Koga stared at the little girl who was just too damn cute for words. He had to wonder how two beings like Naraku and Sesshoumaru could have a child together that was that cute. "I'm Koga and who are you?" He questioned back.

"Takara's name is Takara." She nodded up at him.

Definitely Sesshoumaru's kid he thought to himself. "Nice to meet you Takara." He bowed graciously at her causing her to giggle.

She eyed him for a moment then nodded like she had come to some great realization. "Did you come to see Takara's new brothers?"

"I'm not sure? Who are your brothers?" He questioned thoughtfully.

"Brother." Naraku walked up behind Takara, picked her up, and eyed the wolf carefully.

Koga bit his tongue and fought down the urge to growl at him. "I see." He nodded carefully. "I suppose a congratulations is in order."

Naraku watched him partly hoping the boy would act up so he could gut him… or at least maim him up a little. "Thank you." He nodded curtly.

"Jifu?" Takara fisted her fingers into his hair beginning to get upset at the tension in the air.

"It's okay baby." He rubbed her back. "Jifu is just talking with shishi's…" He trailed off and stared at the ookami with a dark brow arched highly in question.

Koga snorted with a curt shake of his head. "Your guess is as good as mine." He nodded as he settled down.

"And have you made any intentions towards her?" He questioned genuinely curious so he could get a read on the relationship between the wolf and his daughter. It would be easier if he had a clear grip so when it came time for them to return to the wolf pack he'd know how to deal with Sesshoumaru.

"Aside from carving my intentions in giant letters on the side of a mountain I couldn't have made them anymore clearer." He huffed. "I ask and she skips around answering me and honestly I'm running out of patience with her." He stared Naraku dead in the eye. "I will try once more while we're here and if she doesn't answer I will be leaving and leaving her here."

"Have you told her of this decision?" He questioned as he pulled Takara's hand from his hair when she pulled it.

He shook his head. "No," he sighed deeply and crossed his arms over his chest. "I will lay it all on the line and we'll go from there."

Naraku nodded in agreement. "So what are you intentions exactly? As her father I want to make sure she isn't just some toy for you to play with and that I won't have to protect her honor." His voice dropped menacingly.

"No!" He growled and narrowed his eyes upon him. "As unfortunate as it is that you bare parental rights to her I will not treat her with anything other than the respect SHE deserves."

"I see." He smirked darkly. "Well as her father I bid you my blessing but know I will be keeping a close eye on you to make sure she's always treated properly."

Koga opened his mouth to respond to that but snapped it shut when Inuyasha's voice could be heard just outside.


"Shulda kicked his ass when I had the chance." Koga muttered to himself.

"Who's that?" Takara looked at her father.

"No one important." He smirked. "Let's go find chichi and see what he thinks."

"I'll go keep him busy." Koga nodded.

Naraku nodded back then turned and headed for his bedroom.

"He got here sooner then I expected." Kenta nodded at him as he walked past.

"A near fatal maiming if he gets out of hand." Naraku ordered.

Kenta bowed his head knowing full well that that was more Sesshoumaru's order than anyone's. "If he'd let me kill him life would be a lot quieter."

"Agreed." Naraku snorted then continued to his room.

"Sesshoumaru-sama you can't!" Rin ordered with hands on her hips.

Amber eyes narrowed deeply as he gently and lightly tied his sash around his waist. "You're trying my patience." He growled at her.

"Sesshoumaru,,," Shingai tried holding her little brother close and was cut silent by the deadly growl he let off.

"Don't you dare threaten us!" Rin challenged right back and turned to Naraku standing in the doorway. "You better tell him he's not going out there." She glared at him.

"He can go now what he can do when he gets there is an entirely different story." He nodded and watched as Sesshoumaru's jaw stopped clenching. He handed Takara to Rin and held his hand out to Sesshoumaru. "You stay in here for now and we'll come get you after we've dealt with him." He ordered.

"Ahh," Rin scowled. "I wanted to watch you beat him."

"Iie." Sesshoumaru growled.

She huffed like she was really being put out. "Fine," she stamped her foot to the ground. "punch him a good one for me then."

"Me too." Takara echoed her sister.

Sesshoumaru grunted and walked out the door.

"Don't let him do anything stupid." Shingai nodded at her dark father.

"Don't worry everything will be fine providing Kenta hasn't killed him already." He grinned then followed after Sesshoumaru.

"He better not." Rin glared at the door then sighed and shook her head.


"Koga?!" Inuyasha growled when the ookami stepped out into the courtyard. "I knew you were full of shit!" He pointed Tessaiga at him.

Koga crossed his arms over his chest as he stared at him. "Did you ever stop to think that maybe just maybe people don't want to be around you? And maybe just maybe because it's you always swing your sword first and ask questions later." He glared at him. "That's why you're kept in the dark about everything because you never listen so no one ever tells you anything." He shook his head.

"Don't…" He trailed off when Kenta landed directly in front of him.

"Inuyasha." He narrowed his dark eyes. "I believe it's time for a lesson in etiquette."

"Fuc…" He trailed off when a clawed hand wrapped tightly around his neck.

"First lesson," Kenta started as he lifted him off the ground and pulled him in close so they were eye to eye. "is you'll watch your foul tongue." He gave him a good shake causing Tessaiga to fly from his hand. "Second you will act an adult with respect and honor." He flung him over to where his sword landed.

Inuyasha put one hand to his hand to his throat as his other wrapped around the hilt of his sword. "I don't take orders from you." He growled out and jumped to his feet but before he could do anything more Sesshoumaru was right in front of him. "Bout fucking time." He growled and again found himself unable to breathe when is brother grabbed him by the neck.

"You are in my home and you will act respectable." He growled in to his face as his eyes began to bleed crimson at the possible threat the boy posed to his family.

Inuyasha stared at his brother and had never in all the times they crossed paths seen him look so feral. "I just want Naraku." He bit out.

"Drop him Sesshoumaru." Naraku walked up and placed his hand on Sesshoumaru's arm.

"Iie," he growled deadly and let his poison loose into his hand. "he's a threat to my babies."

Inuyasha began to struggle in earnest when he felt the burning of his brother's poison against his flesh. "Lemme go dammit!"

Naraku gripped Sesshoumaru by the wrist and jerked his hand away to keep him from killing the boy. "If he attempts to do anyone within these walls harm he'll be dealt with swiftly." He nuzzled his neck with his nose as he wrapped his arms around him trying to calm him down. "He can't take on all of us."

Sesshoumaru nodded and let his ire settle to a more manageable level. He then laced his fingers with the ones pressed gently against his abdomen just above his now nearly healed birthing incision.

"Now Inuyasha," Naraku looked down at the boy staring wide eyed up at them while gripping his throat. "you are treading on dangerous ground here and if you wish to live to see tomorrow I suggest you calm down."

"What the hell is going on here?!" He growled but remained sitting on the ground staring up at his two arch nemesis. Why was Naraku hugging Sesshoumaru like that? But more importantly why in all level of hells was Sesshoumaru LETTING him hug him like that.

"All your questions will be answered if you can act civilized," Naraku glared at him. "if not you will be escorted off the mountain and in a none to gentle way."

"And banished." Sesshoumaru growled; his eyes still tinged pink.

He didn't care if he was banished or not since the Taishou name never did a damn thing for him anyway. However his village was within Sesshoumaru's domain meaning he'd have to leave home or risk death by anyone under Sesshoumaru's rule. That included Kikyo's death as well as his son's. "Fine." He bit out as he slowly stood up and put his sword away. Besides he was really curious as to what the hell was going on here and maybe just maybe if he played nice they'd tell him where the jewel was.


Inuyasha sat at the end of the table with a hot cup of tea in front of him staring straight across at Naraku with Sesshoumaru sitting to Naraku's right. Again he had to wonder just what the hell was going on when Rin, some little girl, and that girl that was with Koga came filing in. His eyes then widened when that girl handed Sesshoumaru the tiny bundle in her arm and he realized it was a baby. "What is going on?" He questioned not demandingly but with a very very confused edge to his voice.

Naraku nodded and once everyone was situated he began. "Very well." He agreed then waved his had towards the girl to his left. "Inuyasha this is our eldest daughter Shingai I saved her from a destroyed village."

"Our daughter?" He drew his brows deeply.

"Our daughter." Naraku nodded and waved a hand between himself and Sesshoumaru. "We have been mated for just over six years now." He smiled over at Sesshoumaru who nodded in return as he cuddled their newest addition to his chest. He turned back to the inu at the other end of the table who was staring wide eyed at them. "Now you know Koga," he nodded towards the ookami. "we're not sure if he's going to be apart of this family or not we're waiting for someone to make up her mind." He eyed Shingai who flushed and looked down at her lap.

"He will be." She whispered then reached over and laced her fingers with Koga's causing the wolf to stare wide eyed at her.

"I forbid it." Sesshoumaru growled.

Shingai snapped her head up and stared straight across at the inu. "You can't stop me!" She argued then jerked her head towards Rin. "Just like you couldn't stop her!"

"Are you challenging me?" He growled. "I am the utmost authority over you and you will obey me."

"That's not fair!" She argued back nearly yelling at him.

Sesshoumaru opened his mouth to really lay the law down but Naraku cut in first.

"Now is not the time." He ordered with a glare between the two.

Sesshoumaru let off a small growl but remained silent. He was right this was between he and Shingai and not their guests.

"Good." Naraku nodded then looked back at the gap jawed hanyou. "Now you already know Rin," he nodded towards the girl staring wide eyed at her sister stunned by her outburst. "she's mated to Kenta whom you also know. They're expecting their first child; our grandchild," he nearly smirked when Sesshoumaru growled angrily over at his general. "by mid winter."

Inuyasha just nodded dumbly not really sure how to take this as each piece fell into place.

"Now," he looked over at Takara who was staring wide eyed at her uncle. "that's Takara mine and Sesshoumaru's first biological child." He smiled at her when she looked over at him hearing her name.

"Jifu who's that?" She pointed at the hanyou.

"Your uncle Inuyasha." Sesshoumaru growled out in response with a glare at his sibling. "Lastly this is Nariaki just born a few days ago."

Inuyasha just stared completely in shock at his sibling. "Mated to Naraku?" He questioned in a whisper. "How? Why?"

"How and why are irrelevant." Sesshoumaru nodded curtly at him. "The point of the matter is this what you seek no longer exists. A wish has already been made."

He moved his wide ambers over to Naraku still in utter shock. "Is this what you wished for; to be mated to Sesshoumaru and have this family?"

Naraku snorted at that. "No. This," he waved his hand around the room. "I made without the jewel's help. The jewel I wanted so I could wish myself complete to obtain the one thing or should I say being I desired as much if not more than the jewel." He reached over gently caressed Sesshoumaru's cheek and smiled lovingly at him. "The wish that was eventually made nearly cost me everything I worked so hard to obtain." He leaned over and gave Sesshoumaru a light kiss on the lips then looked back over at Inuyasha. "The wish took Sesshoumaru from me and erased his memories leaving me to start all over again and win him back." He looked over at their son. "Nariaki is the end result."

Inuyasha couldn't process a single thing other than Naraku and Sesshoumaru having a couple of kids together. "How? How can you have a baby together?"

"It's not so unusual." Kenta shrugged answering him. "Your father was born of two males. It's done to ensure the birth of a son and a powerful one at that." He looked over at Takara and winked at her causing her to giggle at him. "However in this case I believe they birthed a girl because of Naraku being a hanyou at the time. It set the odds at a seventy-five percent they'd have a boy and twenty-five a girl."

"I guess that explains that." Naraku looked over at Sesshoumaru who was staring slightly wide eyed at his general.

"And how are you so knowledgeable in that subject?" He arched a silver brow highly.

"It was my mother's past time." He shrugged dismissively. "She much like many others wanted to understand how youkai reproduction worked when two males could create a child. Or when a single youkai could create a child without a mate or performing copulation with another."

"Interesting." Naraku nodded. "I'd be curious to know that last one as well especially in the case of a hanyou." He cut his eyes over to Inuyasha and arched a brow. "Care to explain?"

Inuyasha shifted at the awkward feeling of having so many eyes set upon him. "It's… uh…" He scowled as he looked down at his lap. "Just never mind." He grumbled then looked up at Naraku. "How'd you know?" He glared to change the subject.

"It was a simple deduction really. If Kagome is mated to Kei and something not quite alive is unable to give birth," he shrugged. "you either reproduced yourself or you found someone to carry your child for you. Kagome never said that you got someone else pregnant when I questioned her as to how a dead woman could give birth."

"It could have been someone else even another male like you two." He defended with a glare.

"Yes well that was a possibility but I highly doubt you'd so willingly give up your one true love to be with another." He pointed out knowingly. "With you it was always either Kagome or Kikyo there was never any room for any other."

He curled his hands into tight fists in his lap at that. "Yea so what my family life is screwed up it's no different now then it ever was." He defended as he stared down at his fisted hands.

"Sesshoumaru-sama." Rin stared at him then jerked her head towards Inuyasha pleading with her eyes. "I think the past can be let go." She nodded at him. "He can't help who he is and what he was born as."

"That wasn't the problem." Sesshoumaru nodded curtly then looked over at his sibling who was staring at him. "You've always known what it would take to return home but your pride would never let you. It still stands today as it stood when I spoke with your mother."

Inuyasha stared at his sibling for a long moment before he slowly cast his eyes around the table. There was a small tension in the air and he could feel it had nothing to do with him and everything to do with that other girl Shin-whatever. The other feelings he felt which hung heavy in the air were contentment and happiness and yet a tinge of sorrow as well. He knew these feelings all too well feeling them when he visited Kagome and Kei and her son. Or over at Miroku and Sango's with their two kids and Shippo. Yet those feelings were never his in his home with his family; everything was always so cold and unforgiving.

Kikyou was angry and cold all the time. Tanjiro was as mean and foul mouthed as ever and nothing he would ever say or do would stop that because Kikyo would just let him do as he pleased. She'd tell him it wasn't her child so what did she care if he acted a heathen. He knew it wasn't the proper environment to raise a child hell his friends bellowed at him enough about it but what could he do? He was bound to Kikyo with no way out and now that the jewel was gone he may as well go to hell with her. It would be no different there then here especially since he can't wish her to be human again and maybe be the woman he loved so long ago.

"I see." Sesshoumaru nodded watching his sibling closely seeing the conflict cross his face as his ears twitched in agitation. "The bond can be broken and you can return," he pointed out causing Inuyasha to snap his head up and stare at him. "you know what you have to do."

"And my son?" He questioned as his ears flattened against his head.

"You think me to be so cruel." Sesshoumaru nearly threatened.

"Can you blame me?" He questioned as his shoulders slumped. So many centuries he had been fighting with his brother and quite frankly he was getting more than tired of it. Especially since he wasn't even sure what it was they were fighting over anymore.

"You brought my wrath upon yourself by your own actions." Sesshoumaru pointed out. "You've always had the freedom to bring it to an end at anytime."

"Inuyasha," Rin moved to sit by the hanyou forcing Kenta to move into her seat. "I know you're not a bad guy." She took his hand in hers and smiled at him when he looked at her. "You're just rough around the edges and that's what makes you you. You want to be a part of this family?" She questioned as she stared wide eyed at him. "We'll take care of you and you can come and live with me and Kenta." She nodded.

He stared into her big wide eyes seeing so much of Kagome's influence in her and gave a small nod.

"Very well." Sesshoumaru nodded curtly and looked from Rin to his sibling. "Say it Inuyasha." He ordered.

Inuyasha sighed and looked up at his brother when Rin gave a comforting squeeze to his hand. "I swear to stand loyal to the western domain and to hold the Taishou name with the highest honor and respect as my father and brother before me. I vow this to you as my lord and master and should you have need I will raise my blade in your name to defend our name, life, land, and all who fall under your rule."

"So be it." Sesshoumaru nodded. "From this day forth you are Taishou, Inuyasha son of the great Inu no Taishou who died to save your life. As long as you hold your name with the highest honor you shall always have a place here and be protected by the name you now carry. Hold true to your vows Inuyasha and I shall hold true to mine as your lord and master."

Inuyasha nodded back though his shoulders slumped and his ears dropped.

"It won't be so bad Inuyasha." Rin squeezed his hand again. "You're a part of our family now and it may take some time but you'll see things will be a lot better this way."

"I guess." He nodded solemnly.

"And if you wish I can break your bond with the dead one." Naraku drew Inuyasha's attention his way.

Inuyasha nodded in agreement and looked around the room at everyone. "So this is family life huh?" He snorted and stared at his brother. "It doesn't seem so bad."

"Not yet." The corner of Sesshoumaru's lip very nearly curled up in a smirk. "Today is only your first day; give it time."

"What are you saying?" Rin questioned suspiciously as she stared at him.

"I'm saying that Kenta and Inuyasha will return to the castle and you will remain here."

"I will not!" She let go of Inuyasha's hand and pointed a sharp finger at him.

"Do not argue with me." He growled.

Rin narrowed her eyes upon him. "I most certainly will especially on this."

Inuyasha watched Rin and Sesshoumaru argue then moved his eyes around the table. He watched as Kenta sighed deeply and Koga snorted. He then moved his eyes to see that Shin girl roll her eyes before moving to Naraku who was pinching the bridge of his nose tiredly. He looked at his brother who was in a heated debate with Rin before looking at the little girl that was his niece. He could easily see that she was in fact Sesshoumaru and Naraku's daughter looking just like the two and yet carried that factious glint in her eyes he was so often accused of having. It was a confirmed she was up to no good when she plucked her empty cup up and threw it at Kenta while giggling.

"Heathen." Kenta growled after easily catching the cup. "I think the tickle monster is going to punish you." He wiggled his fingers at her causing her to jump up with a squeal and take off running. He was after her in a flash and the sound of loud giggles could be heard coming from the hallway indicating he easily caught her.

"Hey don't you drag me into this!" Shingai argued with a glare at Sesshoumaru. "I'm an adult and if I want to leave I can. Tedibea tell him!"

"I told you both what you had to do and if neither of you can take my advice then I'm staying out of it." He stood up. "You're on your own and best of luck."

"You can't do this to us!" Rin yelled at the kumo exiting the dining room.

"I can and will; watch me." He continued on without looking back.

"You wanna go spar?" Koga looked over at Inuyasha. "From what I understand this argument has been raging on for awhile now and this round looks like it could be an all day event."

Inuyasha looked at his glaring brother then at the two girls glaring right back making their case for whatever it was they were arguing about and nodded. "Yea all this screeching is givin me a headache." He stood up and followed the ookami out of the room passing by a squealing Takara being tickled to death by one of the most deadly beings he had ever known. It was a sight he never thought in a million years he would ever see but there it was the deadly badger playing with a little girl and laughing. He was now sure he was dreaming.