A Stroke of the Brush
By Tr3adst0ne

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Code Geass. It is solely the property of CLAMP/Sunrise.

Rated M for graphic sexuality and some language.

Synopsis: Lelouch and Shirley work together late one night on an art project due within the next few days. As the minutes pass, their interactions with each other go far beyond the fine arts.

Introductory Author's Note: I decided to post this since it's Lelouch's birthday today. This'll be a two-parter since I'm trying to figure out how to get the two to interact. Please enjoy to your heart's content and feel free to leave a review. ^.^

It was past evening on December 4th. Moonlight spilled over through the partially-lit room in which Lelouch sat alone in front of a canvas, trying to duplicate a marble statue as part of fine-tuning his brushing techniques. He had his jacket off since it was fairly warm inside the room. As he worked, his view occasionally shifted between the posture of the massive figure and that which his picture was trying to emulate (with a few extra details). Whenever he looked at the portrait itself he believed there was some kind of flaw: either that the lines were too thick, the coloring wasn't right, or the actual shape of the figure seemed off in terms of perspective. When it came to art, he demanded no less than absolute perfection.

While the young man's mind was preoccupied with what was in front of him, Shirley stepped into the room where there were additional statues to be brought in later during the week. He never realized that she stepped in behind him, donning her full academy uniform. She brought her head in close to his head and planted a kiss onto his cheek, which was enough to get his attention.

"Still working?" she asked, her emerald-green eyes glowing brightly.

The black-haired teen laid down his brush on the stand and rubbed his temples. "Yeah. I'm sort of at a standstill on how to proceed on this piece. Does it look out of place to you?"

Shirley cupped her chin, uncertain how to answer but nonetheless gave her reply anyway. It was her honesty and gentleness that he appreciated ever since they first started dating a couple of years ago. "I'm not sure. What are you trying to do?"

Lelouch slowly wrapped his arm around Shirley and drew her closer as he attempted to show what he was trying to achieve. "Well… I'm hoping to capture the essence of the statue itself and integrate it with the piece. Do you remember the lecture the professor gave in regards to the mythology revolving around the gods and goddesses of different Western cultures?"

"Are you referring to the one Mr. Owens spoke about earlier?" she questioned for the sake of clarification.

"Yeah, the one about what each deity represented in particular," he said.

Her mind recalled the lecture, in which she sat alongside Lelouch during that time. It was one of the few in which she observed him managing to stay awake, she remembered. Most of the time she had to tug one of his ears to helm him keep his eyes open. It was a motherly gesture at best.

"You're trying to match the beauty of the statue and make it fit with the theme of your work?"

The black-haired teen nodded. "Yes."

Shirley thought about it for a moment and considered what she was about to do next. She had been planning on doing something with Lelouch for some time. The auburn-haired girl figured that this was the perfect opportunity to strut her stuff. So she followed through with another question.

"Perhaps you like to practice on the real thing?" she suggested.

Lelouch arched a brow knowing what she was trying to get at and laughed gently at the offer. "Are you serious?"

"Of course I am! I'm more than happy to help you on what you're trying to do. It's not due until Wednesday, right?" Shirley giggled.

"Yeah," he managed lamely.

"I have an idea. Just wait, okay?" she said to him, running back to the closet to pick up something.


Several minutes passed as Shirley undressed and changed into a toga that was folded, with only her bra and panties left on.

Impressed by her willingness to help, Lelouch prompted her to step forth in front of him so he could proceed. At that time, he sat upon a stool in front of the canvas once more, with Shirley as the subject in the background. Her toga revealed smooth shoulders and a fine figure that added to her grace and beauty. Both experimented with different positions before she alternated to another one.

"How does this one look?" she said, changing her stance, with her left hand placed right at her hip while her right one lifted her hair slightly. Lelouch studied her momentarily with a chin cupped under his hand. He shifted his eyes back and forth from the canvas to the subject in front of his eyes.

"Move to the left a little bit."

Shirley shifted her posture as instructed. At first she felt a little nervous doing the project, since she knew by Lelouch's reputation that he demanded no less than perfection of his work. It proved to be one of the idiosyncrasies that irked her slightly, if not for his obsession in how he wanted to do things. But she knew after dating him for a while that he possessed a gentler side to his personality. It was simply a matter of which buttons to push and getting him to ease down.

"A little more," he said, his tongue protruding slightly through a thin line. Lelouch took his brush and applied the paint over the canvas, coloring the details as his eyes alternated between Shirley and the portrait. He leaned his body slightly to help him adjust his perspective.

The distance between the artist and his subject was only two meters away. While his gaze was averted towards his work, the auburn-haired girl sneakily lowered her cloth as it plopped onto the ground. With her right hand she reached for her back and unclasped her bra. Her skin felt cold as she could feel a slight breeze inside of the room.

Do something that will capture his attention, she remembered Milly advising to her.

Lelouch took a glance at the portrait one more time before he placed the brush on the stand and got on his feet. One step later he moved and froze when he saw his girlfriend completely unclothed. The only thing she had left on was her panties.


He couldn't believe happened then. Shirley's left arm covered the nakedness of her upper body. The lower half of her body revealed a toned-stomach and smooth legs as a result of being an active participant in the academy's swim team. Lelouch ran several possibilities in his mind of what she was attempting to do. And he was certain that all of them involved seduction. What he knew for sure was that he had no intention of leaving.

"Are you doing what I think you're doing?" he asked.

"I'm giving you some extra inspiration, what do you think?" she answered nervously, her eyes glancing onto the side with her cheeks flushed.

Lelouch took several steps towards her, and cupped her chin in his hand.

"I think you're doing much more than just that," he whispered.

During his visit to the Grand Arts Museum, he recalled studying about certain statues that were of interest to him. Of all the times that he spent during his art and history classes, two of them came to mind: the Greek goddess called Aphrodite and the Roman goddess Venus. Both of them were deities of love, beauty and sexuality, and Shirley exhibited the traits of the two immortal women. In his mind, she was perfect.

The heir leaned his head forward and offered a soft kiss as their lips connected. Time seemed to stand still the moment they touched. His heart thumped rapidly as the passion slowly grew.

"Please, take me," she said.

Lelouch held her hand for a moment. He recalled the time they first had sex after they turned eighteen. It was awkward at first, since the two never did it with each other until they were of age. Shirley putted herself on the pill at the behest of her mother, since she knew the two were together. Since she didn't want to get pregnant yet, it seemed like an ideal option.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked with concern.

The look in her eyes gave him a definitive answer, so she said: "Yes."

It was the only word that needed to hear.

To Be Continued…