100. Until that day

A/N: Song: "Hero" by Nickelback

Pretty much a direct continuation of 98.

"I'll make it."

He'd been so quiet that he'd surprised Riza. She glanced over and up at him.

Before she could say anything, though, Roy quickly added, "I know you're not doubting me, and that I'm facing just the regular opposition, but I just had to say it."

"There's nothing wrong with that, Sir." Riza still sounded a little bit confused.

Roy's expression remained somewhat serious, but he gave her hand a gentle squeeze, and they continued in silence for a while.

"I'll stand beside you."

Now it was Roy who looked surprised, but Riza cut him off as he had her. "I know you never said otherwise, but it had to be said."

"I'd never say otherwise, either," he corrected. "I know you'll be there; I could never doubt that. Until that day, no matter what, you'll be by my side."

Riza nodded. "Until that day… and every day after, too."

Roy now smiled and, dropping Riza's hand, wrapped it around her waist. He didn't have to say anything—they always knew, and always would know what the other would say—but he was going to.

"I like the sound of that. Until that day, and every day after."

The sunlight bounced off the puddles and windows, and everything blazed orange as the sun began to set. Roy and Riza continued to walk, glad just to be able to do that.

Until that day…

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