But the thought, the thought was like a pebble in her pocket, its minor and rounded weight making itself known. In the graveyard of their hopes, with a version of the Doctor crumpled to the ground, the Master had said, "I had estates…"

Amy dropped the dagger to the ground and turned to the bound Master. "You. The Nightmare Child is really you, yeah? But he's only showing us the bad. Show us why the Doctor loves you. Dream it."

"I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish…" Rory said, still seated.

"Hush, dear. I know you can, Master."

The screen flickered, and a faded image of red grass and off-tinted sky filled it. Amy smiled and smoothed hair out of the Master's eyes, unable to remove even the gag that was locked on, but wanting to give him a little comfort all the same.

Two children ran through vast fields, calling up at the sky. They played games until the sun set, then looked up at the stars together, lying with their hands held.

"There has to be more. Show me more."

Pillow fights in a school dormitory. Helping each other study for tests. Furtive kisses in corridors. Dancing together in an empty ballroom to what was literally unearthly music.

The embarrassed request: "Koschei, I was wondering if you…you…"


"You could tie me up?"

The oft-repeated complaint: "It hurts, Theta. Those drums. The doctors say they have no idea what's causing it. Since I was eight. Those drums."

The solemn vow: "When I get a title, I want to be called 'The Doctor', because I want to be the one that fixes you."

A tear began to slide down the Master's face as they skipped ahead several centuries. Amy and Rory learned that the Master's insanity was caused by a signal sent back in time, so the decadent and evil Time Lords could escape from their bubble and destroy all of Creation in their bid to survive, that this love had been exploited for their ends.

"You are diseased," Rassilon told the version of the Master they knew, with a sneer. "Albeit a disease of our own making."

And then when the Doctor was about to perish for good, trapped away from the universe he had sworn to protect, the Master yelled at him to get out of the way.

"You did this to me!" he shouted to Rassilon, shooting the energy bolts at him, snarling with rage and half-forgotten but still-alive devotion to the one person who believed in him. "You made me! ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!"

As Rassilon screamed and faded into oblivion, the Nightmare Child emitted a bloodcurdling shriek and crumbled into dust, the whole macabre "theater" Amy and Rory had been subjected to wearing away as well. All dissolved in white light.

When reality asserted itself, Amy and Rory were lying in a pile on a very big bed they hadn't seen before on the TARDIS. The Doctor and the Master were tangled together on the opposite side. The Master caught the Doctor's eye and blushed deeply, then bolted for another room.

"That's it," the Doctor said, sitting up and rubbing his eyes. "I'm combing through the ventilation system for any remaining specks of psychic pollen or any other kind of debris. Good job, Amy."

"Where were you during all that, Doctor?" Amy asked.

The Doctor groaned. "I was reenacting all my parts. Not fun. If you'd killed the Master, which only the Nightmare Child could have thought you'd consider, I would have been trapped in a memory loop unless someone more telepathically powerful had come to rescue me. You two would have been trapped in a pilotless TARDIS."

The humans both cringed at the implications. "I kind of figured that you can't have one of you without the other," Amy said.

Rory smiled and kissed her. "I'm glad you understand too. Let's get some lunch."


A few hours later, Amy ran into the Master on the way to take a shower. "Master," Amy said quietly.

"Hm?" The Master was surprised she actually called him that.

"Did you really want to die all that much?"

"Oh, what would a human be expected to know?" he said dismissively. But he called her "Amy" after that, and she spoke Last of the Time Lords well enough to know that he meant, "Not anymore."