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Summary: Straw Hat Pirates and the things that just are. Minor Enies Lobby spoiler.



He will protect every one of their irritating asses, no matter how cowardly, perverted or greedy. Blood and birth be damned, some things just are. Family is one of them.


It's the way shatter-mountains-Luffy wails like a toddler when she scolds him; slices-steel-Zoro hunches his shoulders when she raises her fist; Black-Leg-Sanji morphs into Noodle-Leg when she smiles at him.

The way she is willing to steer and follow them anywhere.


There have only been two moments of true fearlessness in Usopp's life.

The first was facing Luffy as an enemy. Blinded by rage and humiliation as he was, Usopp knew with keen-edged clarity that fear had no place between them. Fear was the one weapon he could never lower himself to use on Luffy.

The second was standing by his Captain's side, declaring war. Watching the flaming tatters of the most terrifying emblem in the world, he tasted only raging joy. Let them come, let them all come, so long as we are together.


When he agreed to join, he envisioned beautiful women, exotic ingredients, elegant dinners. What he got was chicken bones, fart jokes, rubber cretins and mossy blocks of concrete trotting on two legs. Sometimes you just get lucky.


He never knew what he'd been waiting for, until three half dead, frost-bitten bodies were laid at Doctorine's door. Destiny had come knocking and suddenly every drop of advice he's ever absorbed, ever line of medical knowledge he's ever gleaned, has a purpose.

The enemies they face will only ever be stronger, every fight will bring them one step closer to death or to glory. It is Chopper's job to save them, time and time again and unlike Sanji or Zoro or even Luffy, he simply cannot fail. Not even once. His nakama need him and now that he has them, Chopper will never let go.


This desert country is her heart, but the mark on her arm, tattooed onto her skin, is the creed she lives by.

When (not if) a certain black haired rubber boy becomes King, Alabasta will be the first to bow.


Such a crew comes only once in an era. When she looked down into their defiant faces at Enies Lobby, Robin felt humbled she's only had to wait twenty years.

Iceburg said she was mad. Doom the whole world to save one measly band of pirates? Robin wanted to laugh and laugh and laugh. Didn't he know? That measly band of pirates is the world.


It's a ship built for a King. But who's he kidding? As far as he is concerned, his captain can sail around on a plank of driftwood and would still be King. Franky's just going to make damn sure that they get there in style.


He thought he'd never be part of a crew again, let alone a crew as chaotic and oddball and perfect as this one. He is light hearted by nature, but it's been decades since he's felt this particular brand of happiness that stings like an open wound at his empty ribcage. If he still had a heart, it would bear their flag.


With Nakama like these, Luffy really has to wonder: Is it even possible not to be Pirate King?