Family Ties


"Sam, go get Maria." Sam doesn't move "Sammy, now." Finally registering his brothers voice Sam does as instructed.

"Hey Lana, your okay your..."

"Dad...Where's Dad...?" Lana asks barely above a whisper, her eyes were shifting around the room.

"Sssh just rest okay, the nurse is on her way."

"He's dead, isn't he?" A tear rolls down her face as the look in Dean's eyes told her the truth.

"What...Just rest..."

"He was right..." Dean watches as Lana tries to sit up, more tears escaping down her face.

"What are you talking about...?" Dean was interrupted by Sam and Maria. Maria makes her way over to Lana. As she goes to touch her, Lana pulls away.

"Stay away from me...Don't touch me." She shouts at Maria. Maria looks back at her brothers who looked just as shocked by her behavior as she was

"Lana sweetie I need you to calm down." Maria instructs noticing that her heart rate was increasing.

"I need to get out...He's here I can't...I can't... I need to get out."

Lana tries moving off her bed, ignoring all the pain that was rushing through her body. The demon could turn up at any moment and she wasn't going to hang around and wait for him to get to her. Sam and Dean kept looking at each other hoping one them would have an answer as to why she was acting like this, but they were both clueless.

"Lana whats wrong? Who's here?" Sam asks gently placing his hand on her shoulder. She grabs hold of his arm.

"Sam please get me out of here...please." She begs.

"You need to do something help her." Dean orders Maria, he was worried for Lana.

"Lana. Lana..."

Maria goes towards Lana but this time Lana pushes her away from her. Maria had no choice, she needed back up. She pushes the alarm by Lana's bed, calling for help. Lana once again goes to push herself of the bed but this time Maria was ready for her and she forcefully pins her back down. Maria kept a strong hold on Lana's arms pinning her to the bed. Lana tried to fight her grip, but it wasn't working and at this point Lana really starts to panic. Her tears start falling quicker and harder as she screams for someone to help her, someone to get her out of this place.

A male nurse walks into the room and quickly observes the situation, he knew what help Maria needed, he backs out of the room only to return 2 minutes later carrying a box. Opening the box Dean sees the needle and medicine inside.

"What's that for?" Sam questions.

"Basically Lana is freaking out, and with her injures she could cause herself more damage. We need to get her to calm down, this sedative will help us with that." The male nurse informs as he drains the liquid into the needle.

Lana's eyes fall onto the needle and she freaks, her panicked eyes shoot between Sam and Dean.

"NO...No...Sam...Dean don't let them do this..." She pleads as fresh tears fall.

The Male nurse makes his way towards Lana. Before Dean could even think about what he was doing, he steps into the man's path, grabbing hold of his hand holding the needle and slams him back against the wall pinning him with his other arm. Dean couldn't explain why he reacted this way all he knew was that Lana was scared and he didn't want her sedated, he wanted her awake so she could tell him what was wrong so that he could protect her.

"I swear to god you touch her with that, it will be the last thing you do." Dean growls in a meancing tone.

"Dean come on man." Sam tries to pull his brother off the terrified man.

Maria let go of Lana and runs into the hallway calling for security.

Lana acts quickly, she saw her opportunity to escape and she took it. Ignoring every shoot of pain and ache in her muscles, she climbs out of her bed and makes her way to the open door, her escape root.

She only manages to get a few inches into the hallway when Maria notices her. Lana turns on her heels to head the other way, but as she turns around she slams into a solid body. The man grabs her small body up in his arms. Lana fights against him, screaming for him to let her go.

Hearing their sister screams their eyes were now focused to the hall, with in a second they were both outside her room, watching as a their sisters body go limp as a new male nurse was now administrating a drug into her shaking body.


Using all the charm, and puppy dog eyes he could muster, Sam managed to convince Maria not to call the authorities on his brother or himself. Although he hated himself for playing on the death of his Dad he figured that reminding Maria of this might make her understand Dean's actions and hopefully cut them some slack. Sam was right Maria couldn't stay angry at people who were trying to deal with their grief.

Maria used her own ways of persuasion when she asked the security guards to allow these two men back in the building. Sam watched as Maria had them eating out of the palm of her hands in seconds. And just like that Sam and Dean were aloud back inside.


The next evening Sam and Dean had sneaked into the lower parts of the Hospital, where they located the mortuary. It was a job neither one of them wanted to do, but they had to recover their fathers body it was phase one in their plan.

They return to Lana's room once they had safely placed their Dad's body in the back of the van they had borrowed from Bobby. Phase two in their plan was breaking her out.

Lana was asleep, still knocked from the drugs Maria had been administrating into her IV, it didn't always knock her out but it kept her groggy enough to stop her from freaking out and hurting herself.

Dean checks the hallway and was glad it was quiet. He looks back at Sam giving him the okay. Carefully having removed the IV from her hand, Sam scoops her up in his arms. Dean heads back into the room to check they hadn't forgotten anything, when something in her bed catches his eye. Walking closer he picks up the object from between the covers. Dean didn't need to look twice he knew exactly what his was holding, his Dad's dog tags. But what Dean couldn't get his around was what they were doing in Lana's bed.

"Dean come on." Sam whispers. Dean places the dog tags into his back pocket and follows his brother out of the hospital, taking the planned root they had already mapped out so that they wouldn't get caught.


Sam places her into the front of the van, before taking a seat next to her. Dean starts the engine and pulls away from the Hospital, they were both glad to be leaving this place in the rear-view mirror.

40 minutes of driving and Lana finally starts to stir. While she had been asleep she had curled herself against Sam. Sam was reluctant at first not knowing what he should do, but finally he made a move and placed his arm around her, pulling her closer. Sam felt kind of weird that him hugging her didn't feel weird, that it felt right, natural.

Lana woke and quickly realises that she wasn't in the hospital anymore. Turning her head to see who the warm body she was cuddled against belonged to, she was glad to see Sam smiling down at her. His smile instantly made her feel safe.

"Hey." She says inbetween her yawn.

"Hey" Sam replies. Lana pushes away from him to stretch her arms, although she quickly regretted it when she felt the pain rush through her body.

"You alright." Sam questions as he watches her wince in pain.

"I'm good." She lies.

As she sat back against the seat, she wraps her arms around body as the cold air finally registered with her.

"You cold." Deans doesn't wait for an answer, before he starts removing his worn brown leather jacket. Taking turns between looking at the road and Lana he places his jacket around her shoulders.

"Thanks." Lana whispers sheepishly. Dean winks at her before returning his eyes to the road.

"There's a bag their with some clothes and shoes." Dean states pointing tha bag by Sam's feet. "Oh and inside left pocket i swiped you some pain killers."


Sam hands her the bag. Lana pull out a navy pair of sweat pants, some socks and her favourite pair of converse sneakers. As she places on her items she could feel Sam and Dean looking over her head at one another, they were definitely having a silent conversation about her, and she was pretty sure that it was about her freak out at the hospital.

"I know you want to know about what happened at the Hospital, and why I freaked out, but I really really don't want to talk about it right now." She states, she didn't make eye contact with them instead she kept her eyes glued to the road.

"But Lan..."

"Sam, I don't wan to talk about it okay."

"Okay." He agrees before the van fell silent.

"Were going to burn him aren't we." Lana asks, her eyes falling to her feet.

"Yes" Dean answers. Lana swallows two of the pills Dean had swiped for. She was hoping that they might help with the ache she was feeling in her heart.


Finally after what seemed like a million years Dean finally pulls the van over and they came to a halt. Dean pulls up to the wooded area that wasn't to far from Bobby's. It was logical because he knew that was the next place they would be heading.

The rest of the drive had been in silence, all three of them were processing in their own ways, what they were about to do.

"I'll um..." Dean clears his throat, "I'll go and get things ready. You two stay here."

"Dean I..."

"Sam stay here" Dean snaps he wasn't in the mood for Sam's whining right now.

"It's okay Dean I don't need babysitting." Lana adds.

"I never..." Dean stopped mid sentence when his eyes met hers. Staring into her eyes was like staring into his Dad's. Dean couldn't handle the resemblance right now, he starts rummaging through his bag, distracting himself.

"I know you don't need babysitting I just..."

"It's fine I'll stay." Sam interrupts.

"Sam you don't have to."

"I know, but I want to." And just like that their bickering came to an end.


Lana couldn't handle the silence that engulfed the van. Sam wasn't talking and she didn't know what to say or ask. Lana leans forward and turns on the radio. The song that happened to be playing was one of Lana's favourite. It was Journey Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin. Her Uncle always loved them, and played their albums to death. This had been one of her favourites.

"I love this song."

"Really, surprised you've heard of them."

"My Uncle loved them. Played their albums to death. Brought him the greatest hits album last Christmas."

Sam couldn't help but notice how her face lit up as she talked about her Uncle. Bobby had explained the situation to him and Dean, about how her Uncle had passed and that was how she had found John.

"You must miss him."

"Everyday." She answered honestly.

"Lana, me and Dean you know were going to look after you right. Just because Dad's...Just because he's not around, doesn't mean to say your alone."

"Thanks, you don't..."

"I know but we want to." He places his arm around her pulling her closer.

Lana settled agaisn't him with ease. Yellow eyes was wrong they did want her, she was part of their family. It would be the three of them all the way.

"Lana, back at the hospital..." Lana darts from beside him.

"He just had to go there, had to ruin the moment" She thought to herself.

"I told you I don't want to talk about it."

"Something freaked you out, I just want to try and help you."

"You want to help me then leave it alone Sam."

"You were shouting about..." Sam stops as he watches her exit through the drivers side door. "Shit."

He quickly jumps out the van and starts jogging after Lana, who was now storming into the woods, the same direction Dean had left.

Lana ignores Sam calls and picks up her pace, only stopping when Sam catches her upper arm in his firm hand.

Sam turns her to face him. And that's when he saw the glistening of tears welling in her eyes. He started mentally kicking himself. She was just a kid, a scared kid who needed comforting not to be quizzed to death.

"I'm a jerk." Sam admits.

"No argument here." They smile at one another, Lana wiping away a stray tear. Sam pulls her into his chest, Lana wraps her arms around his waist.

"What's going on?" Dean questions eyeing the current scene in front of him.

They release eachother and turn to face Dean's stern face. Lana looks up at Sam who was looking uneasy under Dean's glare.

He didn't have to be a genius to figure out that Lana was upset, and that his brother was probably the cause. He figured Sam had probably questioned her about what happened at the hospital. As much as he wanted to know what had triggered off her panic attack, he knew now wasn't the time to pressure her for answers, but as always Sam had to know now.

"Nothing." Lana answers cutting off the staring match that Sam and Dean were having.

"You two ready?" Deans asks accepting her answer but not believing it.

"Yeah" Sam answers, while Lana just nods her head. She wasn't ready but how could anybody be ready to bury their Dad.


There they were standing just inches away from their Dad's dead body. All three of them stand there, all trying to control their emotions.

Dean was the first to move. He pulls out his lighter and steps closer to the bounded body. Lana notices that his hands were shaking, and that's when she realises that although he was her Dad too, she had only know him for a mere number of weeks. But John had been Sam and Dean's world.

Sam watches as Lana moves closer to Dean, he wonders what she was doing, but as she gets closer to him Sam knew that just like him she had noticed Dean struggling, but instead of standing there like him, she was comforting him, helping him.

Dean felt a hand clasp his hand that he was carrying the lighter in. Turning to the side he saw them eyes again, but this time instead of cowering away he stares straight into them.

"I can do this." Her voice was soft and compassionate. Dean almost thought about about handing the lighter to her but he couldn't this was something he had to do.

"It's okay I've got this." Lana nods her head and drops her hold on his hands. Dean notices her back away, but still staying close enough so the he didn't have to do this alone.

As the flames licked around Johns body. Dean lightly grabs Lana's elbow, prying her away, he could that she was hypnotized by the flames.

Lana floated back towards Sam, she could feel Dean pulling her along and she was glad of this because right now she didn't think that she could have managed it alone.

They stood there as the flames danced around their Dad, all silently saying their goodbyes. No words were needed no big speeches about how great he was, because none of that need saying. They all knew that he was a great hunter, loyal, loving and caring but most of all even with his faults he was a good Dad. The question was now how were they going to cope without their leader, mentor, their Dad.

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