As a multi-dimensional wavelength of celestial intent, Castiel considered his powers of observation to be excellent.

It still took him over ten minutes to recognise the pizza delivery man as Gabriel.

Personally he blamed the moustache. Though in fairness the presence of the naked woman was also distracting, and rather... effecting.

Dean had already introduced to him the concept of pornography as an inherently personal experience, so he didn't mention it. It was hardly pertinent to the discussion currently taking place after all.

Gabriel, it was definitely him, Castiel was certain, barely paused in...well, it couldn't be described as punishment, unless the infraction had been incredibly minor. In which case he couldn't understand the point of...But whatever he was doing, Gabriel paused, seeming staring right out of the battered TV set. He blinked, frowned at Castiel, then smiled, tipped a wink and went back to what he'd been doing.

Castiel was barely surprised. His brother was a peculiarity amongst the other angels.

Though the moustache was perplexing.

He watched for a few minutes in silence, ignoring the arrival of Samuel Winchester and barely acknowledging his remark with one of his own.

Onscreen, Gabriel pulled away from the woman, leaving her spread out on the couch behind him. He helped himself to a strawberry from a plate on the coffee table, chewing and wiggling his eyebrows beyond the camera, at his startled brother. Unfamiliar as he was with human expressions, it was such a pantomime of innuendo that Castiel couldn't fail to pick up on it. Gabriel tipped his head towards the girl on the couch, smirking, and then he beckoned.

Castiel had time to widen his eyes, mouth suddenly dry.

Sam snapped the television off.