I never thought something like this would happen. A world of vampires, in movies sure, but not in real life. But that's what happened, it was an experiment gone wrong, they found how to stop cancer but made a monster. I lost my parents to the vamps and their blood farm. I wasn't home when the vamps had attacked I was out at a my best friend Ayden's for the night only to return home the next day to find them gone. They came next for Ayden's parents and we knew we would be next so we fled. We destroyed our homes and ran. We've been hiding ever since.

For three years now we've been on the run while the humans continue to run out. There is a rumor that some human researchers are actually fixed vamps trying to figure out how to fix the world but rumors like that are ignore now days. Most of us are just trying to last till the vampires create a blood substitute.

At this rate Ayden and I won't live to be twenty and that's only two years away. We travel by day and hide in the most protected places we can find by night, we've almost been caught hundreds of times but managed to get away. Now and then we meet up with others but most of the time we are alone and we like it that way. We always figured we would end up together and of course we did. We are the only family we have left. We will protect each other with our lives, and that's enough. It has to be. It's all we have.