The sunlight streaming through the window at 7:30 in the morning was what had woken Kazuki. He put his hand over his eyes and groaned, then quickly shut up when he remembered who was in bed next to him. He looked over, and there she was. Tokiko Tsumura. His girlfriend. Well, lover now. Kazuki blushed at the thought and it`s truthfulness. He looked at the ceiling as he remembered the events leading up to it.


"Tokiko! I`m home!" Kazuki called out as he closed the front door of their house. They had been living together for a month now, and every day (except weekends), Kazuki left for his job as a martial arts instructor, then came back a few hours later. It had surprisingly good pay, and they were able to get by. Everyday, Kazuki came home and was greeted by Tokiko.

Today, however was different.

"Hello Kazuki!" Tokiko called out, like normal, but today there was something different about her voice. Something Kazuki couldn`t quite place. So he put down his things and called out

"Tokiko! Are you okay?" while going towards the office where she was.

"Yes, I`m fine." Tokiko said, but Kazuki could tell that she wasn`t. He entered the office and sighed when he saw her in the same position as this morning: sitting at her computer, typing away.

"Tokiko," Kazuki said. "Are you still looking for a job?" Tokiko frowned. Ever since she had lost her previous job two weeks ago, she had spent every waking hour looking for another one. Kazuki was getting worried.

"Tokiko, you don`t have to look so hard to find a job. I`m making plenty of money, so we`re getting by…" Kazuki slowly drifted to a stop when he saw something that he hadn`t seen in a long time: tears.

Tokiko was crying.

"I`m sorry Kazuki." Tokiko said quietly.

"What are sorry for Tokiko?"

"Everything!" Tokiko nearly screamed, bawling now. "I`m sorry I can`t get a job, I`m sorry i`m such a crappy girlfriend-"

"Stop right there." Kazuki said suddenly, grabbing Tokiko`s wrists and forcing her to look at him, which she did with red eyes. "Now you listen to me Tokiko." Kazuki said sternly. "I don`t care if you don`t have a job. We are getting by just fine, and I hate seeing you like this. Please, stop exhausting yourself over trying to find a job! And," Kazuki started with determination. "Don`t you ever degrade yourself by saying that you are a bad girlfriend ever again. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I love you."

At first, Tokiko seemed taken aback by the truth of her boyfriends words. Then, wordlessly, she grabbed him in a bone-crushing hug. Sensing the seriousness of the moment, Kazuki didn`t say a word. Then, Tokiko grabbed Kazuki`s head and forced their lips together in a passionate kiss, which Kazuki returned. But soon, the kiss heated up and they both could tell that this was going to lead to where they had been building up to for a while now. They stumbled out of the office and into the hallway, only breaking the kiss to shed clothing. Then, they arrived in the bedroom fell onto the bed and…



Kazuki smiled at the memories, and was starteled when Tokiko spoke up.

"Thank you Kazuki." She said, turning to face him. "I was just so stressed out about getting another job and-"

"Shhhh." Kazuki said, silencing her by putting his finger on her lips. "Tokiko, I don`t care about that stuff. I just care about you being happy and staying that way." Tokiko smiled, content. Right then she didn`t care about not having a job, or any of those things. Kazuki loved her. She loved Kazuki.

That was enough.

Meh. Just a short fluffy one-shot. Not my best work. Regardless, enjoy!