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Equivalent Exchange

Give what you never knew you had

For everything you have

Only you will never know

A heavy blood-stained scene lay out before the entire investigation team, Brigadier General Mustang and his unit were present, assisting in this special case.

"Damn, what the hell happened?" Havoc muttered behind Mustang, reflecting his thoughts exactly. His hand on his chin, he said "Colonel Hughes, do you know exactly what the witness said?"

"White light, cuts, rips, and a whole lotta blood", He spoke while marking the area with cards. A blue clad officer behind flashed his camera for evidence.

But how...? Fullmetal, what the hell happened? Your body isn't even here, but you're dead.

I gave you a piano

Play how you lived

I gave you a canvas

Paint how you died

Breda, Falman, Fuery and all the others were standing uselessly around the scene, horrified at what this indicated. They refused to believe it.

Lieutenant Hawkeye moved around the area, and came to a stop by her silent and paled commanding officer. "Sir, where is Alphonse now?"

"Military dorms, he arrived from Resembool this morning." The Promised day was only weeks ago…Alphonse didn't deserve this.

Edward didn't deserve this.

His restored automail caused him grief, as did his returned alchemy. Both had returned due to his father's last sacrifice, draining his philosophers stone forever. He died and rested beside Trisha Elric. Hohenheim Elric. That's who you are.

What matters most?

When can you remember?

How can you tell?

Who told you?

Mustang saw clearly, and wished he couldn't. His restored eyesight showed him the misery and agony of Alphonse Elric, when he had told him the news earlier. He preserved as much as he could of the borrowed philosopher's stone by sacrificing something himself; his knowledge of the gate. It was as if nothing had changed, but everything had. Alphonse was back, Edward was gone, and the misery of many subordinates in grief of their little family member couldn't be ignored, even if you tried.

Blink through your tears. You aren't done yet, Mustang. A hand came down on his shoulder, Hughes peered over at his face, still gaunt and thin from his slow and painful recovery. He had been snuck from the phone box by corrupt Generals, who had planned to use his gratitude for rescuing him to their advantage. Another pawn who escaped, back to his Master Mustang like the Military dog he is.

The Brigadier looked back at his best friend, sorrow plain on his face. The kid had been like a son, but Hell would freeze over and Havoc would get a steady girlfriend before he admitted it.

Alphonse walked swiftly down the corridor, resolve burning behind his kind copper-gold eyes.

The Brigadier's head turned up, as did the occupants of the entire office, sympathy on every one.

Mustang took a breath before Alphonse punched him with his words, knocking him breathless:

"Bigadier General Mustang, please, let me join the Military."

Everything you knew

Forget it.

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