This is a random Dramione one-shot that I wrote yesterday. I was doing my homework and then just suddenly started typing this…Tell me what all of you think….Thanks

xoxo, Hailey

Can't help but Wonder….

They think that there is no chance of us being together. I know that they are telling the truth. Yet sometimes I can't help but wonder what it would be like if we were together. You are perfectly wrong for me yet so right in so many ways. You are in Slytherin; you are the bad boy, the supposed Sex God.

I am the good girl, the bookworm, and I am in Gryffindor. My best friend is the boy who lived, your worst enemy. You are the son of a death eater and I am fighting to bring your family and friends down.

I am from a muggle background – a mudblood you say. You are a pureblood and a prat too. Yet I can never help but wonder if the saying opposites attract works in our case.

They say that there is a fine line between love and hate – is that true for us? I know that my future is set in stone, as is yours. I will end up with Ron and have two kids, one named Rose and the other Hugo. You will end up with Astoria Greengrass and have one son, named Scorpius.

I know that Ginny and Harry are going to end up together. That Hannah and Neville are perfect for each other, and then I can't help but think am I really looking for Mr. Right, maybe; just maybe, I want to be with my Mr. Wrong.

I want someone to hold me in the night. To whisper to me when I get scared, to love me all the time. I don't want just anyone. I only want you. It's just not possible, but I want it to be true. They say nothing's impossible, does that work for us?

I see you years later…you are with Astoria; I look and see you have your son, Scorpius. I am with Ron, I have Rose and Hugo. Ginny and Harry are together as well with their three children.

I am happy with Ron. Though when I look up and see you at King's Cross Station, and our eyes meet, I can't help but wonder if we could ever be.

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