Psychic pollen got into the TARDIS air system again. They were pretty sure that's what happened. Knowing this didn't make the situation much better, though.

For this time, it wasn't the Dream Lord that showed up. Because the Master was onboard, and because even after his reprogramming and reformation he still had layers of insanity and desperate evil buried in his mind, the pollen found it more useful to create the Nightmare Child.

He wore a black suit and tie, the Nightmare Child, and looked like a human nineteen-year-old. His hair was white and his eyes light blue. He had very sharp teeth, though as he was incorporeal they were just for show.

"Would you be interested in knowing the things the Master has done to the Doctor?" he asked Amy and Rory calmly from his boat on an inky sea, as the young couple's island was being swamped with zombie-filled waves they had to fight off with swords.

"Bit busy," Amy replied through gritted teeth, beheading one of the monsters. Behind her, Rory stabbed two through at the same time. The Nightmare Child had separated them from the Gallifreyans and explained that dying in one of his nightmares would put them in permanent comas – he was not nearly as nice as the Dream Lord.

"He's thrown him off a tower, kidnapped him, trapped him multiple times, molested him, tortured him, raped him several dozen times, killed Jack the Freak several hundred times in the course of a year, killed family members of several of his companions, stole his TARDIS, mutilated his TARDIS and used it to conquer the Earth, and refused to regenerate even when the Doctor begged him to."

"If the Doctor forgave him – look out, Amy – that's his business," Rory replied, but there was a wobble to his voice.

Light glinted off a sharp incisor as the Nightmare Child grinned. "Certainly. Nothing to worry about. Not like the Doctor's ever gotten you killed or erased from time before he picked up a raving psychopath as his lover, right? Oh and here he is! If you kill him, I'll let you two and the Doctor go. The Doctor can believe the Master heroically sacrificed himself to save the rest of you, if you like. Enjoy!"