Family Ties

Lana sits on the sofa flicking through the endless channels on the T.V, but nothing held her interest, she turns the T.V off and throws the remote onto the coffee table in front of her. She lets out a big sigh before falling back onto the cushions behind her. Her eyes wonder from the blank T.V to the clock hanging on the wall it was getting late. She pulls her cell out of her back pocket, still nothing, no missed calls no message's nothing. She puts her cell back into her pocket trying to put her worries to the back of her mind but no matter how hard she tried she couldn't, so she decides to try and keep herself busy.

Heading into her bedroom she changes into a pair of grey sweat pants and puts on a white baggy t-shirt. She enters the basement and starts her workout, hoping that it would take her mind off things, she starts off with the punching bag. Pounding away at the bag she could feel all her anger and worry being released with every punch, she carries on until she finally runs out of punches. As she tries to catch her breath she pulls her hair tie off her wrist and pulls her long dirty blonde hair into a messy bun on top of her head. She checks her cell again still nothing, and all the anger and worry she had just fought out starts to quickly come back to her

"Where is he this isn't like him it's been way to long since his last check in" She thought to herself as she grabbed a couple of small knives off the side.

She levels herself in front of the target, steadies her breathing aims and throws.


She shouts to herself as the knife falls to the floor, she had missed the board completely which never happened, normally she could do it blindfolded and the chances of her missing the bullseye were pretty slim. She knew her mind wasn't on the job at hand. She tries again and misses but this time it was a loud bang from upstairs that had distracted her.

She ran as fast as she could, taking 2 steps at a time. Entering the hallway cautiously, she saw the image she feared most of all, the imagine of her Uncle arriving home from a hunt covered in blood. She runs over to him and manages to catch him just as he fell.

"Oh my god! What happened?" Her voice was shaky.

"I'm...I'm...Okay." His breathing was heavily and rapid.

"No your not, where are you hurt?" Lana doesn't really wait for a response she quickly starts observing his body to try and find where the blood was coming from.

" stomach."

She rips open what was left of his torn shirt. She gasps in horror when her eyes fall onto the 3 large gashes across his stomach which were oozing blood. She runs to the kitchen and grabs a towel, before returning, she quickly starts applying pressure, her Uncle gasps in pain. The bleeding didn't seem to ease, she grabs her cell out of her pocket and calls for an ambulance. She notices that her Uncles breathing was slowing down which was not a good thing.

"The ambulance is on it's way okay, just hold on, please just hold on your going to be fine." She tries to reassure him as well as herself

"I love you" Her Uncle places his hand on her face, sending a shiver down her spine from the coldness.

"No...NO we are not doing this I am not saying goodbye." She shouts at him trying to hold back her tears.

He removes his hand as he starts coughing, removing his hand from his mouth Lana sees the blood on his lips, he was deteriorating fast.

"My box upstairs..." he breaks off into another coughing fit

"Its okay Uncle Jack you don't..."

"There's a letter go get it." he manages to mumble out in-between his deep breaths

"I will don't worry, you can show me later"

"Now go now...please" Although his voice was quiet she could hear the assertiveness in his tone.

She hesitates for a second before running upstairs to his room, she pulls open his wardrobe and throws out the shoes that were obstructing her from getting to the box. When she finally gets the box she flings it open and rummages through the contents until she sees the letter that she had been sent to find, it had her name on it, she shoves it into her pocket and sprints back to her Uncle. She resumes her actions of applying pressure to his wound.

"Did you... fi...nd" Jack asks breathlessly.

"Yes...yes I got it. Shhhh don't talk just save your energy okay."

Lana's eyes leave her Uncle when she hears a knock at the door guessing it was the ambulance crew she shouts them to come in. The two paramedics take over ushering her to the side. They place her Uncle onto the stretcher.


When they arrive at the hospital the Doctors rush him straight into surgery. Lana slumps into a chair in the waiting room, she stares at her bloodied hands they were shaking, she runs to the toilets across the hall she finds the first available cubicle and throws up. Finally emerging from the toilet she takes in her appearance in the mirror, she was pale the only colour she had on her face was red, blood, it must have come off her hands she turns on the cold tap and starts to franticly scrub her hands clean. Once all traces off blood were removed she starts on her face splashing it with cold water. She heads back into the waiting room.

All she could think about was that she couldn't lose her Uncle not now not like this he was all she had left in this world, it had been the 2 of them since she was eight they were each other worlds. It was a normal father/daughter relationship, she had never known her real father so to her, her Uncle was her dad. They had always gotten along pretty well but when he lost his sister which was her mother they somehow created an unbreakable bond through their grief.

She laughs to herself when the memory of their shopping trip comes into her mind. She had just started her period and they had to get some sanitary pads she could tell that the situation was awkward for him but he covered it well. The time spent in the shop was very short he had just grabbed one of everything and headed to the till. But it was how he handled it afterwards that made that day so memorable. He took time off from the hunt to do anything and everything that she wanted he even took her shopping which he hated, but he didn't moan he just watched her with a smile on his face happy in the knowledge that she was happy.

There were only two things that she remembered fighting about one was boys. Not that she had much experience she was only 16 and had only had one boyfriend, they dated for a grand total of 2 months, during them 2 months her Uncle watched her or rather him like a hawk. Lana had to admit she thought that was the reason he dumped her, he was completely scared of her Uncle Jack.

The second was hunting. He knew that when he took Leah in, that he would have no choice but to tell her about his life as a hunter. She remembered the day he told her, she was 10 years old. He didn't want to tell her when she was that young but after a demon entered a neighbours house he had no choice. At first she freaked out but slowly she came round. The day after he started her training. Although he taught her everything he knew about Demons and taught her how to defend herself he drew a line at hunting he told her that he would never take her on a hunt.

Lana was brought out of her memories when she felt a hand on her shoulder she looks up to see Simon.

Simon was the neighbour who her Uncle had saved from the demon. Jack was able to save Simon and but unfortunately he couldn't save his father. Simon's Mother wasn't there when the demon attacked and she couldn't handle the truth about what had really killed her husband, so she moved them away pretty soon after that, telling Jack that she didn't want her son anywhere near a crazy man. However when Simon was 18 he got a job as a policeman and moved back into their neighbourhood. He wanted to find out more about the supernatural world, which Jack was more than happy to share with him. Simon was always a welcome guest at their house, plus Uncle Jack always said it was handy to have a policeman on side. Simon also had a soft spot for Lana, he always thought of her like a little sister, and she looked at him as her big brother although as she got older she had to admit she had developed a major crush on him. Simon was now 22 and he had now been promoted to deputy.

"Lana, I'm so sorry I came as soon as heard. Are you okay?" Lana doesn't answer him. He notices that her t-shirt was covered in blood.

"Are you hurt?" He questions placing his hand against her t-shirt. Lana could hear the panic in his voice. She grabs hold of his hand.

"It's not my blood" She states meeting his gaze, she could see the relief fill his eyes.

"So have they told you anything?" He asks as he takes a seat in the chair next to her. He places his arm around her trying to comfort her. Lana shakes her head.

"No, they haven't told me anything"

Another 20 minutes passed, Simon and Lana sat in silence both worried for Jack's outcome. She jumps straight to her feet, while Simon takes position at her side as Jack's doctor walks into the room.

"How is he? Is he okay? Can I see him?"

"Why don't we take a seat" The doctor ushers her to sit but she refuses.

"I'm fine just tell me" She demands before noticing the look on his face "Oh my god" She places her hand over her mouth. Simon places a steadying hand on her lower back.

"Can I see him?" She asks.

"Of course"

Lana follows the Doctor into the room where her Uncle lay. Pulling back the curtain she was met with her Uncle who was lying completely still on the table.

"He looks so peaceful" she thought to herself. She places her hand on his face but quickly removes it as the coldness of his face shocks her. She stumbles backwards, Simon moves quickly behind her and catches her. Turning around she buries herself into his safe embrace.


Simon takes her home. Lana hadn't said a word since she had seen her Uncle, she just sat there gazing out of the window. When they pull up outside her house Simon notices her whole body tense. He walks around to her side of the car and opens the door, he places out a hand helping her out. Lana slowly opens the front door, suddenly stopping as her eyes were drawn immediately to blood stained carpet in front of her. She felt herself choke up but she didn't cry, she hadn't cried at all yet. Simon feels her body giving way, tightening his grip around her he leads her pass the stain on the floor and takes her up stairs.

He closes the toilet lid and places her there, while he starts running the shower. Placing his hand underneath the water to check that it was warm, he turns back to face her.

"Are you going to be okay to hav..."

"I'll be fine" she mumbles under her breath.

"Okay" Simon runs his hand over her hair and places a kiss on her forehead before leaving her alone.

Lana discards her blood stained clothes into the laundry bin before slowly stepping into the shower, feeling the water slowly run over her body she finally felt safe to let her tears fall.

Meanwhile downstairs Simon was busy trying to clean up the blood stains. He didn't want her to see them, she had already seen too much. After about 45 minutes the stains had dissappeared, although he knew deep down that she would still be able to see them, and that thought made his heart break for her. As he put away the cleaning products he realises that she still hadn't come downstairs, so he decides to go and check on her.

As he makes his way upstairs he could no longer hear the shower, gathering she had gone to her room he walks across the hall as he does he notices that the door to Jack's bedroom was open. Slowly peering into his room, he sees Lana sitting at the bottom of his bed, she was wearing one of Jack's old flannel shirts. He takes a seat next to her, Lana turns to face him. He notices that her eyes were red and bloodshot, and he could see the glisten of more tears forming behind her big dark brown eyes. Finally breaking, her tears fall, Simon gathers her small delicate frame into his arms, and pulls her close to his chest. He stays with his arms wrapped around her keeping her safe until finally they both give into their exhaustion and fall asleep.