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My truck sputtered and stopped in my parking spot. Thankfully, it was there and not on the highway. I was sure it had died. Six hours of driving from Forks to Seattle had been too much for it. I even drove slowly, making a four-hour drive, a six-hour one, but my poor truck gave its last breath.

I was here early, having asked to be given the position of the girls' resident adviser, to get some money. It was my second year here, and I loved this place. I had actually made friends and been included in the social life.

I took my luggage and made my way to my room. As I arrived on my floor, none other than Edward Cullen greeted me… or his back. His hands were on the wall, having another girl squished between him and the wall, dry humping her or God knew what.

"Greetings, Cullen," I said tersely as I passed him.

He turned to me, grinning. "Well, if it isn't our new RA. Good to see you, Swan."

I opened my door and slammed it closed, repulsed by his behavior.

Nothing should surprise me anymore when it came to him. He was the basketball star, every girl's dream and an arrogant jerk. I had seen him in the past year, with various girls, everyday a new one. Where he found them, I had no idea, but he kept disgusting me everyday, more and more.

He was friends with and related to Jasper and Emmett respectively and, unfortunately, I had to endure his presence every time I went out with my friends. Rosalie, Emmett's girlfriend, and Alice, Jasper's girlfriend, were roomed together and they lived in the room across from mine. I had the privilege to live alone for half of last year until Tanya Denali was moved in my room. It had been hell, and I was going prematurely white. Especially when Edward took an interest in her and they were in my room constantly, making me almost move in with Alice and Rosalie. She had been with him for a week; a horrible, excruciatingly long week.

Speak of the devil and the devil shall appear! Tanya sauntered into the room.

Here, I hoped to be alone for a few days until classes started. No such luck.

"Isabella!" she squealed with fake enthusiasm. "Isn't it amazing to be back?" I cringed at her use of my full name and continued to unpack, not paying attention to her.

"Have you seen Edward? He didn't even greet me! He is so mean…" she whined.

"I'm sure he didn't see you. He was busy trying to find how far his tongue could get down that girl's throat last time I checked," I quipped, and closed my dresser. "I'm out of here." I took a stack of papers I had to fill in and to write schedules and stuff. Why did I choose to do this? Oh right, I needed money for a new car.

I knocked to Alice's room, ignoring Edward's stare on the back of my head. Wasn't he busy? Why was he staring?

The door opened, and I rushed past Rosalie, inside.

"What's the rush, Bella? Don't you know it's polite to greet your friends?"

"Hello, Rose. If you hadn't noticed, it's a little crowded in the hallway," I explained and slumped on her chair at the desk.

"Bella Boop!" I jumped, almost falling off the chair. Oh, who am I kidding? Falling off the chair and earning a booming laugh from Emmett, like always. I had gotten drunk and tried to prove to the boys that I could throw the ball in the basket and managed to dislocate my middle finger and then hopped around wailing, "Boop! Boop!" Since then, he kept calling me Bella Boop.

"Emmett!" I hissed and stood up, rubbing my head where I had hit it.

"What's this?" he asked, entertained watching the papers.

"RA stuff," I muttered, and started working on it.

The chorus of "Don't cha" echoed in the room, getting my attention.

"Rosie, tell me the punishment is over," Emmett begged before he answered his phone.

"Good one, Rose." I laughed and she shrugged.

"212. Why?... Oh, sure, come over." He grinned and hung up. Before I could ask who it was, a knock on the door made me yell angrily.

"Tell me you didn't tell Cullen to come here!"

Mister Arrogant entered the room. "You think so highly of me, Swan."

"Leave," I snapped.

"Emmett invited me here."

"It's Rose's room. Go to Emmett's room if you want to talk with him."

"Why don't you let Miss Ice Queen choose to do that?"

"I think I have a right to say this considering I am RA!"

He cocked his head. "I always liked them feisty. I'm sure you'd mak-" I threw my pencil at him, hitting him on his shoulder.

"Just get out!" I yelled.

"Come on. Let's go before she kills you, Captain," Emmett chuckled, amused and pushed Cullen out of the room.

"Why don't you stand up for me? You always stay back and enjoy the show!" I screamed at Rosalie, my blood boiling at how angry I was.

"I wonder how long it takes until you two realized that all this banter is actually sexual frustration," she mused.

"It is not! I despise Cullen!"

"Sure, sweetie. Do you need help with the schedules?"

I nodded, and we started writing them.

Suddenly, I realized I had to meet the RA for boys. "I have to go meet the boys' RA," I told Rose, took the signed papers, and made my way to the office.

Miss Cope told me that he would be in any minute. As she finished telling me that, the door opened. What had I done wrong, God?

"Evening, Miss Cope." Cullen smiled widely, turning his charm on the poor woman.

"Edward, I'm sure you know Miss Swan, here. You'll make a great team."

Someone shoot me, now!

"When can I write my resignation?" I asked hurriedly, hoping to get out of this mess.

"You can't. You're chosen for this year," she told me, dazed.

"Ditching me, Swan? Didn't you hear Miss C? We'll make a great team!" he asked, amused, putting his arm around my shoulders.

"Take your hands off me!" I snapped and shoved his arm from my shoulder. "Let's get this over with. I'll tell you what I decided and then pray to never have to talk with you again."

"My room?" he smirked.

"There's a marvelous place called library. Have you heard of it?" I asked.

"The benches it is then," he said, confidently as if that was what I had said. I agreed. It wasn't his room, at least.

We sat down on an empty bench, and I went through everything I had written earlier. When I raised my eyes to him, he wasn't even paying attention. He was texting someone.

"Did you even hear me, Cullen?" I asked, aggravated by his behavior.

"Huh? Yeah, sure: help people around, advise them, blah blah blah…"

"Why do I bother?" I moaned.

"Fuck! Quick, hide me!" I watched him, amused, as he stuck his head behind my back. I watched a girl walking toward us. She was short – the girl I had seen him dry humping earlier. "Is she still here?" Cullen asked, scared.

"Yes, and she's coming toward us. She saw you. It's like hiding an elephant behind a mouse," I laughed and got up.

He caught my wrist. "No! And did you just compared me to an elephant?" he frowned.

"Eddie!" The girl had reached us.

"Please, Bella."

Wow, an improvement. He has never called me Bella. I shrugged, patting his head. "Your problem," I said, turning and leaving. I heard him mutter a faint, "Help!" but it could have been my imagination.

Classes started and everything went back to normal; as normal as it had been since I made friends with the Cullens and Whitlocks last year.

"Need help?" a tall, blond guy asked politely when he saw me tugging at the heavy luggage.

"If it isn't too much trouble…" I rasped and put the luggage down on the fifth step of the first landing. I was pathetic, not even able to carry my stuff to my room.

"It would be my pleasure," he said lightly. "By the way, I'm Jasper."

"Bella." I shook his hand. "Room 213."

"That's cool! My girlfriend and my sister have 212," he said happily.

"Nice. I'll make sure to meet them."

"Uh huh! I'll tell Alice what I saw!" A big guy came to Jasper and caught his head in a head lock. He was burly and he looked more like a goofball than a bad ass.

"She's Bella. I'm only helping her. Bella, unfortunately, this is Alice's brother." I had figured out that Alice was his girlfriend.

"So you're helping strangers and not family? Rosie is irate," the boy said. He turned to me. "The fucker forgot to mention my name." He should have patted his chest and said 'I'm Tarzan'. "I'm Emmett."

"Good to meet you." I smiled and shook his hand. "I have another luggage," I told him.

"Bring it on!" He flexed his muscles and shoved Jasper out of the way.

"I'll leave it outside the room?"

"The door is open," I said over my shoulder as I followed Emmett downstairs and into the parking lot.

"Where is he?" An angry, beautiful, blonde girl screeched as she saw Emmett.

"He was helping Bella." He pointed to me. She scrutinized me, up and down, scrunching her nose. I blushed and mumbled my name.

"And you are helping her too? God! What did I do to deserve such family and friends?" she groaned.

"Ask Eddie. He might help you," Emmett said making Rose look venomously at him.

"The wretch disappeared with a girl," she spat, making Emmett boom a loud laugh.

"Sounds like him."

Emmett and Jasper helped me carry all the heavy things. Later that night, we gathered in my room. I met Alice too, she was a living ball of energy.

When classes started and, I had breakfast in a small café with Alice, I met her other brother, Edward.

He entered the café with a girl on his back. She was giggling and doing other silly things stupid girls do. He put her down and simply abandoned her, coming to our table.

"Alice, an idiot is coming to our table," I said, disgusted.

"Edward," she greeted without even turning.

"How did you know?" he asked, intrigued and then grinned slyly at me. "And you are…?"

"Bella. Not a pleasure," I said, disgusted by his behavior.

"Unfortunately, he is my brother, too," Alice informed me.

I looked at the girl he had abandoned. She stayed on the same spot, gazing at him dazed. I was physically sick.

"Hi!" a girl from one of my classes said to him, turning his attention to her. He smiled and raised an eyebrow.

"Hello, Jane."

"Jessica," she corrected him and, to my utter disgust, kissed him. The other girl left the café in tears.

"I've lost my appetite. I'll see you later, Alice."

On my way to classes, a girl I hadn't seen in my life stopped me. "Have you seen Edward?" If I hadn't met him a moment ago, I would have said no and shocked her. He seemed pretty well known around here. How was that possible? We were here for a mere week!

"Yes, he was in that café with a girl."

Her eyes cut behind me. "Oh, girl, that one is his sister!" she said with a sneer. And skipped to his side. They had left, too. He smirked at Alice, who had said something to him, and then he put an arm around this – third – girl's shoulder and leaned to kiss her.

I rolled my eyes at the sick boy and made my way to class. Little did I know that was his usual behavior. He was a player. No one would have guessed he was related with those people I called my friends.

I didn't have much free time so it was a miracle to have dinner 'as a family' as Emmett called it. I dipped a fry in ketchup and stuck it in my mouth as I was waiting, for the boys to get to Rose and Alice's room.

"You think they forgot?" Alice asked, concerned, glancing at the watch.

"They're boys." I sighed and chewed on another fry.

The door opened and the three of them entered the room. "I've lost my appetite," I muttered and leaned back against the wall, pushing the fries away.

The boys hadn't even showered. They were sweaty and smelling, and Cullen had a cocky grin on his face.

"Sorry, we're late. This one here was punished," Jasper drawled and punched Cullen's arm.

"What did you do? Show up late, again?" Alice laughed.

"He actually was a disaster, which is a start."

"Shut up, fucker!" Cullen snapped and plopped down next to me, taking my fries and starting to eat them.

"Ex-fucking-cuse me!" I exclaimed.

"Oh, you were eating them? Too bad." The jerk shrugged and kept eating. I wished he would choke on them.

"Has the world turned upside down? Have you lost your eyesight?" I asked, entertained by the news.

"I couldn't run," he grunted.

"Tell them what Jared did," Emmett boomed, laughing.

Cullen cringed. He actually cringed. "Nothing. In my defense, I had no idea she was with him."

"Oh, I've waited for this moment for so long! Do tell me, Cullen, what did this Jared do to you?" I asked, suddenly interested in his life. I have waited for a jealous boyfriend to come on him for a long time.

"He kneed him in the balls," Emmett laughed. "Punched him and told him, what was it, Eddie? 'Touch my girl and I'll destroy your pretty face?'"

I laughed, tears spilling from my eyes. "I'll ask him to do it again. I want to see it," I said grinning.

"That's quite enough, Swan! Stop laughing," he snapped. "Ow, fuck! It hurts," he grunted and touched his jaw, gingerly.

I looked at it and sure enough, there was a big red bruise and it was swelling. Jared was true to his words. Destroying Cullen's pretty face. I shook my head, trying to understand why I suddenly care for the jerk.

"Do you have ice, Rose?" I asked. Everyone grew quiet and watched me surprised. I blushed at the attention.

"Sure she has! She's the Ice Queen. She spews ice and distributes it for free when someone isn't doing as she says!" Cullen said snarkily.

"I have." She grinned and tossed a pack of ice at me. "And you spew and sleep in shit," she spat to him, making everyone crack up.

I put it on his face. "Keep it there."

His eyes widened and grew a shade darker. "Thanks, I guess."

"You're welcome, I guess," I said and got up. "I'm heading back. I'm knackered." They were all gaping at me. What had I done wrong? I always helped people. It was the first time I helped Cullen, yes, but he was hurt, right? "Good night." No one answered and I left, annoyed by their behavior.

Next morning, I could tell from the second I woke up that it would be an interesting day. Tanya was awake, which was unusual. "Good morning."

I stared at her and nodded, making my way to the bathroom. I had warm water and I didn't slip – a definite sign something was different. On my way back to my room, I bumped into someone, not paying attention where I was going.

"Hey." I gasped and raised my eyes to Cullen. He had finished his own shower, and he looked very good when he was wet. Bad brain! Something had happened last night, something changed.

"Hi." I managed to take my eyes off his chest and set them on his face. He was smirking. Still the same jerk. I pushed past him.

"Wait! I need to talk with you," he said and sprinted after me.

"Can't it wait?"

"Nope. See… Miss Cope said we should do stuff together to show we are a team," he said carefully, gauging my reaction.

"Do stuff?" I exclaimed and turned to face him.

"Yes, like you coming to my practices or games and me coming to… whatever you are doing."

"I am attending UW Earth Club. Why should I believe you? You could have just cooked this up," I sneered.

"I didn't, I swear," he promised, running his hand through his wet hair. I knew him well enough to know that was a nervous habit.

"Cullen, you have one minute to say why exactly you want me at your practice, and stop lying to me."

"Gee… Fine, I thought it would be good if people saw us together. We could make a better impression as RAs or something," he tried to pacify me.

"One condition," I told him, knowing he won't accept it. He grinned and folded his arms on his chest, waiting for the condition. "You have to come and attend the club with me."

"You've got to be fucking kidding me!"

"Take it or leave it," I snickered, patted his cheek, and turned to leave when I heard him moan in pain.

I turned back to see him holding his cheek. "Oh shit, I'm sorry."

"Sure, sure," he muttered and disappeared down the hallway to his room. I honestly hadn't meant to hurt him.

I went to my room and got dressed. I had to grab something to eat and go to class. There was still an hour until classes started, but I knew the shops were full at this hour. I needed a coffee.

I was in the mood for a Caramel Macchiato, so as soon as I entered Starbucks, that's what I asked for.

"Make it two," a quiet voice said from behind me, making me jump.

"Caramel, Cullen?" I asked sarcastically.

"Have a problem with it, Swan?"

"Nope. Have you thought of my proposal?" I have thought of your naked chest. I should shut down my brain and restart it, something had happened to it last night.

"Actually, I accept," I informed him.

"$6,30," the seller told us. Cullen threw his card to him. "For both."

"That's hardly necessary. I won't fall for this," I sighed, aggravated with his behavior.

"I still don't understand what's wrong with you," he muttered.

I took my coffee. "Thanks for paying it, Cullen."

"I have practice, tonight. 7 PM," he yelled after me. I groaned and went on my way to my class.

I met with Alice for lunch. It was embarrassing. I had no idea where the practice was held. "Alice…"

"Yes, Bella," she said impatiently, not lifting her eyes from the book she was reading.

"Where is the practice?" I asked, off-handed.

"In the outside court, of course," she said automatically. I got up, trying to leave before she realized what I asked. "Wait! Why?" Fabulous. I sat back down.

"No reason. I wanted to know… I'm the RA and I should help people around. Someone asked me and I would have no idea what to tell them." She seemed to buy my explanation. Until Mister Captain made an appearance.

"You're wrong Alice," he chuckled. "We're having practice at Hec Edmunson Pavillion."

"Really?" she bounced, her book forgotten.

Cullen nodded and sat next to me, throwing a Mars chocolate bar in front of me. I eyed it dubiously. "It's not poisoned."

"Smooth, dear brother," Alice laughed, watching me, entertained. To pick the chocolate bar or not to pick it? I bit my lip, glanced at him then at Alice's sparkling eyes.

"Cool, we're having Mars!" Jacob Black, someone I didn't really interact with, said from behind me and snatched the bar.

"You snooze you lose, Swan," Cullen chuckled and shrugged.

"Fuck off, Cullen."

"Bella, you know, I'm Cullen too," Alice pouted.

"I was talking to him!" I pointed to her brother who had turned around and was talking with Jacob Black.

"Oh Jake, why did you leave me there?" a girl squeaked and wrapped her arms around his arms.

Cullen's eyes roamed her body, and he grinned slowly at her. "Edward Cullen. You are?" he said cockily and extended his hand.

Didn't he see her arms around his friend?

"Take your mind off it or what Jared did to you would be nothing," Jacob snapped.

"Ouch. Really, who's she?"

"My little sister, Rebecca."

"He's Edward? The Edward?" she asked, excited.

"That's what they call me these days? That would be me, Rebecca," he smirked, oblivious to Jacob's glare.

By the end of the lunch, she managed to write her room number on his hand.

"Hey, Cullen!" I yelled after him before going to my class.

Both Alice and Edward turned. "Not you, Alice." I smiled and turned to her brother. "If you want tonight to happen then I trust you to be in the library this Saturday at nine AM."

"Nine? Have you gone mad? Fine, fine," he grumbled when I glared.

"What are you doing tonight, Bella?" Alice asked me, fearfully.

"You'll see," I groaned, not wanting to think of it.

After classes, I went back to my room and was glad to see I was alone. Now, what do people wear at a basketball practice? I went through all my clothes, coming out with a band shirt and a pair of washed jeans – I hadn't worn them in my life.

I made my way to the arena.

"Bella?" I turned to Rose and smiled. Here it comes.

"Hey!" I said, nonchalantly.

"What the hell are you doing here?" she asked, astonished.

"Watching the practice," I answered and bit my lip. Wasn't that what people were doing here?

Emmett came out of the locker rooms as I was making my escape to an empty seat. There were many empty. Why hadn't Cullen told me that people DON'T come to practices?

"Boop, nice to see a new face!" Emmett boomed. Now, everyone that knew my horrid nickname knew I was here. I showed him my middle finger and sat down, huffing.

"What's with you? You can tell me, I'm like your big brother. You don't get enough sleep?" he asked, professionally and sat next to me.

"Just go play, or whatever," I grumbled.

He got up, sighing. "It's the lack of action, I'm telling you," he muttered to Rose and left. She giggled as she sat next to me.

"Seriously, what are you doing here?" she asked me, amused.

"I'm lost… I found this big building…." I grumbled.

"Sure, Bella. 'Do you have some ice?'" she mocked me.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I thought friends helped each other," I said, raising my chin, watching ahead of me, seeing nothing.

"Friends? Since when were you friends with Edward?"

"We're not," I said, quickly.

They all came out and I sat there, watching as they stretched and chased each other around. Coach Shaw was yelling from time to time.

"Hey, guys! Bella, nice to see you here," Alice said, out of breath as she sat next to me on the other side. She had probably been held up by Jasper somewhere.

"Maybe I just wanted to stay alone. Have any of you thought that?" I groaned and slumped on the chair.

They shrugged and started talking about the boys. They knew so much about basketball and the team… I was jealous.

"Where's Paul? Has anyone seen him?" Coach yelled.

"Busy with chicks, probably," a boy, I didn't know, muttered.

"Why don't you make a hundred push-ups?" the coach asked him. He fell on spot and started executing. This looked like army to me.

"Who's he?" I found myself asking.

"The famous Jared. The one that kneed Edward," Alice giggled.


From my lack of knowledge, I still could see how good Cullen was at this. He jumped the highest and even threw a ball over his shoulder, and could even make a basket over his shoulder.

"Break!" Coach yelled.

I turned to ask the girls what happened now only to find myself alone. They were already running down and kissing their boyfriends. It was sick if you asked me. They were each dating the other's brother.

"Why the long face, Swan? I know I smell." I jumped and turned my head to the person in front of me. Cullen was straddling the chair in front of me, smirking.

"They left," I said pathetically and gestured to Alice and Rose.

He shrugged and leaned closer, eyeing me or rather… my chest, something below my neck, anyway. I blushed under his gaze. "What the hell are you doing?" I questioned and folded my arms on my chest.

"Led Zeppelin." He grinned appreciatively. "Amazing band."

"True, but I didn't take you for the kind of person to listen to them."

"What do I like listening to? Surely not those wannabes from nowadays!" he said, intrigued.

"Here I thought you'd be the new member of Tokio Hotel," I laughed.


"Don't ask me. I heard of it from your sister."

"They sound like gays," Cullen huffed. "Listen, about Saturday-"

"You aren't ditching me! I'm here," I snapped.

"No, woman!" he groaned and put his hands up. "Just, can't it be at ten? Maybe? Nine is early."

"I wake up at seven and have a jog around the campus, every weekend morning. It's quiet and invigorating." I laughed at his face as I said it.

"Seven? Are you mad?" He ran a hand through his hair a few times. "Fine, nine at the library. No, nine in front of your room."

"Why?" I couldn't understand him.

"Because… I don't know where the fucking library is."

"It's pretty hard to miss. You know the big building with columns? Gothic style? It's east across the Red Square," I explained. There was no way in hell I was going to leave with him out of our dorm building.

"I don't know where the fucking east is. Come on, Swan," he groaned, widening his eyes.

I sighed aggravated. When was he going to understand that I won't fall for his 'pretty face'?

"Eight thirty. In front of my room," I told him tersely.

"I won't be a second late," he promised.

"Cullen, stop charming the new addition to your fan club and get here!" his coach shouted.

"You wish!" I smirked at his hopeful eyes.

"Later, Swan!"

"Care to explain what that was?" Rose asked me, bouncing in the seat next to me.

"RA stuff," I said. It was partly true.

I had my eyes on the team, trying to make sense of what was going on.

"Bella, I am afraid that my brother wants you to be the next girl," Alice whispered sorrowfully.

"It won't happen. He knows it. I know it," I said frowning as said brother threw the ball in the basket from very far away. The next thing happened too fast for me to catch what had really happened.

Jacob Black yelled, "You what?"

Cullen answered something, cockily and, a second later, a ball smashed on his face, making him fall down.

The fan club, as Coach Shaw put it, started yelling and crying.

"Edwardddd!" Alice screeched from next to me and rushed to him.

"Come on, let's see if he's alive," Rose said gently.

I couldn't understand why I suddenly hated Jacob and why I was so scared for Cullen. When we got down, coach had an ice pack in a shirt and on Cullen's face. There was blood on his jersey and a bit on the floor.

"Black, care to explain this? We have a game in November! I don't care what your private life is! But don't kill each other here," the coach screamed at Jacob Black.

"With all due respect, sir, what would you do if your best friend told you that your sister knows how to suck?"

"Black! My office! Cullen, go to the nurse." They left, but not before Black bumped into Cullen, staggering him. I was the closest and it felt normal to grip his arm preventing him to fall.

Our eyes met, and my hands dropped. It felt as if I had touched a cable full of electric current, my palms were still tingling.

"Can you walk, bro?" Emmett asked carefully.

"He hit my face not my legs," he answered and started to the door.

"Losing your touch, are you?" The boy named Jared howled after Cullen who stopped and whirled around. "Two punches in two days?"

Cullen advanced to Jared and punched him hard, who returned the favor, if I could call it that.

"Whoa! Stop! Coach will kill us!" Emmett yelled and went to separate them. He caught Jared arms and Cullen blew him one punch, not seeing his adversary wasn't there anymore. "Stop it!" Emmett grunted.

"Bella, can you take him out before he decides to kill everyone?" Jasper whispered to me.

"Let's go, Van Damme." I took his wrist and dragged him out, ignoring the electric shocks.

"What's horg wif efibody?" he moaned and slumped on the wall outside.

"Why did you have to say that to Jacob?"

"He waf fo hore…. I won't. Fuck, it furts!" he rubbed his cheek gingerly.

"I don't know what you just told me, but really, I thought you were smarter than this," I sighed. "Let's go to the nurse."

"No. I don't need her."

His face was swollen, his nose was broken and there was blood on his mouth and chin. "Then let me…" I stopped. What the hell was I offering?

"Goodie. Play hurse." He smiled and swore because it hurt.

"I won't play nurse! But come on," I muttered and started to our dorms.

As we reached our floor, I started to my room, but he caught my arm and shook his head no. Oh dear God! I was going to go where I had promised myself to never go. His room.

"No, I have what I need in my room," I insisted. Partly true.

"Take 'em and come," he shrugged.

There was problem. I didn't know where his room was. "What room?" I asked barely audible.

"Ask 'anya."

"TANYA?" I yelled. He shrugged and nodded then left me there.

My lucky stars were there for me… or not really. Tanya was in our room, doing her nails. I went to the little bathroom we had and gathered everything I needed then returned to the room.

"Ehh can you tell me something?" I whispered, not believing I was doing this, as I put the things I had gathered in a small bag.

"What?" she asked, popping her gum. Gross.

"What is Cullen's room number?"

"253. Why? You finally realized he's hot?"

I snorted and waved to her.

249. 251. 253. Here we are. I knocked once and he answered, shoving me inside and locking the door.

"Stay there." I pointed to his bed, the only bed in the room. "You're alone?" I gasped.

"Uh huh," he mumbled and sat obediently on the bed.

I cleaned the blood and put disinfectant on his lip. "You know how to put your nose back?" I asked, biting my lip.

"Do what?" he asked, scared.

I had seen people doing it, but I didn't know how to do it. He looked good as new, only the nose was crooked.

"Oh stop whimpering, I'm done!" I groaned. He was worse than a girl.

"What are you doing now?" he asked, watching me interested.

"You want your nose back?"

"Don't touch it!" he yelled and put his hand over it, screaming in pain.

"Let me try, at least," I pleaded.

"Have you ever done this before?"

"No, but I know the mechanics."

"Goodie. Just don't make it fall off," he whispered.

"How would I do that?" I groaned, annoyed. Pinching the bridge of his nose between my thumb and forefinger, and I turned it, earning a howl from him. It looked the same, so I hadn't managed to do it.

"Fucking stop, Swan! Thanks and all that for cleaning the wounds, but don't touch it!" Cullen screamed, glaring at me.

Someone knocked on the door. Cullen went to answer. I was doomed, people would start talking…

"Looking good, bro." Emmett nodded, and his eyes bugged out when he saw me. "Well, Boop… hello."

"Emmett," I whispered and wrung the bloodied cloth in my hands.

"Gee, your nose looks twice as big as it was," Emmett laughed.

"What?" Cullen demanded, annoyed.

"What's that?" Emmett asked, distracting Cullen as he twisted his brother's nose faster than I could blink. There was a second of silence and then, Cullen started yelling and swearing.

"What have you do- BELLA!" Oh gee, thanks for screaming my name, Alice.

"Bye!" I muttered and made an escape. I was about to open the door of my room when someone gripped my elbow.

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