AN: Extended version of the first drabble in 'Just Reminisce'. Not much, just Kuki's first impressions of Sector V and such. It was too long for the drabbles, but I didn't want to waste it, so I put it here. ^^ Enjoy!

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Extended Eight

"Welcome to Sector V, operative. What is your codename?" the bald boy asked me in a commanding tone. I got distracted by the reflection of my 'Meeting New Friends Is Fun' Partytime Rainbow Monkey in his shiny sunglasses, so I answered a few seconds too late. As usual, I made up for it with supreme enthusiasm.

"Numbah Three, sir, Kuki Sanban!" I shouted with zest, flinging my green-sleeved arm up in a silly salute to match my smile.

The bald kid introduced himself as Numbah One, sector leader, and I immediately absorbed his appearance. Greyish skin tone, lanky build, wearing a red turtleneck, grey cargo shorts, and bulky Tombstone boots. His real name was Nigel Uno, and I realized after a few seconds that he had a British accent, too. Cool!

Numbah One started to introduce the African-American girl to his right, but she waved him off, insisting that she could introduce herself. She didn't say it in a bossy way, but in a very cool, soothing drawl. I liked her voice; it was pleasantly husky and had a nice twang to it.

"Numbah Five," she said, tipping her red hat with a smile. "Abby Lincoln, second in command." Her long, blackish-brown hair was tied back in a braid, and she wore a loose, dark blue tee shirt over black athletic shorts. I smiled back at her, hoping we could be friends. I could tell I would already like her laid-back attitude.

The next to meet was Numbah Two, a chubby kid wearing an aviator hat and a button-down blue shirt. Because he had the goggles pulled down, I couldn't see his hair or eye color, but I didn't pull them off to see. That would be weird.

Anyway, Hoagie P. Gilligan (as he introduced himself) was the self-proclaimed technological genius, comic genius, and general genius of the group, and automatically started to tell me some corny joke.

"So the duck said, just put it on my...bill! Hahaha, isn't that hilari-ow!" Numbah Five hit him with her hat, which made me laugh. This was such a fun, lively group! I would fit in well here.

The last member of the group I almost didn't see – he was really short, but I decided not to say anything.

His hair was sunny-yellow, cut in some awful bowl-shape that his parents must have cut themselves. (But this was why I signed up to fight adult tyranny, right?) Lucky for him, it seemed to have been a while since it was cut, since it was shaggy at the edges, hiding the majority of his eyes from me.

He wore an orange hoodie, simple jeans, and sneakers. Nothing special, really, but I couldn't help but smile when he introduced himself.

"Offensive specialist, skilled in advanced hand-to-hand combat; Numbah Four, Wallabee Beetles."

He had an Australian accent. He was super-tiny. He was tough and serious.

He reminded me of Mr. Huggykins!

So I couldn't help wrapping my arms around Wallabee Beetles, lifting him off the ground in a crushing hug, and squealing, "Aww, you're so cute!"

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