxas?" she asked.

"Yes please." He said holding his arm out toward her and she took it and led her into the Malfoy Manor's luxurious patio overlooking the garden. Narcissa and Lucius followed behind them. "You should go home." Lucius said.

"Or you'll what?" Narcissa asked with an eyebrow raised.

"You don't want to know."

"I'm not moving unless you do something."

He pulled on her hair and she pulled on his. "Stupid. Only girls have long hair!" Narcissa snapped.

"That's not true!" Lucius exclaimed defensively. Druella and Abraxas turned to look at them and the children stared at them blankly, both fearing their strict parents. The pair of stern adults started to walk to the garden while the children continued their bickering in whispers.

"The children seem to be getting along." Druella said as she conjured up a pot of tea and two cups with a flick of her wand. She poured a cup for Abraxas and for herself. He looked out at the garden of the patio and nodded his head with approval. "Good." He said taking his cup of tea and sipping it.

Druella nor Abraxas noticed that Lucius and Narcissa were playing but not the typical children type of play. Bellatrix developed a game called Wizards and Dragons. How you play is quite simple. Someone is the wizard and someone else is the dragon. Whoever wins a fight (or whomever gives up) wins the game. Bellatrix would always win because not only was she stronger and faster but because she played dirty. She would hide in bushes, behind couches and sometimes under piles of dirty clothes to get her. Sometimes it was a slap in the face, or making Narcissa lose her footing. Before Narcissa could get her back she'd run off and Narcissa would have to find her again.

Narcissa hide in the bushes as Lucius looked for her. She bit her cheeks hard trying her best not to laugh as the boy looked high and low for her whereabouts. When Lucius was close enough to touch, she jumped out of the bush, slapped him with a flat palm to the face and ran off again before he could recover.

Lucius already frustrated with the game he couldn't win looked for Narcissa once again. He crept slowly around the corners of the garden making sure he inspected everywhere for a trace of the annoying girl he met only moments beforehand. He noticed the end of a little pink robe in a bush not too far from the open gardening closet. He sneered and waited till for her. Just as he planned she jumped up to hit him, but this time he was ready for her. He shoved her into a closet and closed the door shut. Narcissa pulled and tugged at the door knob through the darkness, but it didn't budge. "Open the door!" she screamed as she banged on the door hard that it echoed on the inside and out.

"It locks from the outside." Lucius snickered. "Sorry."

Narcissa slammed her tiny fist on the door as hard as she could for several minutes until she finally gave up. The pain from her banging her fist was starting to increase and slowly tears started to fall down her face, soon she was sobbing hard. Her lips quivered and she wiped the mucus and tears on her sleeve. She wasn't sure how long she had been crying but as soon as she settled down the door opened. The light hurt her eyes and she covered them quickly. When her eyes adjusted she noticed an elf with large tennis ball sized green eyes and a skinny frame look at her. "Oh pardon me Miss." He said in a squeaky voice. "Dobby is here to tend to the garden."

"Do you know where my Mummy is?" she asked.

"Dobby don't know. What's your mummy's name?" he asked.

"Druella Black." Narcissa said wiping her tears away.

"Dobby knows. Dobby will take you to her." He said motioning her to follow him. Narcissa wiped her tears with her already soaking wet sleeve and sniffed. She followed the house elf that was barely taller than her. Narcissa was always small for her age and it was nice for once to have someone who wasn't towering over her. "So your name is Dobby?" Narcissa asked trying to keep up with Dobby's quick stride.

"Yes Miss. What's your name?"

"Narcissa." She said with a smile. "I'm sorry to take you away from your work but I was locked in there."

"Dobby always glad to help." He said taking her to the patio where Druella and Abraxas were having tea and laughing as they caught up with old times. Druella cupped her hand over mouth as she laughed. "Oh Abraxas. You haven't changed a bit. You're just as funny as the days when we were in Hogwarts. Seems so long ago doesn't it?"

"Oh not too long. You still look just as beautiful. One of the most beautiful women I have ever seen." Abraxas said with a charming grin on his face. Druella grinned and slapped his hand playfully. "Oh you shouldn't say things that you don't mean."

"But I do my dear Ms. Rosier-. I mean Mrs. Black."

Druella's light eyes darted toward Narcissa as the little girl walked closer and closer toward her. Her charming smile turned into a scowl. She jumped up from her chair and marched toward her daughter. "Narcissa Black!" She exclaimed. "What have you done to your robes?" Narcissa looked down at her pink dress robes and saw large patches of dirt on her knees, arms, hands, slimy sleeves and dirt over her new shoes.

Lucius was behind his father flashing him a smirk. "It's because of him Mummy!" she said pointing an accusing finger at him. "He locked me in a closet because he was losing at Wizards and Dragons!" Lucius's eyes widened and he pointed to himself. "Me? I didn't do anything."

"Liar!" she said dashing at him and pushed him down. Before Lucius could defend himself Abraxas pulled him back with a flick of his wand and Druella pulled Narcissa back with hers. The two kids tried to hit and kick at each other while in midair. "Narcissa, you've embarrassed me enough today!" she snapped at her daughter. The anger that was pulsing through her veins came out in her cracking voice as she tried to maintain some sort of composure. She turned to Abraxas and said in a sympathetic voice. "I'm so sorry." She said with a nervous. "She's not normally like this."

"No, no, no." Abraxas said shaking his head, then glaring at his levitating son. "The fault is mine. Apparently Lucius wasn't on his best behavior like we discussed."

"But Father…" Lucius said turning to Abraxas.

"Silence!" he snapped. "Perhaps another time Druella. Please wish Andromeda and Bellatrix the best of luck at Hogwarts."

"Thank you." Druella said letting go of Narcissa. The young girl barely landed on her feet. "Pleasure to see you again Abraxas. Lucius." She said nodding to both of them, and gave her daughter a scowl. "Narcissa…" she said in a low voicr. "Say you're sorry to the Malfoys."

"But Mummy!"

"No buts and do as you're told!" Druella said losing her temper. Narcissa could feel a solid whipping coming along once they were home. Her backside already started to burn just from the thought of her mother's whippings. She straightened her robes and walked toward the Malfoys. Lucius landed on his feet after Abraxas let him go and smirked at her.

"Sorry. Mr. Malfoy." Narcissa said to Abraxas and turned to Lucius and glared. "Well…?" Lucius said folding his arms against his chest. Narcissa stared him down only to break the stare when she turned to her mother. "Mummy…"

"One!" Druella said. Whenever their mother started to count down she was losing stressed or enraged, sometimes both if one of her children made her angry enough. Plus that meant the number of extra whip lashing she was going to receive. Narcissa turned back around and said softly. "Sorry…" she mumbled.

"What was that?" Lucius said cupping his ear.

"I said sorry." Narcissa mumbled a little louder.

"Come again."

"Sorry!" she yelled in his ear. Lucius covered his ears at the loudness of her voice and massaged his temples once she was finished.

Abraxas nodded. "Your turn Lucius." Lucius rolled his eyes and turned back to his father. "Father…"

"What did I say?" he snapped.

"Sorry…" he said quickly.

"Hmm?" Narcissa asked mimicking Lucius by cupping her hand over ear.

"Sorry!" he exclaimed.

"Wonderful." Druella said grabbing her daughters hand. "Farewell Abraxas. Come along Narcissa." She said pulling her hard out of Malfory Manor.

"Back to work you!" Narcissa heard Abraxas exclaim at the house elf. Narcissa almost forgot Dobby, she turned back to him and saw him walk away back to the garden. She felt awful for not thanking the house elf but by the way her mother was tugging on her arm this wasn't the time to be playing with her mothers temperament. "Mummy." She said quietly. "I was telling the truth I didn't mean to-."

"You deliberately disobeyed me!" she snapped at her.

"Mummy… I'm sorry-."

"I don't want to hear your voice till we get home. I buy you beautiful robes, shoes, and dresses and you treat it like it was some old dishrag! How could you humiliate me like that? If he decides he doesn't want Lucius to marry you then it's your fault, not mine! And another thing…stop calling me Mummy in public. It's Mother. You're seven years old you should start acting like a young lady instead of a baby." She fussed as they both disapparated into thin air back to the Black household. Narcissa knew she was going to have a severe punishment for embarrassing her mother but the worst punishment that Narcissa could think of was being married to that thing of a human being. Narcissa shook her head at the thought of being married to him. She'd rather lick a toad.