Me: Hi there guys! I hope that you enjoy my first ever Fanfiction! Buttercup, if you will!

Buttercup: Fine! ButtercupSuperfan does not own The Powerpuff Girls, The Rowdyruff Boys, the world (yet...), oversize lampshades or stripy socks! There! I said it! Now what...?

Me: The story!

Buttercup: OK! Sheesh woman! Chill!

Buttercup's POV:

Uh! I hate school man! I mean what part of my life am I gonna need to know what date Henry VIII died on? Really! Oh well, at least I can look forward to going to Elmer's birthday party tonight with Blossom and Bubbles. I remember when me, Blossom and Bubbles were little. Wow, come to think of it, we've changed quite a bit since then. Now, we're all 16 and in High School.

Blossom hasn't completely changed her look, she still has super – long orange hair down to her bum. She doesn't wear a novelty red bow any more though, she just wears a simple pink rose in her hair instead. Her usual clothing is a light - pink jumper and a hot pink mini – skirt with baby pink dolly shoes. She goes out with a member of our old enemys, Brick. Yuck man!

Bubbles has almost completely changed her look. She no longer has pigtails in her hair, she took them out years ago, and now has her hair straight down to her shoulders, by the way it's still fully blonde. Her usual outfit nowadays is a baby blue T – shirt with the word 'Princess' on it. She also wears a short dark blue skirt with pleats in it and knee – length blue boots. She goes out with another Rowdyruff Boy, Boomer, errrrrrrr!

Then there's me I guess. I've changed quite a bit too to be honest with you. I handed in my stupid dress ages ago in exchange for a dark green tank top, dark green jeans and green trainers. Nothing fancy for me. Oh, and my hair doesn't have a flick in it any more, it is down to my shoulders and feathered. Blossom's fault. Oh well. Oh yeah, and if you thought I could possibly be stupid enough to go out with the last remaining Rowdyruff Boy, Butch, you were completely wrong and always have been and always will be! Hmm!

As I was thinking of me and my sister's dramatic changes, I was very rudely interrupted by a rolled up sheet of paper aimed at the back of my head. I turned to see who had thrown it. It was Butch. He grinned menacingly at me and urged for me to read the note he had thrown at me. I gave him one of my famous glares which made his grin drop and picked up the note. I unrolled it and it read in Butch's scruffy handwriting:

Hi Buttercup, are you coming to Elmer's birthday party tonight?

I raised my eyebrows curiously when I had read the note. I scrambled for a pen and replied in my almost decent handwriting:

Hey Butch. Yeah, I'm coming. Why, are you?

I glanced at Mr Ansell, our history teacher. He was jabbering on about WW2 so I rolled my eyes behind his back guessing I was safe to reply to Butch. I glanced behind me to make sure Butch was ready to catch my note and then I threw it behind my shoulder to Butch.

A few seconds later, after many useless dates being scribbled into our work books, I felt a piece of paper brush across my head and hit Mr Ansell straight on the nose. Big mistake Butch. Detentions for both of us since we both burst out laughing. Oh well. Big deal. I'd have to speak to Butch after school.