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Chapter One: Discovery of Music

"Boy!" Vernon Dursley called to the four-year-old boy, Harry Potter, who was currently sleeping in the small cupboard under the stairs.

Harry moved in with his aunt and uncle when he was one year old after his parents died in a tragic car accident. Harry survived because of his mother's protection and was only left with a lightning bolt star from a piece of glass. Now, he was just waking up to his uncle's call.

"Yes Uncle Vernon." Harry Potter responded obediently after crawling out from under his cupboard and standing in front of his uncle. His eyes were downcast because he knew what was going to happen next. He tensed himself for the upcoming attack.

A residing smack echoed thought the room as Vernon slapped Harry across the face.

Harry bit back tears that were threatening to escape.

"You ungrateful little freak! How dare you speak to me after being disobedient! Now fix me my breakfast!" He yelled at the scared four-year-old boy. Harry was meant to fix the breakfast every morning but this morning he had slept in.

Harry quickly scurried off to the kitchen where he opened the refrigerator and took out the eggs, bacon, milk and cheese. He placed those on the counter before going to the stove and placing a pan over top of it. He lit the stove before moving to prepare the bacon. He placed the bacon on the stove and went over to prepare the scrambled eggs. He cracked the eggs into a cup and stirred quickly. He looked over and checked the bacon and flipped it over before pouring the eggs onto the other side. He quickly put some cheese into the eggs before going to the pantry and taking out three slices of bread. He put them in the toaster and scurried to the stove where the eggs and bacon were done. He took out a plate and placed the cheesy eggs and bacon on the plate when he heard the popping of the toast done. He took the three slices of toast and placed a large amount of butter and jam on it before setting it on the plate. He then poured a large glass of milk before returning everything to its original spot.

This was routine for Harry for he had been doing it for the past six months when Vernon deemed him ready to earn his keep. The first couple of times that he tried, he would get egg shells in the scrambled eggs or would burn the toast. This did not please Vernon at all and Vernon made sure to punish him. He was always hit in the stomach and back because those were the places that were not visible to other people.

Today was actually his first day of school and he was excited to get away from the Dursleys. It was a relief that Dudley was going to go to a different school. Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon paid for him to go to a special private school known as Smeltings while Harry went to a public school known as Dumstrangs.

Harry found his room quickly and entered. He was going to be taught by Mrs. Wafter. She was a young women around thirty years old with blonde hair and blue eyes. She smiled at Harry when he walked in and called him over to the group of young children.

"Now that everyone is here I want you all to tell me your names and your favorite color. This is a little greeting we are going to have since it is the beginning of the year. Do you all understand?" She asked.

The four-year-olds all bopped their heads or said "yes."

They went around in a circle starting with a young boy with light brown hair and brown eyes who introduced himself as Christopher Newman whose favorite color was red. There were five children in the class and when it finally got to Harry, he looked up and said in a quiet voice "my name is Harry Potter and my favorite color is gray."

After the introductions, they had class. Harry quickly learned everything but was not interested in playing outside during recess. He simply sat against a tree and peered up at the sky. Mrs. Wafter quickly noticed this and asked him if there was something else he would rather do.

"How about music? Mrs. Heart is teaching a beginner class with ten year olds that you could probably join if you ask nicely? It's normally for the ten-year-olds who would rather play music than play outside but seeing as you have the same opinion, I do not think they would mind you joining." Mrs. Wafter asked.

Harry quickly agreed and they went inside where Harry was introduced into the ten-year-old's class. The teacher thought that he was precious. He was extremely small with raven-colored black hair that was silky and messy at the same time. He had large emerald green eyes that when he peered at her, she could sense his intelligence and wisdom even at such a young age. The class accepted that he could join.

It was from then on that he got absorbed into the world of music. He hummed to himself all the time, making up simple melodies and always reviewing in his head the keys to the piano that he was being taught as well as vocal. Right now he was only learning the theory behind music but he eat up all that he could about music to escpae his horrible life at home.

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