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We Met At Midnight.


Uchiha Sasuke glanced at his watch before moving his eyes to the window. Night time Tokyo was a dazzling display of lights and colour on the horizon. Flashing signs illuminated the sides of buildings and Sasuke allowed himself to be distracted by the words flashing across the screen. The clock in his office began to chime and looking at his watch again Sasuke saw it had just turned midnight. With a small sigh he rose and pulled off his glasses. Glancing out at the lights once more he sighed again before putting his glasses down and leaving his office. He moved out past the empty receptionist desk and pressed the down button on the elevator. He waited still and patient as the elevator arrived and stepped in. Turning to face the door he waved his key card across the sensor, pressed the ground button and waited once more. The lift arrived with a small ping and Sasuke smoothly stepped out. He waved a goodbye at the security guard who was on duty and continued towards the doors.

"Uchiha-sama, wait!" the guard called out.

Sasuke stopped and turned. "Can I help with something?" he asked politely. The man's name was Juugo. Sasuke had made a point of learning everyone's names and getting to know them since ... well, since the incident.

"Your car hasn't arrived yet," Juugo pointed out, gesturing to the empty walk outside.

Sasuke looked out past the double locked doors and shrugged. "I haven't called him, that's why."

"Sir, I must insist that you do," the orange-haired security guard said. "With those devils running around at night you can never be too sure."

"I only live three blocks away, it's nonsense I take a car to get to work anyway," Sasuke said.

"Then perhaps you should contemplate using the condo upstairs?"

Sasuke's mind drifted to the empty place at the top of the building, the beautiful architectural masterpiece his parents had commissioned. Before their deaths. Before they died in the masterpiece they had had created for them and their sons.

"I can't live there," Sasuke said. "I'm here every day, it's nice to leave and go somewhere else after five."

"But before six. Uchiha-sama, I can't let you walk out those doors. Not now when it's after midnight."

"Leave it alone," Sasuke snapped. "I appreciate your being worried about me but I have walked this walk many times before and nothing has happened." He noticed the expression on the security guards face and sighed. "If it makes you feel any better I'll call reception as soon as I'm home. That way you'll know I arrived safely. Deal?"

The orange-haired man permitted a slight bow of the head. "Deal."

"Goodnight," Sasuke said, slightly stiff.

He turned and left without another look back. Silly, really. He didn't need to be looked after. He just needed peace and time to himself. What between running a company and ensuring it made profit again he barely had a minute to himself where he didn't think about the company. He shook his head, dark bangs falling across an eye. The walk home would do him good. He didn't even consider calling for his driver. The old man would be asleep by now anyway. Better to leave him rest then ask him to get out of bed, put on his uniform and drive around the block to get him. It was getting colder too, Autumn was fast coming to an end and Winter waited, beckoning the countryside into her cold, frosted arms. Pushing his hands into his pockets Sasuke turned a corner. Only a block to go. See, this wasn't that hard. Honestly, why people made such a fuss about being out after dark he'd never understand. Nothing was going to happen, cars were still driving past and the odd late night convenience store was still open for trade. He should do this more often, after all, nothing bad was going to hap-


Naruto didn't bother to stifle the sigh as the girl in front of him babbled on nervously. She faltered slightly and he urged her to continue with a roll of his hand. She smiled awkwardly before launching into another boring story of something she'd done a few years back. Sighing again Naruto decided he'd had enough.

"Kiba, take her. She'd bore me to death if I weren't already dead," he said sullenly. His bodyguard was on the scene in a heartbeat and gestured for the girl to follow him. She made to protest but at Naruto's look stopped and moved away without another word. Slumping back in his chair Naruto growled in annoyance. What was the point in being in charge if you didn't have entertainment that was worth staying in for? Kiba had promised him the girl was worth not having the trouble of having to drive in to Tokyo. Hell, she'd even made him lose her appetite. Flicking a tongue against his unnaturally long canine teeth he glanced over the room. Everyone had made themselves at home. A couple were kissing on the couch and another group were playing poker by the fireplace. He cocked his head and watched the flames dance. He didn't understand why they lit a fire considering their eyes saw better when there was no light at all.

Just as his felt his boredom peaking the front door to his house was barrelled open. Naruto stood in anticipation, his ears catching on the struggled breaths and heartbeat of a live, and struggling, captive. He knew without seeing that it was Ino and Sakura returning with their prey and as they rounded the corner and came in to his line of view Naruto couldn't help but allow a feral grin to cross his face. They had a man and he was dressed in a suit. A hewn bag concealed his head and his hands were tied tightly behind his back. His figure was lean and his skin fair. The best part about him though was the way he struggled, as if once he freed himself from their hold he was safe. Naruto licked his lips, it was always so much better when they struggled.

"Naruto, you won't believe it," Ino gushed. "He's so cute, so much cuter than in photos!"

"Can I have a bite, please Naruto?" Sakura interjected. "He fought so hard, I think he almost snapped my leg in two at once stage."

Naruto stalked down from his dais and crossed his arms. "I'm sure we'll come to some agreement. What is he? O Negative do you reckon?"

Sakura and Ino giggled. "You're losing touch in your old age," Ino chided. "It's AB Negative."

Naruto grinned, blue eyes sparking with interest. "I must be."

"What's better is when you see who it is!" Sakura laughed, pulling loose the bag.

The man had been gagged and dark hair fell across his face. Naruto moved a little closer and Sakura pulled aside the glossy bangs that covered the man's face. When the aristocratic features were revealed to him Naruto had to pull himself up from losing control there and then. He was stunning. Big liquid black eyes glared up at him with ill-concealed hate, his nose was straight and small and his cheeks retained enough flush for him to look exerted but not frantic. Naruto couldn't help but smile. He wasn't old; he'd eat a hat if the captive was over twenty-five.

"Do you like him?" Sakura asked. By now the rest of the group had gathered and were gazing at the man with obvious lust.

"He's wonderful," Naruto told her. "The perfect catch."

"Better yet when you find out who his brother is!" Sakura taunted.

"Brother?" Naruto asked. He saw the raven stiffen and glare at the strawberry-blonde woman. He threw daggers with his eyes before turning back and doing the same to Naruto.

"U...chi..." Ino started before bursting in to a fit of giggles.

Naruto frowned as he felt his patience beginning to wear thin. You'd think after being around for almost two hundred years you'd learn to be more patient. "Well?"

"Uchiha Sasuke! We've got Uchiha Sasuke!" Sakura interrupted.

Naruto felt the patience drain from his being. "Who?" he demanded.

"Uchiha Itachi's brother!" the girls chorused.

Any semblance of humanity Naruto retained when he was calm vanished as his eyes flushed red and his abnormally long canine's grew to the lengths that would make any vampyr proud. He'd waited years for revenge on the fucker and now, with his brother in his lair, Naruto was going to drain the fuck out of him and show Uchiha Itachi that you don't fucking mess with Uzumaki Naruto.

Ah, yes. The ill-fated Human falls in love with Vampire themed storyline. I can't help it, I had to do it. So, there's definitely more where this came from and as there was no steamy sex you're safe knowing it's no one-shot. So let me know if it's worth continuing, peeps :D