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The truth is… I hate you

Chapter 1- The Dream

"Your denying it. You can't hide it from me, I know you like someone." Malik said, calmly to the fuming albino. They had been at it for hours, Malik bugging Bakura the whole time about the same subject…

Who did you like?

Bakura could really care less about this kind of stuff. He didn't really like anyone. He really didn't even talk to anyone other than Ryou, Malik, and Marik, and he was pretty sure that he wasn't thinking of any of those people as more than friends. Though, one in particular he didn't even want to consider a friend.

Which happened to be Malik's yami, Marik. Gods… how he got on Bakura's last nerve. There wasn't one moment when his mind wasn't plagued with thoughts of the other yami… specifically ways to kill him.

"No, Malik, I'm not denying it." Bakura rolled his eyes, taking another sip of his soft-drink. "What does it matter to you if I'm denying it? What's your gain in finding out who I like?"

Malik chuckled. "Because I'm a nosy person. And, I think I know someone who likes you. I was just seeing if you liked them back."

"Do I look like I like anyone right now?" Bakura asked.

"Yes! I mean no…. Is maybe the right answer?" Malik asked.

Bakura sighed. "No."

"So… maybe isn't the answer?"

"No, I meant-" Bakura paused before he said something stupid. "Why the hell are you in my house still anyway?"

Malik rolled his eyes. "Because you haven't kicked me out yet."

Bakura stood up, heading over to the door. "Then, let me take the liberty of doing so now." he opened up the door, letting the freezing cold air sweep over into the room. Malik pouted, grabbing his jacket.

"Thanks Fluffy, I love you too," the Egyptian murmured, walking out the front door.

Bakura shut the door behind him, shivering when he realized how cold his house was now. He ran upstairs, and decided to warm up by taking a quick, burning hot, shower.

When Bakura got out of the shower, he heard some noises downstairs. He groaned. It was probably Malik, who had broke back into his house because of the cold and he was to lazy to walk back to his own house.

He slipped on a shirt and some pants and headed for the stairs.

Geez, what a child… Bakura thought as he stomped down the steps to yell at the teen. He didn't realize until it was to late that it wasn't Malik sitting in his living room but, someone with much wilder hair.

"Shit…." Bakura whispered under his breath. That was something that he wasn't expecting. Why the bloody hell would Marik even want to come to his house? Did Bakura say he could even come over? Even though Malik isn't ever invited he didn't want Marik to just come over when ever he pleased.

"Bakura?" Marik stood up from Bakura's couch and smiled as he met Bakura at the bottom of the stairs. "What took you so long?"

"Um… I was taking a shower…" Bakura said. Then he paused and his expression became harsh. "Why are you here anyway?"

Marik shrugged. "Can I not come see my best friend when I want to?"

"I didn't know that you had a best friend. Why don't you go visit him instead of annoying me?" Bakura smiled smugly.

"Funny, Bakura, really funny." Marik frowned.

"I try." Bakura chuckled as he walked into the kitchen. "So, what are you here for?" he asked, rummaging through his fridge for something to eat. "Is there something you need?"

Marik sat back down on Bakura's couch, reclining his feet on the albino's coffee table. "I heard something interesting from my hikari so, I headed over here to see if it was true."

"Hm…? And what would that be?"

"That you like someone."

That made Bakura laugh. Crack up might be another good word to summarize it. Bakura pounded his fist into the counter and finally breathed in a final breathe before speaking once more.

"Why would you believe him? I don't like anyone. I mean… who is there for me to like anyway?"

"Me." Bakura felt something twirl his hair around their finger. He looked over at Marik who he hadn't even noticed that he had walked into the room until now. Bakura blushed and swatted his hand away.

"W-Why would I like you? You're a-"

Marik leaned in closer, pushing Bakura against the counter.

"What am I… Bakura?"

Marik didn't waste anymore time. He pressed their lips together quickly. Bakura didn't back away. He stood there for a moment taking it all in. The guy that annoyed the crap out of him was now kissing him?

Bakura tried to push him away, but the other yami didn't back away as he planned. Marik smirked, pulling away and licking his lips.

"You know… Bakura… the truth is…"

Bakura awoke from his dream in a cold sweat. Whatever he had ate, he wasn't going to eat it again. That was the last time he bought food from that shady Chinese restaurant on the other side of town. He ran his fingers through his white locks. What was that dream anyway? Marik basically told him off at the end…

But he kissed him…

Ra, his dreams made no sense what so ever. He rubbed his eyes, getting up out of bed. He quickly changed out of his nightwear and threw on some normal clothes. Then he headed downstairs to make him so breakfast for himself.

He walked down the steps, deciding it was better to just forget about the whole dream all together. It's not like Marik really liked or hated him. They were neutral, no hatred but no liking each other… right?

Or so Bakura wanted to believe.

Bakura sighed, getting into his fridge and pulling out a carton of eggs to make him something that was breakfast like…

Maybe an omelet, then I could put some meat in it… Bakura though, surveying his shelves.

Something tapped his shoulder.

"What?" he responded immediately. Then he realized something strange.

He hadn't let anyone into his house.

"Are you going to make me some scrambled eggs? That would be really nice of you Bakura." a sly voice said into Bakura's ear.

And so began Bakura's supposed to be normal day…

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